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Nov 04, 2016

Fandango Media - fandango's online ticketing service

On 11/4/16, I purchased tickets to see the movie Trolls at Tysons AMC in Tysons Corner VA at 11:20. I chose 11/4 erroneously instead of 11/5 which I meant to choose. I purchased the tickets at 10:08 am on 11/4. At 11:18 on 11/4 I received a Google calendar reminder that my movie was starting which was when I realized I made an error and picked the wrong day. When I chatted with customer service online to see if I could exchange the tickets, they said no sorry there was nothing I could do because I didn't do it before the movie start time. That is absolutely outrageous. I have now lost 26.00 due to a very easy to make mistake and wasn't even looking for a refund but an exchange. Fandango would absolutely not consider it.


Fandango Media - movie tix

I tried to purchase movie tickets yesterday at a local theatre. The cinemark in North Hills, Pittsburgh PA
I purchased two senior tix for The Girl on the Train, 2 pm showing on
The processing took so long I was going to miss the movie. So I never did purchase these tickets. I went through the entire process a second time and the processing never completed. So I had to buy my tickets with cash at the box office
Would like a refund of my 4 tickets (senior) plus fees. Total refund I am asking is: $16.20. My claim code is: 56AH5HB8696992
connie m


Fandango Media - movie ticket purchase

On 5-21-16, I purchased 3 tickets for my kids at Hamilton Ohio's AMC.
The tickets went to the wrong theater Westchester Ohio. Don't understand why I cannot be refunded for the tickets I never used because they were purchased in the wrong City.
Its a real joke.
I called Fandango and they said they couldn't help me because of the fact the movie was almost over.

I would not recommend this service to my worst enemy

Scott Crouch [protected]


Fandango Media - double charged

On March 20th I went online and ordered tickets for myself and my granddaughter to see Zootopia. I had a computer glitch and could not complete the final section for retrieving my tickets. I had to...

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Apr 16, 2016

Fandango Media - purchase movie tickets online for reserved seating auditorium

I have previously purchased tickets via Fandango website. I attempted to purchase tickets for Sunday 4/17/16, a 3pm show at Regal Theater in Laurel, MD 20724. I continue to receive the following...

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Fandango Media - ordered 1 movie

they took the money, no movie...! On hold with roku & fandango for hours. Left numbers...for them to call...even had a live chat that went no where. Never got to see star wars but they got the money...they gave me a number to prompts loop to loop...all I can say is they had no one to talk with. Talk even on chat ended. Without even a refund. Nevermind they did not give us the movie. Also the ad said - "" as well! Wow...the wolves have nothing to do with this Nation of the USA! Mad as hell & want my money back!

Apr 10, 2016

I know that

are not work.

Apr 10, 2016

dont order from movies!

Apr 10, 2016

same thing happen to me.

i tried to order movies from

movie1spot .com
and movie didn't work.

I emailed support
and they didn't fix it.

Apr 09, 2016

I just want my money back seeing as how they would not let me see the movie & hours, "hours" on the phone with menu prompts! No movie, they get and have no right to "my money"!

Fandango Media - no refund policy for online movie tickets even though tickets not used

Bought two movie tickets online 3-17 for 70 yr. old friends Birthday. Money was taken out that day. Gave printed certificate to my friend 3-18. He called me day of show to tell me his family wa...

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Feb 20, 2016

Fandango Media - exchange or refund not granted

2/12/2016 Your gifts with this purchase Here's your bonus movie download! Redeem now Click on the redeem now link to redeem your free gift. Terms & conditions Here's your free $20 shutterfly...

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Jan 29, 2016

Fandango Media - customer service/ticket refund - confirmation # [protected]

On December 30, 2015 I had an incident where I inadvertently purchased tickets for a show at a theater of which there are two with the same beginning name (Southglenn).
We arrived at the Southglenn theater to the location given to me by the theater finder on the Fandango mobile app 20 minutes before the scheduled show. My purchase code was not recognized by the theater because, unbeknown to me, we were at the wrong theater. After inquiring with customer service at the theater it was discovered that we were at the wrong theater. As mentioned, there are two theaters which begin with Southglenn in the Denver metro area. It was too late to get to the correct theater location. All we wanted was a refund or a credit for another theater.

