Europcar Internationalhire car roadside emergency number

T Aug 05, 2018

on 2/8/2018 I hired a vehicle from Vienna Airport on contract number [protected]. On 5/8/2018 I called 24 hour emergency hotline number provided, which was [protected] as the rear window had shattered whilst the vehicle was parked during a thunderstorm.
I was asked for a number of details including my location, the registration number and VIN number. I have them the number on the windscreen on drivers side. I was told that the vehicle was not guaranteed therefore they could not come out and assist.
I also tried calling the other numbers provided to me but they simply rang out. Therefore I had no choice but to drive the vehicle away from where it was.
I have been unable to contact Europcar in any way to either report or ask what I should do. Therefore if it rains further damage will be caused. This I should not be charged fir, and I believe that I should not have to pay for a shattered rear window either as no collision or fault of mine was involved. There was nothing in the boot to cause damage and I have no idea how it was caused.
I complain because had I have broken down or it was the front windscreen, I would have been stranded in Slovakia with no assistance.

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