Extra Stores / United Electronics Companyrefused a refund on an item I never received or even used.

A Jan 20, 2020

I purchased a mobile phone on Sunday 19 January at 5.13pm from Extra in Khobar, I also requested a screen protector. When I paid for these 2 items I was asked to bring my phone so a techician could fit the screen protector. However it was prayer time so I took my phone then went home with a view to coming back later to fit the screen protector. I checked my receipt and to my horror I noticed I was charged 95sar for the screen protector having thought is was 9sar. In England, UK if you dont want a product you can change your mind and return for a refund no problem. I hadn't even received the screen protector yet they advised me this was non refundable, how come?

I was not given any alternative but to tell them I want to return the mobile phone as I was so annoyed at this stupid policy. I was stood hanging around waiting for my money for 40 minutes. Nobody seemed to know what the policy was. In fact one assistant said wait we will return your money in cash but this never happened. I returned the phone unopened in less than 2 hours after the initial purchase but they refused to refund my 95sar. How can this be morally or ethically correct? Nobody pointed out before purchase I would not be eligible to have my money back a) if I changed my mind or b) even if I hadn't received the service or product. Extra is a very big electronic store with poor customer care practices which will put people off.

I for one have a number of electronic items I want to purchase now that I am living in Saudi Arabia but after this poor experience I would be mad to continue to be treated in the manner and will shop some place else. I will go to other competitors as I am sure this is not industry standard practice. Very disappointed and ripped off!!

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