I tried reaching Fandango customer service through the phone number given to me by the theater. I waited on hold for nearly an hour before speaking to a live representative, whose English left a lot to be desired. After going through the entire explanation of what had transpired she told me that they could not issue a refund because we did not call outside the two hour cancellation window which Fandango has arbitrarily installed. I said how were we supposed to do that when we had arrived at the theater 20 minutes of the show starting. I asked if there was anything that could be done given the circumstances, it was an honest mistake which was not even my fault. But nope, nothing could be done and I was told I could write to customer service via email.

So when I got home I immediately wrote to customer service and was promised a reply within 24 hours. Other than an automated reply basically saying the same thing the phone representative had told me, I never heard from anyone and after 3 attempts I gave up. This "company", and I use the term loosely, is a ripoff who has zero regard for it's customers. They happily take money from people and to hell with any consequences to the customer.

Beware of this scam factory. I will never purchase anything through Fandango ever again and I will do my best to cost them as much business as possible. Hope it was worth the $22 you ripped me off for Fandango.

Jan 25, 2016

Fandango Media - online ticketing

In July 2015, Fandango charged my American Express card twice for tickets I purchased online. I called American Express, who immediately canceled the second charge. Subsequently, when I tried to get tickets online, I encountered "error." I wrote to customer service and was informed that because of the "chargeback, " Fandango was permanently blocking my credit card. It was their error, and yet I was the one being penalized! Fandango is guilty of unfair business practices, and I shall never use them again.

Jan 22, 2016

Fandango Media - I twice bought tickets from this company

I have ordered tickets to movie from Fandango LLC. I got the email that the code was wrong and I needed to purchase the tickets once again. I was shocked, because they didn’t return previous payment...

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Dec 28, 2015

Fandango Media - star wars tickets

As far as we are concerned associating with Fandango makes Star Wars franchise look very bad. I purchased Star Wars tickets 39 minutes before showtime. Rushed to theater with kids and was told tickets were for a different theater. Tried to contact fandango from theater and live chat told me I'm number 157 in the cue with 30 hour wait time. Had to put the kids in the car and take them home. Took 2 days to get Fandango on the phone and they refused to assist because of 2 hour before show policy. I tried to get a supervisor because I bought the tickets 39 minutes before the show and fandango was I reachable. Disconnected by agent when I asked for supervisor. Now kids can't see star wars because the money is gone. My kids hate star wars and I hate fandango and star wars

Oh! My life is ruined now! How shall I ever go on...

Dec 28, 2015

Ha ha what's wrong. I'm deducting your precious points. I'm going to keep logging in under different user IDs and click the down arrow on all your comments. Then who will you be without all those pints you've spent so many months earning.

Dec 28, 2015

I just don't like you

Dec 28, 2015

Ah ha. I'm ruining your reputation on this website that is so clearly vital to your fragile self esteem. Ah ha.

Dec 28, 2015

You are a very nasty human being. I've read the comments you flippantly throw at all of us bumblef...s you clearly consider earth your snobbish intellectually superior self. My of my you have an awful lot of time on your sorry ### to be pitifully trying to impress who? No one is impressed. You just make people feel bad when they are already upset about things.

Where did you see these "other" complaints? Same place that you "saw the correct theater". You need mental help. I'm sorry that you kids didn't get to see starwars. Now they will be scarred for life because of your incompetence.

Dec 28, 2015

Yeah I thought so too. Thought it was my mistake. Even though I very much recall choosing the correct theater. Thought maybe I missed a step. Then I saw fandango complaints board and saw this same thing happen to a slew of people same day, same movie. So you are very quick to judge [censored] but maybe if it happen to you you ibderstand

You buying tickets for the wrong theater make you look very bad.

Dec 26, 2015

Fandango Media - charged for no products and services

Fandango charged me $53, gave me the wrong tickets, and when i contacted them immediately they said they cant refund me since the incorrect tickets were for a show that had already started. How is this bate and switch legal? I thought buying bottled water was a ripoff but i think being charged for no products or services is worse. Do not use Fandango unless you like to give away your money.

Dec 23, 2015

Fandango Media - refund/exchange

Purchased tickets for wrong theater, in another state. Was at work and multitasking, so missed detailed info when ordered months ago. Not sure why website went to theater in NY, when I live in WA and had purchased tickets at that theater before. Found out about error at ticket stand, after 2 hour refund window closed. After waiting in online chat queue for an hour, Dana refused to refund or even give me credit. Not doing business with them anymore. Why give away my money to company with poor customer service when so many good ones are out there?

