Especially Yours / dress whose design makes it unfit for wearing

Especially Yours / P.O. Box 105 / South Easton, MA 02375, United States

Date of order: July 3, 2019
Customer no.: [protected]
Order no.: F066963100016
Item no.: T0239 PLC51

Dress is too long to wear, even for the 5'7" customer who ordered it. It is a one-size-fits-all dress whose design is terrible. I called customer service to return this poorly-designed dress, and the representative told me that the charge for returning the item would be $9.99.

I maintain that Especially Yours, the company responsible for selling the badly-designed item, should pay for the return fees.

My desired resolution of this issue is to be refunded the price of the dress, and that the seller should send me a free-return coupon to return the dress.

Jul 11, 2019

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