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We recently had A Fallas Paredes store open in March of 2011 I have been with the company since the start. I along with other team members got that store ready. From the start I knew that there was going to be problems with Management so they call themselves. While setting up the store and getting ready for it's grand opening we did so much. We all had long days, but that was not the problem. The problem for me was after doing as much as we could and working as hard as we did the D.M would always end the day by Saying "be here tomorrow or we will find someone else." in a threatening tone. I had no problem with what he was saying, but us who bust are ### trying to get THERE store ready and after all that he has the nerve to threaten us. My Store Manager was great, but then left the company after about 2 months due to his own problems with the company. Are new store manager is were the real problem starts. I have never been the type to start problems especially in the work place. My store manager seems to always pick on me. At first I would let it go. Then one day she had a talk with me saying that a few employees and I were talking about her in the break room on our lunch, and she said " if you have anything to say, say it to my face" I told her i would and what angered me was that I was not even in the break room on my lunch. I had left to eat. Then as time went by she started to make bad comments about my work not just once or twice but all the time for everything from the way i swept to the way i throw away trash to unloading the truck. It has seriously became ridiculous of what she will come up with next. She has violated my meal and break time more than once. But the she makes us initial saying that we took are breaks because if we don't then we won't get paid...what??? She also had a talk with me because i said another employee has good hours, and i didn't even say it in a bad way, but she made it as if it was a major problem . Another employee has also noticed that she picks on me non-stop and she has brought it to my store managers attention and she denied it all. Every time that she has a "talk" with me she always starts by saying I'm not your old store manager (reminder he has not work with us for over a month) and because she always brings him up in any discussion she has with me leads me to believe that she is discriminating against me because im gay. I say this because my old store manager was also gay and to her he is still relevant even when he is not part of the company...i don't get it. She has even gave my hours to someone else the night before i was suppose to go in having our key holder call me and tell me she found someone else to come in. She has locked us in the store for 2 hours with out pay. She has made us work in complete dark with one one tiny spotlight for us to see. I have tried calling HR but there never able to be reached. I left now about 4 different voice mails to 3 different phone numbers. This company I must say needs to step up there game. I am still going to try and get a hold of HR, but it does feel impossible... I just needed to let it out.


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    Mark Cascio Oct 19, 2011

    Alexthegreat, I am the Director of Human Resources for Fallas Stores. Please give me a call to discuss. I can be reached at 310-324-9962 Regards, Mark Cascio

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    Perla Marroquin Apr 29, 2014

    Omg i need help they dont wanna pay me

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    Falishag Aug 12, 2014

    so i applied to fallas parades downtown LA and every time i call to check the status of my application they tell me the manager not their or they pretend to transfer the call and hang up in my face so i want to speak to some one above the manager

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