Dec 22, 2015

Fandango Media - refund/exchange policy

As a Christmas present for my children, I went online to order 4 movie tickets for Thursday (Christmas Eve). The session timed out and when I continued, it saved the time and the amount of tickets I wanted, but apparent defaulted the date to today. I realized the error once I got the email confirmation. This was at 11:17A, and the showtime was to be 1:00P. I called immediately and was promptly put on hold for 48 minutes before I got a human being on the phone. "Kimberley" informed me that there was nothing she could do because the showtime was in less than two hours. I told her that when I purchased the tickets, it was already within the two hour time frame, so that seemed a little odd of a policy. I also told her I did not want my money back, I just wanted to change the date. She said there "are policies in place for a reason, so therefore, there was nothing she could do". At this point, I asked for a supervisor and she refused, telling me that he would definitely tell me the same thing she had just told me, so there was no need to transfer my call. She finally ended the call by telling me that she "suggest I read things carefully next time before confirming." Fantastic. I am out $48. Merry Christmas to me.

Dec 18, 2015

Fandango Media - refunds & exchanges. only got through 1 time in 3 days of trying and they disconnected right after I told them I can't make the movie.

Have tried to contact this company via chat and phone over 6 times! The promise a refund but when I finally got connected this morning they hung up! I have tried to chat 5 times and call three! I...

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Dec 14, 2015

Fandango Media - never use this site!

I booked 5 tickets for with Star Wars premier. Premier supposed to be December 17, but then I got an email that there were some problems and they had to change the date. They also said that my booking was cancelled and there no tickets available at the moment. They added that I needed to talk to their agent via chat. I contacted them via chat, but I was waiting queue for over two hours. While I was waiting I decided to look up their FAQ. Finally the chat window opened. Their agent just told that they cant give me a refund. It didn't matter that I explained that I followed the online instructions and waited to talk to agent, and whole this situation is not my fault! Well, It really wasn't my fault that they decided to change dates. But none of this mattered, they just said „no”. Their agent made me feel like a fool. Then I asked for corporate offices phone number, but the agent told they do not take phone calls. I will never use this site! They did a mistake, but I'm the one who suffers!

Oct 16, 2015

Fandango Media - tickets double charged

i purchased tickets for my parents through the fandago website. when they wanted a different show time, i got my refund but they charged me double on the later show time. i sent them attachments and fax of both the double charge but they deny that they double charged when its obvious on the credit card invoice. will never use fandango ever again!

Jul 01, 2015

Fandango Media - no refund or exchange

Long story short...gave blood and received two Fandango passes with a promo code. Went online to redeem my codes and schedule my movie(6/30/15). Due to having to work, had to cancel my tickets, which I did so well in advance of movie start time. Got an email after cancellation to choose either a refund or exchange, but could not submit either one, due to an "issue" with an order! Waited the 24 hours for a response, which never came. Finally contacted customer service who advised because they were "promo'' codes, I couldn't even get an exchange! So after giving blood and receiving two passes, then having to cancel my movie due to having to work, I am penalized? And when I informed the customer service person, Kimberly, that I would tell people about this Fandango practice, she acted like she could care less! Never will I ever buy a Fandango gift card for anyone as a gift ever again, nor will I ever utilize their service!

Jul 27, 2015

I had a similar experience using Fandango to purchase tickets to a movie 30 minutes prior to the movie started. Missed the movie. In most cases companies give your a refund with no problem or at the very least credit/voucher. They did not even respond to my email request for a refund until a weeks after I filed a report on the Better Business Bureau. Still no refund :(
I have found many different website complaints about them. I'm spreading the news and will not stop till I've reached a few that change their minds about them.

Pissed off customer

Fandango Media - multiple tickets-no refund

I purchased 2 tickets to the June 19th 7:05 show for Dinosaur World (real name not allowed). When I finished the guest checkout, The Fandango website said that the session had timed out.
So I re-did the purchase and got the confirmation email notice and went to the email to get the number.
Now I see 2 emails telling me I bought 4 tickets, and that a refund is not possible because it is less than 2 hours before show time.
This entire transaction took less than 10 minutes, and it is now 5:15PM, June 19th, 2015 for the 7:05 show.
Really? If your going to time out my session, then how does the purchase happen? Funny how the money didn't "time-out" but now a refund isn't possible.
We went to the movie, and I gave the two "extra" tickets to a very nice guy and his date so they wouldn't be wasted.
I tried to email customer service, and got an automated reply that said I could expect a contact from them but might have to wait at least 24 hours.
That was last Friday evening and nothing. Nice routine for making double ticket sales.

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