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spam violation

I signed up and purchased tickets last night and
specifically asked to not receive marketing emails in the privacy settings. This morning I received two SPAMS and there is no opt-out at the bottom. (a violation internet rules). I rechecked my settings and no communication boxes were checked. So I got online with their chat and complained. The agent checked and came back and said I have reset your account and you will not receive any marketing emails, I have fixed it. 5 minutes later I got a SPAM email with 90% advertisements asking to review the movie I went to last night. This email did have an opt-out box specific to "reviews". Don't they understand what "I do not want to be communicated with" means? This is a sleasy company that has no privacy protections and you should never connect with them if you value your privacy.

failure to deliver product

Purchased movie theater tickets online and paid with PayPal. Website could not print tickets or text to mobile as indicated. When I complained via Web Chat, they said they would look in and couldn't find the confirmation number that their email showed. Said it would take 7-10 days to let me know if I could get a refund. Asked them to void PayPal charge. Would not do so, said that they might directly refund at some future point. Would have to look into it. It is now 10 days and the charge is still "Pending" at PayPal and I have had no contact from Fandango. I spent an inordinate amount of time communicating with them, but apparently no one has the authority to do more than forward on my demand for the PayPal charge to be cancelled.

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    RedDogNorth May 18, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    went to the web, typed in "Into Darkness" tickets. Fandango came up, clicked on the theater, clicked on the time, entered the 5 adults and 2 children, paid and hit print . . . the tickets came up "Iron Man 3" nothing on page will help... 75 bucks poof
    f... Fandango

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directed to wrong theater and they will not submit a refund

New York City: I purchased two tickets via Fandango 08/07/2014. Their website directed me to a theater in another state.
When I contacted them via their live customer support stated that their website directed me to a theater in another state, Tiffany informed me that they would not refund either my purchase OR my AMC Rewards Credit. Essentially I am out the entire transaction. I requested to be put through to a Supervisor and was told that no Supervisor was available (I printed the transcript). I was given a telephone number for Fandango Voice Customer Support at: [protected] which I then called. Louisa told me the same thing. They are "sorry" but can't help. I asked for a Supervisor and was told that none was available. Persistently I informed them that it wasn't feasible that an organization couldn't have a manager available during business hours. I told Louisa that I would respectfully requested that she give me a manager's name and their hours that they worked and that I would call back during that time. She placed my on hold and tried to place the purchase onus on me and I corrected her that her website caused the issue. That's when she informed me that my call was being recorded. I made Louisa then state the their website caused the issue and that Fandango refused to refund me for my purchase and that they were also retaining my $10 from my AMC Rewards.

gift card don&t buy!!!

Move over, there's a new F word in town. I could not be more disgusted with this company. I will never ever buy/give/use a F card again and will tell everyone I know why it is not worth it. Read other complaints and you can see I am not alone. They do not accept their F cards as cash at theatres so you have to purchase at their F online site and pay their online F fees per ticket (how nice for them). Then to try and redeem and checkout if you need to pay it has some bassackward nonfunctional system that says there is an it internal error and directs you to "F click here" when you do, you get no explanation as to why there was an error, you are simply sent straight back to the same F checkout window where you re-enter with the same results over and over and over. WTFandango? Everyone's time is worth more than navigating their system is worth. By then, the movie is going to start, you just need to skip the card use, and head out the door. But, wait, there's live F chat! Don't bother. The matter of your time and major inconvenience is not their concern. They have missed the customer service mark on this one- by the time someone is so irritated and taking the time to live chat, it is beyond just "how can I please spend more time trying to buy my ticket." They've got your money and they'd like to not give you a ticket in exchange. You won't be heard.

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    Josephine C Dec 28, 2014
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    Verified customer

    Our daughter gave us a $25 Fandango gift card. While our local theatres are listed at the top, when you go to the theatre itself, it says, "Fandango not accepted at this location." This gift card is a big time scam. Shame on Kroger for selling the gift cards to unsuspecting people wanting to purchase gifts.

