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EverythingButTheHouse / EBTHBidding and shipping

EBTH has a bidding quota and if it is not made the use a fake bidder number to raise the bids.

EBTH ships each item won separately instead of shipping in a bundle. This causes very high shipping costs and the delivery time on the shipping is usually late.

Theses matters should be investigated and somehow all the customers should get a refund for extra shipping cost

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    EverythingButTheHouse / EBTH — shipping

    This company divides items into very small, inexpensive lots. They then require you to get a "shipping quote"...

    EverythingButTheHouse / EBTH — misrepresented condition of items

    This is a copy of the email I sent to EBTH: On Tue, 29 May at 1:15 PM, April Collins wrote: Invoice...

    EverythingButTheHouse / EBTHlisting was misrepresented/unwilling to resolve issue

    In March I aggressively bid on a solitaire diamond ring and won it. I took the ring to my local jeweler and had it reset into a new and more elaborate mounting. I also had it appraised. To my surprise and dismay, the color grade of the stone was J-K; the original EBTH listing said it was color grade F-G. I would never have bid on it had it been listed as a J-K color grade. I contacted EBTH by email early in May and have 57 pages of messages back and forth but still no resolution. Early on, EBTH requested a copy of my appraisal, which I sent to them. They told me I would have to send them the ring to have it re-evaluated by their gemologist. I suggested that, to be fair, it needed to be re-evaluated by an independent third-party gemologist (i.e., not affiliated with EBTH). They said they could not do that. I even told them I would be willing to split the cost of a third-party evaluation of their choosing. EBTH also said that they could only do the re-evaluation if I sent them the original mounting, which I no longer have.in addition, they said they would send me a prepaid UPS shipping label but could only insure it for about 1/8 it's appraised value, based on their agreement with UPS. I told them that I have a major investment in this ring and I'm not going to take the risk, and that they needed to figure out a way to insure it for the full appraised value if they wanted me to send them the ring. Basically, we are at a standstill because they said they cannot do anything if I "refuse" to send them the ring. However, they said they cannot do an evaluation without the original mounting. I was also told by an individual from EBTH who I spoke with on the phone today that, without the original mounting, they could not re-evaluate the stone. She used the example of trying to return a pair of pants to the store after they were altered. They are not taking any responsibility and are unwilling to have the ring re-evaluated by a third party.

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      EverythingButTheHouse / EBTHthey don't really "authenticate" anything

      I have significant complaints regarding my purchase of these Waterford wine glasses.

      They are such clear and poorly executed fakes. I am horrified that they slipped by your people and my trust in your company is significantly diminished.

      Date 02/26/2018
      Invoice # B-4614964
      Sale Mid Century Modern, Collectibles, Decor & More (18CIN082)

      The advantage of buying from EBT is that each estate is reviewed by your company. Reproductions and fakes are noted. In this case, a really poorly executed fake slipped by.

      These "Waterford Clarendon" wine hocks are full of errors. I would like a full refund including shipping. And I insist you pay for the return shipping.

      If you compare the Waterford Clarendon from Replacement's website to the glasses you sent me you will see that they are not alike. Please note that in the real glass, the ends of each blue detail do not touch each other.

      Here is a link to the page. https://www.replacements.com/p/waterford-clarendon-cobalt-wine-hock/watclacb/18375811

      I have sent you photos of the glasses you sold me.

      they don't really "authenticate" anything

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        EverythingButTheHouse / EBTHDo not buy from EBTH

        Their items are overpriced. For no reason, because they often arrived being damaged or broken. Shipping costs are ridiculously high as well, and the smaller your item is the more expensive its shipping cost will be.
        Yes, everything against the customers and it makes me feel bad. No one wants to be taken advantage of. I don't want to make thieк management richer, they have to improve their own service at first. And then we will see.
        I highly recommend staying away.

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          EverythingButTheHouse / EBTHrude and unethical behavior

          What did I expect from this company? Well, at least to be treated well.
          The way they talked to me was way unprofessional and I am thinking about reporting about them.
          They sent me a wrong order and blamed it on me for being inattentive. I wouldn't be so sure if I were them because things like this can be easily checked. All I have to do is to check my order information and everything will be clear. I don't understand why one of your representatives was incredibly rude to me. I personally did nothing to him, never offended him. I didn't deserve to be treated this way.
          This person should be fired as soon as possible.
          Unfortunately, I didn't remember his name, because I was too frustrated.

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            EverythingButTheHouse / EBTHnon-delivery

            Disappointed with how they treat loyal customers. I have spent a lot of money on them, but once a problem occurred they preferred to leave me alone.
            I used to order often, no more than one or two items at once. Never complained.
            2 months ago I needed to make a big order. They promised to ship it within 2 weeks and give me a tracking number.
            Two weeks later there was nothing and I phoned them. Numerous times. Heard the same story of how they can't understand what happened and that they will soon call me back.
            No one did.
            Tell me, what am I to do? it's not a joke...

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              • Qu
                Quirkyworks63 Oct 17, 2017

                Do not purchase from EBTH. I have had problems with delivery with this company three times. Twice, a local delivery took over a month. I was never contacted about delivery and had to contact them repeatedly to get them to deliver my item. Now they have sent me the wrong item. I contacted them that day. It took them two days to get back to me. Ten days later, and the issue is still not resolved. They asked if I would return the incorrect item and I said of course (it's a piece of junk.) I have been asking for a return label since day one. I still have not received one. And I have not received a refund on my more expensive purchase. They seem to think I am going to pay the return shipping. And now, customer service is saying that I have to return the incorrect item before they can issue me a refund. These are two totally separate issues. I should have received a refund on Day 1. They are inept, unresponsive, and unprofessional. Their online chat is down half the time and their is no way to call them to get an issue resolved.

