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3 Nov 14, 2017

On 10-8-17, xfinity prepaid removed a total of $60 from my cash management account, in 4 payments of $15. They were only suppose to receive $15, so I contacted Fidelity on Monday morning and the rep told me it was nothing that could be done until the payment post or I could call xfinity and have the money reversed back to my card. I contacted xfinity 4 days straight and spoke to different departments and every rep told me that no money was received to the account that I made payments on. I called Fidelity back, they filed a dispute and I received my $60 back. A few days later I received a letter from someone name Natisha McKinney, stating to explain what happened to cause the dispute and provide any visual proof, which I didn't have at the time, by 10-26-17 or the money would be removed back from my account. I emailed her because I couldn't get her on the phone and she never responded, but on 10-26-17, the $60 was removed from my account again, but by Fidelity or BNY Mellon. I contacted Fidelity again about this and had to do an appeal; I faxed in the account statement from xfinity, which showed no payment was made in October and the email I sent Natisha McKinney, which she never responded. I was told the appeal would take 10 days. Here it is 11 days later and I'm getting the run around about my money; no updates were made from the dispute team and I can't contact them because only Fidelity reps can email them and request they call. I asked what happens if they don't call? She told me call again the next day. Now, I'm pissed and will be closing this account as soon as I get my money back! I want my money back Fidelity!! I attached the letter sent to Natisha McKinney, which is time stamped and the xfinity account page that shows no payment went to that account on [protected].

Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Investments

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