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unable to redeem gift card

Tried repeatedly to redeem my gift card, obtained "live chat help" and was of no help and unable to make it work even with my providing him the code numbers. After an hour of "live chat help" trying to help they told me it might be a problem with my computer. $100 was given to this company and no satisfactory means of redeeming was provided. I will be having the gifter cancel this transaction on their credit card and get their money back and I strongly encourage everyone to not use the Fandango web site.

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    MkStItCh Jan 11, 2014

    I have used Fandago gift cards and NEVER had a problem... Just a thought, Maybe it was a UNPAID gift card because it was not activated properly at the time of purchase.

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  • Je
    Jerry laMark Apr 06, 2014

    Worst card Ive ever used, been on the phone for over an hour, and still cant buy tickets, live help telling me that I have to erase cookies on my computer to buy tickets. DO NOT BUY FANDANGO GIFT CARDS!! Also it costs an extra dollar fifty for each ticket!!!

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slow confirmation

I would advise you not to purchase Fandango gift cards this holiday season. To begin with they charge $1.25 to use the card for a $9.75 theater admission. When I used the card I wasn't able to get the senior discount. I used the card online fifteen minutes before I needed to leave for the movie. Fandango didn't send the confirmation until thirty minutes later and I had already left for the theater. When I returned I called their customer service number to ask for a refund and after holding for fifty minutes I gave up. It wasn't worth it to me to waste so much time to get an eleven dollar refund. You might be able to use the card if you reserve the movie plenty early and don't mind the $1.25 charge each time you use it.

  • Sk
    skgupta Mar 19, 2014

    Fandango jumps over all your emails etc. Asking to review them for a free ticket. I take 30 minis of my time to finish the review, there is never a free ticket or discount waiting or me..

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Alphonzo (Listening) Alphonzo: Thank you for contacting Fandango Customer Support. My name is Alphonzo. How...


My sister gave me a Fandango gift card for $25.00. I looked up the theaters in my area that use Fandango. My husband and I went to three theaters that supposedly accepted the card, and were told "no". Then, when we finally found a theater that did accept the card, they refused to take it over the counter. They said "you have to do it online". But now we're 30 minutes from home, and the movie starts in 10 minutes. My husband used his cell phone to redeem the card. Fandango charges an additional fee... FOR USING THE INTERNET... which we were forced to do. Now the bill is fifty cents higher than the amount on the gift card. So I have to stand there and put my credit card number into a cell phone in a crowded theater lobby to pay a lousy fifty cents so we can HOPEFULLY get into the theater before the movie starts. What a rip off. They get money on both ends? The gift giver pays for buying the card, and the gift receiver pays for using it? And "most major theaters" accept the card, only they really don't? They should rename this company "Fiasco".

  • We
    weigells Jan 19, 2013

    What a rip off. I too received $45 in gift certificates. I too was told at the counter that I have to redeem the certificate online. When I returned to the theater I waited in line with others purchasing tickets for the same movie. When I finally received my tickets I was awarded with the knowledge that I paid an additional $1.25 for this "convenience" .

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  • Aa
    Aaronjalls Mar 02, 2013

    Same thing here in Indiana, got a $25 gift card, and I cannot even redeem the damn thing online. it's basically a crappy little bookmark. What a rip off.

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  • Jo
    Joe Cooke Oct 12, 2013

    Same thing here, given to us as a gift, no theaters accept the card, went to the movies could not use the card only on line. On line the web site won't work call their support line they can not make it work. After 45 minutes with support I finally get one movie ticket for the $25 card ticket cost $16.75 no way to use the balance. RIP OFF
    Fandanggo is a scam

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  • Un
    Unhappy Camper, Jr. Nov 10, 2014

    BEWARE OF ILLEGITIMATE CHARGES!! was just charged a $4 "convenience fee" for buying two tickets!! WHAT A RIP OFF!! I saw nothing about any extra charges when purchasing the tickets...I only noticed it when I saw my email from them! AND YOU CAN'T GET A REFUND!! So I will stand in line for two minutes from now on and I will tell all my friends to NEVER USE FANDANGO!!

