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Every Contractorrip off

This Company Guaranteed me 3 job leads per week. Starting with $95 down. Then they wanted $3000 more. I did not do that. They then said for $1600 they would guarantee $40, 000 worth of work. I told them my credit card limit was not that high. They somehow got it to go thru, and I alsso tod the credit card co. not to honor anything, but they did! I am disputing with the Card Co., and I will not pay it! This every contractor company n=must be stopped! I still have no jobs & it has been 3 months!


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    paraconstruction Jul 21, 2009

    on 5/22/09 i was contacted by mark helton from every contractor BEWARE OF HIM.. he is a scam artist. he told me he had jobs ready to start today to get my crew ready. i bought his bs then he put ben younger on the phone another peice of ### from every contractor these two people lied to me almost caused me my wife leaving me because i used our house payment to buy this program that mark promissed me would make me 75, 000.00 he had 12 jobs ready to go tommorow i went and hired 4 guys due to mark and bens advise kept them on a week waiting by the fax for there ###. needless to say i got NOTHING thanks mark helton and ben younger you will be going to hell

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    Mark Helton Aug 06, 2009

    What's funny is that your company isn't even a real company! So why don't you be a man and put who you really are????? Or you just want to say lies???? Mark Helton never called and sold you a package on 5/22/09 or any other day. Oh and use spellcheck next time before posting something. So if you are a real company reply back to this or why not just call me since I supposedly signed you up, you should have my number, right?

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  • Jv
    jvl construction Aug 06, 2009

    i love every contractor they give me leads all the time.

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  • Dy
    Dyan Ray Aug 11, 2009

    Again another contractor who fails to live up to the spirit of the agreement. What kind of contractor posts that he does not even have suffient credit for a few thousand dollars. How does he keep up with his insurance, workers comp and payroll taxes. These are the exact contractors that you do not want in your home. To utilize a service under a legally binding contract and then contact your credit card company and dispute the charges is "FRAUD" This "professional" actually threatened bodily harm to a Customer Service Manager when the call was made to reconsile any issues this client might have been having. We are an ethica, honest business who puts our homeowners, General Contractors, Propt. Management Companies, and Affiliates first. Some contractors only are concerned with immediate cash flow and can't see the big picture when it comes to servicing the customer. This is why we will remain in business until the 70% of the industry changes it's oputlook on the way they do business. For every on-line complaint we have 100's of happy contractors, and 1, 000's of appreciative homeowners that use our service over and over again. Thankfully this contractor will not be sent to any of our valued project requestors.

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