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Everycontractor.com is a lead generating service. I paid $3000.00 for a contract guaranteed $50, 000.00 return on investment within 12 months. They were supposed to send enough pre-qualified leads to provide me with $50, 000.00 worth of work contracts.

In order to obtain a refund of my guaranteed investment, I had to do 5 things;
1. Update my profile quarterly,
2. Accept or reject all leads within 24 hours of being assigned,
3. Keep 24 hour contact information up to date.,
4. Make a genuine effort to win the job,
5. Complete the feedback with 2 weeks.

I only wished I had seen [redacted]s prior to signing the contract!

I signed up with the company on 03/12/2007 and immediately checked my profile on the website as required. My companys name and contact information was all wrong and areas of service was wrong. I fixed all the problems and waited.

Every time a lead was pre-qualified, an everycontractor representative was to contact me by phone and a 3 way call was to be set up. If I could not be reached, an email was to be sent notifying me of a lead.

Everycontractor produced a grand total of 5 leads over the 12 month time period.

After several months, The first lead that was produced on 05/16/2007 went fine, my representative called me and I contacted the homeowner. They had already found a contractor so I left the appropriate feedback on EC website within the 2 weeks.

I expressed my concern to the representative that leads aren't comming in, but I was assured that it took time for their marketing team to really start generating leads and everything would work out. I was again assured of the guarantee.

I continued to update my profile monthly (much more than what is required).

on 11/07/2008 and almost 4 months later with no contact from EveryContractor, I decided to check the website and look at the 'all leads ever given' section of the website. Low and behold, on 10/12/2007 another lead had come in, yet I wasn't called or emailed. This lead was almost 1 MONTH old! I double checked my 24 hour contact information and it was correct. I rejected the old lead and sent an email in the form of a 'trouble ticket' on their website about the issue.

I followed up with a phone call to customer service several days later because I got no response from the 'trouble ticket'. I explained that I was NOT contacted in any way shape or form about the lead and I did not want the delayed response in picking up the lead, to nullify my guaranteed refund on the contract. Its their resposibility to notify me per the contract, not for me to check the website daily for leads. I was assured the mistake would not be held against me.

A month later, on 12/17/2007, I get a automated phone message saying I have a lead from EveryContractor. I check the leads and sure enough, a lead was there (Wow! the third one in almost 9 months!) I rejected the lead because it was outside the scope of my companys work and adjusted the profile to more closely match my company.

A week went by and I started checking the website more frequently for missed leads. Sure enough on 12/22/2007 a lead came in and no telephone call or email from EveryContractor. I found the lead on 12/24/2007. I accepted the lead, called the customer, he had already found a contractor, I left the required feedback. I again left a 'trouble ticket' for customer service. With no returned phone call, I called them and again was assured the problem would not be held against me at contracts end and the guarantee would still be honored.

On 01/11/2008 another lead came in. This time magically, I received an email notification, but no telephone call. I logged on, rejected the lead because it was outside my scope of work, left the appropriate feedback.

The contract is now over. Its 03/25/2008 a whopping 5 leads were generated by EveryContractor. Had I accepted and won all 5 bids, I still would not have produced $50, 000.00 in gross receipts as the contract guaranteed, so the lead follow up is a moot point.

I called for a refund and was told, I did not meet the requirements set forth in the contract for accepting leads within 24 hours of assigning them to me.
Shocker there! I cant accept the leads if I dont get notified of them!

Everycontractor has a great customer service team, they all work together to try and find a way to not honor the guaranteed contract. They lied about counting their mistake against me. The entire organization is a scam. Nothing of what they promised to do, was done.

I have filed a better business bureau complaint against them. I will attempt to file a warrant in debt against them for breach of contract. I doubt either of these efforts will return my money.

I can promise Everycontractor one thing and it is guaranteed; I attend the same trade shows they do. I have seen their booths. I guarantee, I will have a t-shirt on that states 'EveryContractor Ripped Me Off!' at the next trade show, and I will stand right in front of their booth.


Stephens City, Virginia


  • Tr
    Trey Durden Dec 13, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, I was taken for a ride as well. I actually spoke to him on the phone directly, once I stated I was going to call and file a complaint with my credit card company. I just dont know how he wakes up in the morning let alone go to bed at night knowing his whole life choice's is built on lies and scams.
    Same thing, promised 50, 000.00 in work over 12 months, and the same protocol. I followed along, and did all the same crap. yet leads that did come in went out to many contractors in my area, and many were not in my scope of work.
    But wait for this call.
    When you get a call from some "?" named guy stating he is an auditor for "every contractor" and does not work for the company he is hired to rectify accounts gone wrong, and recover your lost money. not in the form or refund, but more of the dave johnson web services.
    They want to build you a website with thousands of web pages that flood google and get your phones ringing with customers. oh by the way you have to pay for that service and whatever you spent with dave before is deducted from the new awful high price tag. dave, I dont wish bad on anyone, and the christianity in me will not on you at this moment either. I hope with all this hate you have coming at you from all over the web and all the people you have scammed, ripped off etc.. and you have made yourself into one perfect liar, you one day make amends to the world you scammed, so should you not karma will come for you, and it will come when you cant take it's rath.