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  • Fa
    Fandangosucks Jan 20, 2015

    If someone gives you a Fandango card RE-GIFT it. DO not buy what a rip off. Good luck getting someone on the phone to.

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  • Jo
    Joanie Coff Sep 25, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with the above comments. They set up the site as a legitimate theatre source for tickets. The small print on the side is misleading, thinking "points are included" instead of convenience fee included. Can one send a complaint to authorities? I would willingly take the time to lodge such a complaint.

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I will not be able to trust this vendor again

Convenient if everything works well. However, Fandango was not willing to resolve a dispute. They accepted a credit card that was not accepted at the movie theater kiosk. Therefore, purchased tickets were not available. Their recommended remediation could not be accomplished because they had not provided information that they said was needed to contact the theater. Poor service ruins a good idea. I will not be able to trust this vendor again.

  • Kl
    Kluivert Nov 16, 2010

    i purchased two movie tickets $18/ticket and while filling credit card information, i was shown $36 charge but when I confirmed, i was charged $40 without any mention of extra $4.

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failure to honor gift card

I purchased a gift card for my brother-in-law who helped me do some work at my home in Tampa, FL. He and his wife tried using the card at Rogers Cinema in Wisconsin Rapids, WI shortly after receiving it and the cinema did not honor it. So, when they returned to this year for a visit, I tried to get back the $50 I spent for the card and the idiots at Fandango wrote that the card should have been used within 90 days of the purchase and that my complaint should have been sent in within 90 days. This is total ###. The folks to whom I sent that card live in the wilds and don't get out often. They returned the card to us on their visit to us this year and we were sent an email from Frandago stating cannot use that money even now, due to the 90 day limitation. This is not good policy, and I recommend that no one use these ### EVER. Not once, while I was purchasing the gift card was I notified there was a 90 day limit on the use of the card, and now I'm told I gave my money to them for free, without getting anything at all in return. They stole my money, plain and simple, and I do not recommend to others using them, EVER. I shall write many of reviews to as many websites as I can about Fandango's evil ways. The name Fandango will be associated with the worst businesses online if what I write is heard.

not honoring vouchers

Buying a "deal" for Fandango via LivingSocial is a very bad idea! There are hidden expiration dates that don't appear on the voucher you print out, then Fandango cuts your savings to the point of costing you more than if you never went to Fandango to begin with. I had a horrible experience with customer service reps "Colin" and "Tony" and received no satisfaction. I recommend using entertainment book savings coupons or costco/AAA discount tickets at the box office, and skipping Fandango and their paper bag puppets and poor customer service. This deal was no deal!

poor customer service

Fandango is perhaps the worst run company in the history of mass entertainment. Apparently buying tickets for a 12:35 am showing on Saturday July 21st REALLY means you are buying tickets for 12:35 am on Sunday July 22nd. The confirmation email sent clearly stated 12:35 am Saturday July 21st 2012 as the date of the movie. Furthermore, their customer service reps will then proceed to fight with you. Their level 1 representative lied about what information my order confirmation provided stating that Sunday Morning was printed on the email and confirmation page. Their supervisor then explain that Ishould understand the inner workings of theater operations because I would have known when my movie was actually playing.

No compensation offered beyond a refund for putting their customer out and ruining an enjoyable evening. Let this be a lesson, for want of a silly $5 credit on future purchases, Fandango has permanently lost this customer and hopefully any other customers I can persuade.

deceptive practices

I had ordered tickets from Fandango and unfortunately had the wrong date on them. I called cust svc and waited 2x for over 20 minutes...When I inquired to either have dates changed or refund my money, I was informed they could do neither. I had to repurchase a ticket before they could refund my money then I had to call back. Terrible policies and a ripoff. I ended up speaking to 3 people and then asked for a supervisor ( I waited on the phone for another 17 min). HORRIBLE CUST SVC. She did eventually return my money but it was only after I had told her I filed a grievance with Pay-pal and the BBB. I will never use them again and I will be sure and tell everyone I know.