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              EverythingButTheHouse / EBTH18k gold pendant

              I bid on a pendant that was described as being 1.0" wide, 1.0"high. When I checked on the item the next day, the dementions had changed to .05" to.25" luckily I had printed out the first description before it changed ! I contacted them 4 times & sent them the original description .I was told they could not have possibly make a mistake like that (even though I had proof) and I should be more careful of what I bid on. I won the item and am screwed . Dishonest, rude, people. Do not use them for anything unless you want to lose .

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                EverythingButTheHouse / EBTHauction service

                I used EBTH to liquidate the contents of my mother's house after she passed away, obviously a time of extreme emotional distress. Now, in retrospect, it was a terrible decision that I must live with the rest of my life. It was an absolute nightmare from start to finish. At the beginning of the process the EBTH salesman assured me that EBTH would get the highest prices for everything in the house. Then, when it was time to write the contract, I was told to expect next to nothing for the contents of my mother's house. "This stuff just isn't selling right now..." (Just one example: the dining room table was an early 19th century, solid cherry, Federal style that had been previously appraised at 10-18K!) Based on their low-ball figures they unilaterally choose 48% to be the commision based on their own low-ball estimates. (You are stuck paying their exorbitant commission no matter how much the sale brings -- NO SLIDING SCALE.) Due to that extreme commission, I decided not to include several items because I didn't want to give everything away at bargain basement prices and then be forced to cut it in half with EBTH. At that point I received an unpleasant phone call from the "salesperson" who tried to pressure me into including those particular items. I was already sick about the decision to use EBTH in the first place so this didn't sit well with me at all!

                Pickup day was a whole new level of hell to go through. It was like a carnival. The two employees charged with an orderly pickup process were completely useless. It was like a free-for-all. Besides the scratched floors and gouged walls that occurred that day, the two guys who removed the refrigerator simply CUT the water line, thus flooding the entire kitchen to the point that water flowed all the way through to the basement, and necessitated a plumbing repair.

                On top of that, the people who removed the washer and dryer from the second floor removed the condensation line from the central A/C unit situated in the same room. When I came in a couple of days later water was flowing through the light fixtures and the ceiling fans located in the kitchen on the first floor. They had also flooded the second floor, which did damage on two floors, including the floors on the second floor and the ceiling and fixtures on the first floor!!!

                Finally, when I received the paltry sum of $4, 888.00 for all of my mother's lifetime collection of art, furniture, lamps, oriental rugs, etc.. (btw, my mother had been an interior decorator!) the check was made out incorrectly. Wrong name, wrong address - I couldn't even deposit it into any account. As I write this, I am waiting on/hoping for a replacement check.

                Using EBTH was the WORST decision I could have made. I hope that, by writing this review, you will not make the same mistake. Stay away from this company. If I could leave a negative number of stars I would. It was like allowing vultures to pick the final meat from my mother's bones. I will regret it for the rest of my life!

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                  EverythingButTheHouse / EBTH — ebth

                  I hired them to sell my household goods. They were too stupid to grade or describe my items. They are giving...

                  EverythingButTheHousewill not buy from them again!

                  I will never buy from them again, EverythingButTheHouse is the worst company I have ever deal with. All my items arrived broken or damaged, because everything was poorly packed and delivery guys didn't care about safe delivery.
                  I contacted their support and asked for an exchange and they refused to help. Not only I was disappointed with delivery of my order, but also with their terrible customer care service. They were very unfriendly and treated me in a bad way.
                  Everything about this store is terrible, I don't recommend them, worst ever!

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                    EverythingButTheHouse / EBTHdamaged, broken items not disclosed

                    EBTH used to be very accurate in checking and describing items. The last 4 items purchased, were significantly and obviously broken in several spots but marked "Condition: Good" precluding any type of gifting or resale. Customer service is not at all helpful, and really not very nice at all! Just lost total trust in this company! I will be closing my account.

                    damaged, broken items not disclosed
                    damaged, broken items not disclosed
                    damaged, broken items not disclosed

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                      EverythingButTheHousewrong item

                      I received wrong item and immediately contacted EverythingButTheHouse. They promised to take care of that and asked me not to worry. I even sent them pictures to prove that I was telling the truth.
                      They said that first I have to ship the incorrect item back and promised to give me a return address. Several days later I asked them about the address and they said that they remember and will contact me back later. Nothing again!
                      I tried to get their address so many times but every time received one and the same reply "later".
                      I want to get my item! That is not my fault that these guys completely messed up my order. Horrible!

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                        EverythingButTheHouseplease beware, this site is just not worth it!

                        Their customer service rep was very rude to me and he was impolite and did not show any respect towards me! I contacted EverythingButTheHouse and asked for a replacement because my order arrived damaged and not only my request was rejected but I also received a portion of negative attitude. I am appalled with EverythingButTheHouse, they are far the worst! I have never deal with such a terrible company ever before. It seems like they don't care about their customers and moreover they don't care if they lose customers! I will not buy from them again, and I regret I wasted my money here. Please beware, this site is just not worth it!

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                          EverythingButTheHousebetter stay away!

                          I made a bid for a ring and I actually won it! I was super excited about the ring and I was planning to give it to my wife as a present. After I won I was contacted by someone from EverythingButTheHouse and they said that it will take approximately two weeks to deliver my order. After two weeks of waiting I contacted them about my item and they said that there was nothing to worry about. They assured me my item was shipped and was supposed to arrive any time soon. Well, it is now over a month and I'm still waiting! Their customer service is absolutely unprofessional and careless! Better stay away!

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                            EverythingButTheHouse — avoid at all costs!

                            I have a bad experience with EverythingButTheHouse and would not recommend this company to anyone. I made an...

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