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M Jan 22, 2020

Two days ago, after the Chiefs officially made it to the Super Bowl, I ordered my son the locker room tee order #21-[protected]. It clearly said "free shipping" in a neon green box next to this shirt. I was charged $4.99 at checkout any way. After two attempts to call the 800 number, a chat and two emails, where I included a screenshot of the ad that day, these "fan advocates" said sorry, item does not qualify and then sorry, appreciate your business but you needed to order $49. Today I receive a Fanatics email offering "free shipping for orders $24 and up!" How frustrating is that? I will pay the falsely advertised shipping as I've spent probably a total of two hours combined on the phone and via email on this. ALSO, checking shipping status - due to arrive February 26, are you kidding me? If this is the case, cancel/return the order! It's a birthday gift. Should the Chiefs lose the Super Bowl how pathetic is that going to be?

false advertisement

  • Fanatics's response · Jan 23, 2020

    We deeply apologize for this, we are happy to look into this further however I need some additional information to locate your order (the order # provided is not working). Please confirm the email address on the order or confirm the order # again. If the listing shows for the same item and has ships free on the same item ordered then we are happy to refund the shipping if paid.

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