  • An
    angelica alexis Dec 03, 2012

    This just happened to me as well. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. In my case, I showed up to the theater to be told that the film was cancelled. The theater told me that it could not issue refunds, but Fandango can. They gave me Fandango's number. If you call Fandango and state the theater you purchased tickets at, the automated system responds that Fandango does not issue refunds. If you write an email to Fandango customer service, you will be notified that it will take 5-7 days to get a response, and not even a refund. I called customer service and was given the same rigamarole as you. The representative told me that I would have to purchase new tickets to get a refund. I know of no other business--from Whole Foods to a mom and pop shop to Macy's--that does not issue immediate refunds for services not rendered. I recommend that you go to the Better Business Bureau's website and file a complaint. You can litigate the charge. You can also call your bank and have them litigate on your behalf. American Express is particularly good about this.

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  • Ki
    kiparoo May 03, 2013

    They did a similar thing to me. I bought 2 tickets for a show tomorrow. After I paid, the tickets were electronically delivered with today's date. I waited about 35 minutes to speak to a customer rep online and he told me they did not issue refunds unless I agreed to purchase 2 more tickets for tomorrow! I said I will do that if you will guarantee me a refund for the incorrectly issued tickets. He said he could not do that and that customer service will review my claim and get back to me in 5 to 7 business days!!! Ridiculously unfair and short-sighted.

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non fulfillment

I purchased a voucher - 2 movie tickets for $12 on Nov 12, 2011. On Jan 10the, 2012 (2 days BEFORE the expiration date) I entered the voucher # at to redeem a code in order to use the voucher. I was informed that Digital Doorstep was no longer issuing redemption numbers online. At their request, I gave them my address, and they told me (by email) they would mail me a "Secure PIN withein 5 days". A month later, on Feb 8th, 2012 I contacted Digital Doorstep as I had not received a "Secure Pin". I was then informed that "Effective Immediately they had stopped the processing of code requests. I was directed to return to the website where you purchased the voucher and they will issue a refund". I have tried Fandango and they claim that because I contacted them after the expiration date they will not honor the voucher. Is anyone going to take responsibility?


Fandango lists all of these movie theaters who "supposedly" participate in Fandango Bucks. When I selected the local theater in Orlando, says in small print at the top that the theater does not participate in Fandango. After calling the theater, they confirmed it. Fandango is a glorified movie theater directory that leads you to think buying movie tickets will be easier online. It is not!!! I can not find a theater in Orlando that participates with this company. Perhaps because it is a scam ...F U fandango. I am unable to get my $50 back from the corporate office also. No refunds. They are direct about that and misleading when trying to get your cash.

  • Du
    Dune Barris Oct 02, 2012

    I purchased tickets through Fandando on Aug. 17.

    They immediately after sent me an email stating, "Your tickets are in the bag. Your purchase comes with a complimentary $2 Amazon MP3 credit. Within 48 hours, Fandango will send your Amazon MP3 download code in a separate e-mail. Your confirmation information appears below."

    They never sent the $2 Amazon MP3 credit. When I contacted them 27 days later, they told me I was too late because the codes expired Aug. 31. The email they sent promising them had no expiration date (see attachment) so how can they expect me to know that the codes expired.

    After a few calls to Phill and Steve (supervisor) at Fandando Customer Service (toll-free at 1-866-857-5191, from 6am to 10pm Pacific Time, seven days a week) they both admitted that they had actually run out of the free codes before they had even sent me the email promising the codes. They admitted it was an error that the email was sent to me.

    Phill asked their corporate office to make good but they denied.

    After being escalated to supervisor Steve, he said he try everything he could but today he emailed that his corporate office declined to honor their promise again.

