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Fidelity Investments had mailed a letter stating my late mother has retirement benefits and we should reach out to start the process. It's been 2 months! I have submitted everything they have requested. I've spoken to maybe about 20 different people and each one has a different story about this account. One says documents are missing (which wasn't because I faxed everything over as well as uploaded it). One says it's being processed. They won't let me speak with the back end staff to see what exactly is going on. I keep telling them they have everything so what is the hold up! They can't provide me no information. I told them their process sucks and it's not right that they are withholding information esp since they have received everything. I feel like they are knick picking- shouldn't take this long to process!

She has pension plan with this company and was with the same employer and didn't take this long! ALL the information is the same. My mom doesn't have any property or estate! Gave everything to them!


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