Europcar Internationalfake additional discharges-rental 4500330924 dr49153-15/03/2019

H Jul 20, 2019 Review updated:

i would like to share with you my experience with Europcar Oslo airport branch, as i rented car on 15/03/2019

after I left Norway back to home I received email indicating that there was damage in the car which I rented for 6 hours. On check-in, the employee in the company gave me a car different from the one I rented online.I found accidentally big scratch on the right back door which was not mentioned on the diagram was given to me and I returned back and asked to add it.I returned the car, they received it in the office they did not tell about any damage, surprisingly, I received an email requesting for additional charges for car repair. unfortunately, I read many reviews online mentioned the same stories from Europcar customers.

to summarise my concerns:

they gave me a car different from the one i rented online then i found big scratch before leaving the office which was very strange that they did not mention on the contract, sure they were aware of it, but they did not mention it.

I returned the car, the employee received it and did not mention to me anything about any damage, however, after i returned to UAE they send an email requesting additional charges(big amount) for repair.

the same situation happened with a lot of Europcar customers as i read the reviews online
thank you
hisham atef

fake additional discharges-rental 4500330924 dr49153-15/03/2019


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