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G Nov 22, 2017 Review updated:

I have purchased Maple Nut Goodies for years. It was one of my favorite candies.During the last six months I tried three different stores because I thought I was getting stale candy. But now I just gave up, I didn't want to keep wasting my money. The candy was just horribly hard, not the chewy kind I always enjoyed.The very last bag I bought actually scared me. The coating was not smooth as in the past, it was scaly and lumpy. That's when I decided to finally give up. That bag had a Best by date of 12/18/2017 and the number was 7C20BB182.It's very sad, that such a great product has been so badly compromised. I hope that other staple candies aren't going to be changed.Why fix something that isn't broken?

Ferrara Candy Company
Ferrara Candy Company


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      Jan 08, 2018

    That is why I was looking up a place to complain about this candy. Everything that was said was what I was going to say. I totally agree . I will stop buying this candy(Maple Nut). I loved this candy and I can't even eat it anymore.

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