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Plus Complaints & Reviews / recurring yearly payments

Jul 01, 2019

I signed but to esource and wholesale deals in 2017 for a years subscription, but today I checked my bank account and noticed they have been taking a yearly subscription fee form my account without my knowledge, I have now cancelled my membership and have contacted customer to refund me £75... / stolen money

May 20, 2019

Esources 96.07 out my account without my knowledge. They robbed me, misleading i want my money back they have not refunded me after contacting customer support karuna was not very helpful she did do her job she was uninformative very badd customer service. I want them to give me my money...

[Resolved] / filed a ccj against them but still no refund!

Feb 08, 2019

Filed a CCJ against them but still no refund! They took money from me without making it clear that it was a recurring payment. I took them to court. I won the court case on the basis the judge agreed it was an "unfair contract" (The cancellation process involves logging into your user...

[Resolved] / filed a ccj against them but still no refund!

Jan 22, 2019

Filed a CCJ against them but still no refund! Stole money from me. Took them to court. Won. They are currently 1 month past the date stated by the courts for repaying me. I won the case on the basis that their refund policy is an "unfair contract" as you need to log in to your account to...

[Resolved] / unauthorised recurring payments

Oct 21, 2018 eSources? If I purchase 1 month of access on your sub par website without wanting to be a full time member, HOW are you charging me the following month without consent??? Sign up at your peril! I should've listened to the other reviewers (hardly believe all the good reviews on...

[Resolved] / request for refund

Oct 07, 2018

I tried this service last year but i wasn't successful in my initial year. i bought some products from a company that was listed but i haven't managed to sell the items, hence I had no intention of renewing the subscription service. Unfortunately for me they automatically charged me...

[Resolved] eSources / membership

May 04, 2018

Without warning or notification they charged me credit card £60. I complained and they sent an email saying my membership had been stopped and no mention of a refund. I've emailed at least ten times and had no replies. There is no phone number listed. I'm really upset as I explained...

[Resolved] /

May 04, 2018

I have concluded that esources is a very big scam!!! I subscribed to your them last year and found the website extremely unuseful, all your their suppliers were either out of date or too expensive to sell on the products. They then charged me a renewal fee of £75 on thursday without any...

[Resolved] / product service

Apr 20, 2018

I cancelled my subscription almost immediately. I was still charged the following year (March 2018). Multiple emails to the company all unaswered. The company doesn't comply with UK laws. They should have the company name, company number and location details. They should also have...

[Resolved] eSources / Esources scam - sell products for a profit on ebay

Apr 01, 2015

I registered with esources and started looking through their products to find something I could sell for a profit on ebay. All the potential products I put though a website called Terapeak to check the potential of selling the products at a profit. Unfortunately after 3 days of searching...

[Resolved] / Avoid this company at all costs

Dec 05, 2012

Avoid this company. I signed up looking for suppliers in order to start a business. While they are a directory of suppliers, the majority of them are unveted (despite what they say) and are nothing but a scam. Further more esources themselves conduct business in an unethical manner. After being...

[Resolved] / Don't bother with this website

Oct 27, 2012

Don't bother with this website, poor customer service as I have never received a response back from my emails. Paid for the premium service which I only used for a little while. Towards the end of my first years subscription I looked to make sure my membership wouldn't be renewed...

Esources UK / Representative Scam

Oct 01, 2011

Dear Sir/Madam. My name is Thommus Bradley, Head of Human Resources, eSources UK( . We carry a selection of latest t-Shirts, Cardigans, Ladies Tops, Kids wear & Silver Jewellery. We offer exceptional customer service and quality at discounted prices!. Everything in our...

[Resolved] / Stay far away from these guys

Aug 03, 2011

I signed up to this site to fine distributors. Fortunately, I paid with PayPal for the yearly subscription of 70 or 80 pounds (That's all they can get me for I hope). Anyway, they said they vet all the sellers. This is total balls. I checked the names against companies house, and half of the companies have dissolved. Stay far away.

[Resolved] / Scammed me

Jun 22, 2011

I have also been ripped off by Esources. I took a years subscription out January 2010 and didnt read the small print (there was pages and pages of it). I didn’t realize that my years subscriptions was on auto renewal and they would debit my Paypal account the following year. Even with auto...

[Resolved] / Scam

Jun 22, 2011

I purchased a lifetime membership from in 2009. exactly a year later to the day they sent me an invoice for £79 for another years subsription to their website. I sent them various emails demanding a refund and they just either ignored me or sent me a reply with threats of court...

[Resolved] / Stay away

Apr 20, 2011

All of the following is true and a statement of the facts. I too recently had cause to ask for a refund of subscription fees to After subscribing I found that much of the information was out of date and the claims made on the website regarding the quality and quantity of...

[Resolved] / This is a horrible horrible website especially because of their customer services


This is a horrible horrible website especially because of their customer services. I cancelled subscription and I don't know how ONE payment was left and they took £49.99 from me though I hadn't used the website in a year, and when I tried to contact them regarding the payment and...

[Resolved] eSources / Unauthorized charges


I logged on to there site to sign up as a member for 3 months which was £29.95 when I got to teh checkout a message box flashed up to say upgrade one time offer you will nevver see this again upgrade now for life time membership for just £48 so I though well I may as well as was paying £29.95...