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M Aug 16, 2018

Good Day,

I am Miss E . Adams from delft area where the new houses has been built in De Hague avenue behind usave .

Nevertheless, i am utterly disgusted by the promises being made by these two guys that has promised no mam we are waiting on COC paperworks from the guy named Judas .

Okay, i understood there has been promised that the electricity would be switched on in mid june or july after waiting and complaining, calling several people who these guys has refereed us to, to make contact with and no relevant feedback has been provided . I mean what outrageous service this is .

WE have moved in last year November 2017 already and i mean its been 9 months Down the drain and no progress in this regard .

When is this going be dealt with ? I mean come on its almost a year already sitting without electricity and this is really inconveniencing us as residents in this area and i mean a lousy 50 houses that needs the electric cords to be connected .

I will take this to social media and make this viral .I do work for an Broad wide Marketing Company and i really dont want to go to that extend to be cruel as i am not one to complain easily .

I have whatsapped, called Guarth and Shaun that works on this project and they being cocky with me and funny attitudes and just being non-chalant about all this .

Can i pplease have someone me with solid feedback and i wish to have this sorted before september !

Please do take this seriously because, if nothing is going to be done in this matter . I will go viral with this !.

Trust you find this well.

Miss E Adams
Marketing Superior

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