    Funny you business is in vegas, where sin runs the city, you are where you belong.

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  • Ev
    everycontractor.com scam Apr 11, 2010

    david johnson from everycontractor.com you are ###ed.
    many people who worked with you tried to help and stop customers from getting ripped off
    but an employee only has so much power
    David Johnson apparently went to prison before for telemarketing fraud and here we are again. Seeing a man go to prison is never good, with his family and kids involved. But sometimes it might be right, to stop a man from cheating people.
    Dave has really screwed up and rip offed many customers.
    It's over Dave, you know it, we know it, and the internet knows it.
    YOu got crushed Dave.
    Sorry, but its over and you are gonna pay the price for intentionally and knowingly
    stealing peoples money. You are finished... Look in the mirror - cus that is
    were the answers lie and you know you ripped people off.

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  • Fo
    former EC employee Mar 14, 2010

    Just so everyone is aware, not only did Everycontractor scam and lie to prospective clients/contractors, they also did the same to all their employees. David Johnson along with others in a managerial position, constantly told us how much value we bring to the table and how much we were needed. Just as contractors want to believe that their services are needed and wanted, and that they stand out among so many other contractors who do the same exact thing.
    When it comes to blame, sometimes we have to share in it. Even if it means looking closer at who we really are. I can't begin to count how many contractors knew for a fact that there wasn't any work in their area, and also knew that their competition was depleteing rapidly due to the lack of work. Yet they STILL believed Everycontractor's pitch, about how there was too much work and not enough help in their area!! I am not suggesting that people were gullible, rather, they were so desperate for work and a decent income, that they were willing to come onboard with Everycontractor even though in the back of their minds they had difficulty understanding where all this work was coming from. I am sorry, to each and every contractor I signed up with this company. I am also asking you to understand the frame of mind we were in as well. We were pitched on a constant basis, and probably lied to worse than you could ever imagine. Everycontractor is now out of business, yet they have left loyal employess without paychecks or answers. They scammed everyone.

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  • Cj
    cjlny Feb 25, 2010

    Over the last 6 years I paid for and got leads from service magic and improvnet. I never made any money but I got some work - maybe 400, 000 worth over 18 months that cost me as much to do as I got paid. when these aholes at everycontractor.com tried to get me to subscribe, I smelt bs and checked online for complaints and stayed clear. internet shoppers want bargains and the lowest price. these guys sell something they don't even have. none of their leads are verified. the guy who "made over $60, 000 in the leads I was given from every contractor" is either a company plant or the 1/1000 who might have gotten some work. who can make a living on $60, 000 in business except an unemployeed carpenter, not a contractor.

    If you're a contractor you know you barely make a living on $1, 000, 000 gross receipts a year. i'd pay $500 for a $60, 000 job and given how competitive things are theses days - i'd be lucky to clear $3, 000 after taxes on $60, 000 worth of work. do what you know, treat your customers well, pay your suppliers and the work will come. there are more customers than there are good contractors. check back here before wasting money on what sounds too good to be true.

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  • Ma
    marketing101 Feb 25, 2010

    Thankfully, I did not sign on for their service for my husband, but I do feel it is very inadequate. I have a HUGE marketing background and this is something I would NEVER advise any contractor to spend their money on. There are far more effective ways of advertising and marketing for business. The salesmand was, hands down, the RUDEST person I have ever spoken with in my life.

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  • De
    Decker Drywall, Inc Feb 08, 2010

    Class action, yes!

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  • Ul
    ULTIMATEGCWEEKLY09 Dec 22, 2009

    You are 1 of the many of retarted gc's that is stupid and cant follow easy instructions. I have made over $60, 000 in the leads I was given from every contractor. your suppose to log on your profile for the site and accept the damn leads given to you not just sit around and putts all day on your fat # hoping that a lead is just going to pop out of your computer screen!!!

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  • Sa
    Samual Brudsewski Oct 21, 2009

    I paid everycontractor.com $2, 500. I was dealing with a rep named Erica Roth. She seemed nice at first, but when I told her I needed more time to think about it since that was a lot of money, she became very high pressure. She had a hard time breathing when she would talk, so my guess is she's extremely overweight. Next she put me on the phone with another lady named Rose Zuniga. Rose was very rough around the edges with a heavy hispanic accent. She sounded very uneducated, but she guarnteed me my money back if I did not recieve jobs in the 1st month. It's now been 3 months and they won't return my call. Stay away from these con artists. Especially Rose Zuniga and Erica Roth. They think they can pimp small business owners. Both of these women clearly have no soul!

    -Samual Brudsewski

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  • Th
    thomas Mc Greggor Oct 21, 2009

    I am a contractor in iowa and I use to hate this company after getting 12 leads with out any work and then after the 3 month I got a lead from them and ended up getting a job that was for 62k. I love everycontractor.com for getting me some work, but I can see how people couold get discouraged...
    I think that the expectations are set too high and we need to remember that a lead could be really great but most are not no matter where they come from.