    In summary: the made a mistake in promising something and now won't honor the promise.


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I have had two charges on my debit card from, once in Dec for $200 and once in Feb for $100. I called them and asked them what this was about because I have never even used fandago. They gave me the first names of the people who used my card but refused to give me any other information. They said when the debit card transaction was made the person using the card did not have the right security code. It did not match the one on the card. I asked why it was allowed to go through, they said the security code didn't really matter. Even though the names of the people who used the card did not match the name on the card and they did not have the security code. Why is fandango allowing this? They said they people do this all the time and sell the gift certificates on eBay for cash. My question is why is fandango allowing this? I think fandango has a good little scam going, I am willing to bet it is someone who is at fandango making the charges. I plan on calling my attorney about this.

  • Bo
    bobtheman Feb 18, 2010

    Why didn't you call your bank and dispute the charges? Someone stole your card number. Are you that dense you can't figure that out? You need to cancel the card.

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  • Un
    unknown0102 Mar 29, 2010

    an approval of zip code/security code comes from your bank so if it was not verified companies like Fandango are not the ones to stop the charge. If you were with a good bank they would have stopped the charge, flagged it as fraud, and contacted you directly. Fandango or any other online company would not have made the charges --however there are dumb criminals that can be stopped if you contact the police for further investigation i am willing to bet its not someone at fandango but someone that got your information from a restaurant or unsecured website or something like that.

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  • Co
    confoundedinternets Apr 12, 2011

    I have just recently discovered a charge on my card but there is no contact information for them on the statement. Having not used their service I have called my bank and fandango to find out why I was charged. Fandango was not able to find my account at all, or any record of charges using my card number or email address. Still waiting for Wells Fargo to look into it, but so far they haven't given me much. Very troubling to think they don't check security codes.

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  • Bl
    bluespark144 May 27, 2015

    Yesterday my Capital One credit card was charged for $80 by Fandango (?) even if I've stayed at home over the weekend and have nothing to do with Fandango, ever. I did not bother to investigate any further matter and simply called to Capital One customer service. They took care of everything in a blink of an eye. My card is cancelled so no good luck for Fandango scammers anymore. Weekly monitoring of current transactions is getting more and more important these days. A few months ago Uber attempted to charge the same card for $400, for towing and taxy service, when I actually was at work and my car was peacefully parked under security cameras supervision. LOL!!! Pure fraud.

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  • Lu
    lucille36 May 18, 2017

    I was charged $5.60 for movie tickets I presumed this is in California on 4/14/17. Can someone send their phone number so I can coll them? This is madness reading all the fraud on Fandago.

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membership rewards scam

Like everyone else on this message board, I was also scammed by Fandango and Membership Rewards. Fandango gave my credit card information to this company and when I called them for an explanation the fellow at Fandango was very rude and said that I signed up for this service and it was my fault. I did not sign up and they should not be allowed to give my credit card information to a third party. If this is not illegal it should be. Shame on you Fandango for participating in this scam!

total scam

Fandango what a total scam! Anyone who has not bought tickets from this site do not! They are a total scam ...

horrible customer service

Fandango gives out promo codes for free tickets through vendors and themselves. I received one of these at Sundance and it has the expiration date of 2/2/09. When I went to use this on 2/2/09 it stated it was "EXPIRED". The general and complete rule of business practice is that a coupon is good THROUGH the day of expiration and not PRIOR. They do not state this practice of it expiring at 12:00am on that day by the code, and refuse to honor afterwards, even after complaints and their own cs agent agrees it is a poor practice. DON'T USE FANDANGO. Horrible customer service and deceptive business practice.

unauthorized billing

I purchased a two theater tickets from on or about 9 March 2007. The website has since been using my credit card information to debit my account $10.00 per month, without my permission. No notification of an agreement was sent to me. I never heard of 'Reservation Rewards', but this is what they claimed I agreed to purchase. No such agreement was made.