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  • Ki
    kingvolcano Aug 26, 2009

    I am trying to compile names to start a class action lawsuit against everycontractor.com. if you are interested, please send me an email [email protected]


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  • Cj
    cjlnyc Jun 30, 2009

    I am so glad I checked here first while "john" was on the phone pitching his great leads. $1, 000 for 2 years of leads - cool - he asked me to go to his website - I told him I was going to complaintsboard first - he hung up.

    Thanks for saving me the trouble.

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  • Dp
    dpmcgregor1 May 18, 2009

    When I told the representative of eerypainter that I did not want to participate in their services, I hung up, and he called me back 2 more times, continualy harassing me. I told him that I would report him to donotcall.gov, and he said that if I hung up on him again, that he would post my phone number to every gay porn site there is (seriously!) and that I was stupid as a rock and that's why I am a painter. I then told him that I have two degrees in both psychology and philosophy, afterwhich he told me again that I was stupid. before all of this happened, they called and were rude when I asked questions. it is a scam, these people are unprofessional, you are throwing your money away. do not do it.

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  • Bw
    B Wolke Mar 23, 2009

    I lost $5, 000 to this scam. Everyone needs to contact the Attorney General's office in Nevada and file a complaint online with their Bureau of Consumer Protection. That is what I am in the process of doing.
    There is strength in numbers, so all of us who got ripped off need to take the time to pursue them. Just google "Consumer Protection complaint in Nevada" and you should get to the right website.

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  • Lj
    ljlsr Feb 11, 2009

    Here's my contact with these slimballs of today.

    (email sent 2/11/09 to everycontractor website) tele no. [protected])

    I had a cell phone call from a randy carter with your firm. he used a very distasteful sales approach with me and at the end I was very upset at him.. he "played" like he was trying to place a conference call between him, me and a homeowner in sumter sc. of course the number he called went to a voice mail, and he left a message to this "make believe" homeowner. then he went into his sales pitch, ultimately, asking me to give him payment upfront, etc. I told him to email me to outline what he had said, and he sounded "edgy at this point, but (his last hope to do business) agreed to, but alas, has not! based on this type tactic, I would not do business with your company and am very skeptical of other like companies. I would want to see an email from your office manager this week about this or I will see who else I can contaxt about this! I wrote notes as he talked an have his telephone number, as well as a copy of this email.

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  • Ja
    Jason Kelsey Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Today I got a call from someone who said they were interested in getting an estimate from me. I perked up and was ready to write down there info. when I was informed that they were a member of every contractor and that I needed to become a part of all this. I am so glad all of you posted your comments so that I don't make this mistake. Thanks...Kelsey Roofing...Charleston, SC

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  • Jo
    John Oct 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a victim of his scam and wish I saw these complaints before I sent $700.00. I will be in Las Vegas soon and I am personally paying this company a visit. I can only emagine how much this guy is making buy ripping off contractors and getting away with it. This guy Dan Johnson is not to busy to get on the phone in the beginning for his money, but to busy to get on the phone at the end of the contract to an angry contractor that wants his money back. This guy is not a stand up guy and this company must be stopped. This company has been in bussiness for 10 years, you do the math, and suppose to 150 employees, and I read this guy did time, for what I don't know.

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  • Le
    leo lopez Sep 30, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i yet am another! I live in WA. ST. lost 3, 000 and was just hoping to get a lead that would cover the 3, 000. hasnt happend yet. I also am not much in computer savy but would like to know how you were able to post your complaint next to their web site?
    [email protected]

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  • Jo
    john greenwood Sep 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too was lied too and ripped off... lost $700.00 and only received one lead... it is very apparent
    That their guarantee is is just a bait ad hook... everycontractor needs to be put out of business.
    Its a scam!!!

    Ripped off contractor in
    Ft. worth, tx

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  • Oh
    Ohio Contractor Sep 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Beware of "everycontractor.com.

    I am lucky that I only lost $ 700.00 with them, I feel bad for the rest of you. its really sad that they can get away with what they are doing. I had been a member for some time and like the rest of you, all lies, no communication and most of all no leads.

    See ya at the next trade show"everycontractor.com."

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  • Da
    Dave Marchetti Apr 08, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally agree with your statements. I went 12 months with a single lead and that person never even returned my calls. I've been told I did not update my info on two occasions. In actuality I checked my info on those dates but made no changes because I felt the info was just right. Naturally that is now their 'reason' for refusing my refund. I signed on with these thieves because their sales rep told me they were being inundated with requests for my type of work. So I was sold on a flat out lie. We should band together and file a class action suit. I have a customer who is an attorney who would probably be willing to take on a case like this. Feel free to contact me. I like the t-shirt idea. I have a Chamber of Commerce meeting coming up and intend to speak to the group about my experience and will make it my mission to see that every C of C in the United States is made aware of Everycontractors' blatantly devious practices.

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