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electricity supply

Morning! I am a resident Mabopane Block U Ext, which are RDP houses, a certain part of our houses have not had electricity for a period of almost three
months. Officials from Eskom came and did an audit in the area and found that some meter boxes having been tampered with, and that's not acceptable.
But as a paying member of the community, my suggestion is may Eskom please come and restore power supply to us and not to those who are at fault. Please!

response to calls

I am a electrical contractor and does work in Ellisras area I have a problem with one of my clients meter and I am unable to contact eskom. I have send SMS, tried to leave voice call. Waiting on phone for how long but nobody answers the phone. Always in a queue.
Please supply me with a direct nr to someone that can assist me with this issue.
Or on the phone : [protected]

electricity supply

Meter number: [protected]
Account number: [protected]

I would like to formally complain about the service I have received from Eskom. My experience has been nothing short for appalling and despicable.

In 2015 you gave us a prepaid meter box and advised us to wait for the power to switch off then only then we can come and activate the prepaid meter. During this period I went to the Eskom office in Diepkloof where I was advised to wait for the power to go off before coming to collect the smart card. That never happened and we were never on prepaid.

Fast forward to 2019 I reported an electricity supply issue and was advised that I have been penalized for "Tampering" when I have not tampered with the electricity instead my prepaid electricity was not activated. The feedback I got was that I need to pay a fine of R6052 in order to be reconnected which I did pay this amount of 11 June 2019. I was then advised to purchase a voucher at any filling station which I did on 12 June 2019. I bought 2 vouchers of R200 on that day.

I have been unfairly treated and feel I was not supposed to pay this amount because I did NOT tamper, it is your incompetence and lack of attention to detail that you had not activated me on prepaid from 2015. It was not my duty to keep coming to the office to request that you switch my power off and activate me on prepaid but solely yours. And this is a service failure on your part. I want answers and refund of my money.


The technician by the name of Jacob from the Diepkloof came to reconnect the power and told us that the power has been reconnected and it reflected that the power had been reconnected on the meter box we have in the household.

The meter box had units captured in it and he advised that as soon as the units reduce we can start using the vouchers we had bought.

To date I have not used those vouchers because I still have power. I called again to report that the power had gone off and that the meter box is showing error 30, I spoke to a consultant Nangwane who then escalated and a technician by the name of Pebetsi came to restore the power. In that light Pebetsi advised that she needs to get a bigger circuit break as the one we have (63amp) was small, to this date this has not been done. Another service failure!!

I called in to follow up on this and each time I call in to report an issue I'm told that they are still busy investigating tampering on the meter box. Why on earth are you still investigating if this tampering issue was resolved back in June already!

Every consultant I spoke to gives me a different explanation which does not make sense and you lie to us that power is restored when it isn't.

Recently the power went out again and when I called I am told of the same excuse that they still need to investigate my buying history and tampering of the meter box before a technician can come through.

How long do I need to wait for this investigation to complete and why should I go through this whole distress over and over again of this tampering issue when it should have been resolved. Why can't you pick up that the penalty fee of R6052 was paid and we were reconnected.

See below reference numbers of all calls I have made, I need a comprehensive feedback on this matter as I am taking it to a higher level:

[protected] - this I've been recently advised that this ref is to investigate tampering
[protected] - This was closed as "Cleared and electricity restored" when no one came to restore the electricity. I need the name of this technician who claims they came and closed it off.

I am being bullied and violated by Eskom and I'm definitely going to make a big noise about this. I demand a comprehensive report on everything you have done to this account with all investigations and findings.


Further to this, I logged ref: [protected] (closed as completed but issue still not resolved) and [protected] and your technicians keep closing the reference numbers as "Issue resolved and power restored" but they have not done that and power is still not restored.

After 3 attempts of your technicians closing my reference numbers as resolved, now they told me that the meter box has been vandalized and are still waiting for assistance in opening the box in order to resolve the query.

All this was not communicated on the initial reference numbers I logged instead they lied and said the box is vandalized when it was not yet they kept closing the reference numbers as "complete, power restored" how did they restore the power if the box has been vandalized and cannot open it? ANOTHER SERVICE FAILURE ON YOUR PART!!!

I have spoken to one of your supervisors Sharon Fransch - Polokwane contact centre who is as useless as your agents. She couldn't assist me further nor could she give me any solid information. She couldn't even provide me with a turnaround time on when I should expect a technician to come through. Appalling from a so called supervisor.

When your technicians fix a fault they normally come through to the stand number in question to ensure that indeed issue is resolved and that power is restored but none of the assigned technicians have done that which proves that your team is a bunch of incompetent liars.

It is now 17 December 2019 and my power has been cut off when i query this further i am still told the same excuse that i was given 6 months ago that my account is with scheduling and the meter is being investigated for tampering.


I want answers and I want them fast!! I have had enough!

no electricity for 6 month 8

Orange Farm Ext 3, Sakhile Street has been out of electricity since February, Several attempts to get Palm Springs Eskom office to fix the issue have been unsuccessful even when including Vanderbijlpark Eskom head office. Soon its gonna be 7 months without electricity. Who can this be escalated to? Now one needs to buy processed food, small chunks of meat that you can cook and eat without it spoiling, you need to go elsewhere to charge you phone, try alternative means to warm bath water for kids, etc. This is totally not life that someone who pays electricity should be leaving under yet the budget is there to maintain transformers. Please help us to get this sorted.ĺ

reading meters

submitted reference [protected] on 26October 2019 and still waiting for reply or even an acknowledgement of receipt will help/nothing.I am a home user that receives large estimtes every month from eskom and since eskom doesnt haave contractors reading their metres anymore how are we ever going to get correct estimates.I need the key to the eskom street box so I can submit a correct reading every month and pay for the electricity I actually use not some sucked out of the thumb estimate which I still hav eto pay interest on every month.Eskom has been getting away with this practise for years now and as home user they are literally crippling our communities without any repercussions.I submit my own water reading every month and should have the option of doing the same with electricity.It seems as if eskom is forcing us into getting prepaid meters.You know who I am since you have my reference number.appreciate any response if any

eskom delaying to reconnect on within 24 hours

Our electricity is still not reconnected after we have paid our bill. Eskom promise to reconnect after 24hours, 2 says later and it is still nor reconnected. Acc no [protected]...

bad customer service by a call centre agent

I have never been so disrespected before.

On September 26 2019 I called the Eskom customer line to submit my monthly meter reading, like I usually do, so as to receive my monthly bill. I got through to a woman who introduced herself by the name Nokuthula, who asked how she may be of assistance. I then made her aware of the nature of my call and she immediately told me to hold the call while she puts me through to someone else who'll help me. Without my agreement, she just rudely ended my call.

I do not know if this kind of behavior is allowed by Eskom. I don't know if this is the level of standard that we - paying customers have to be accustomed to, because I disapprove of it and frankly I am appalled by the agent's lack of respect. People like her should be trained on the basic etiquette of good service delivery and if not, then she shouldn't be allowed to liaise with customers. Eskom's service delivery is deteriorating because of employees that don't take pride in their work; forgetting how important a role Eskom plays in the lives of South Africans on a daily basis.

I obviously didn't get her surname as they (Call centre agents) usually don't give it out to us customers.

Please help me to resolve this matter because it is not my problem alone, it is a general issue that must be rectified before it spreads even further.

Mothusi Mashigo

Delayed prepaid electricity installation

Good Day Kindly note that my mother applied for prepaid electricity and paid all the credit and also for the new installation. I would like to check when is the contractor...

poor service and unprofessionalism

I bought a token to recharge my electricity metre on due to network when i tried to load the token to my meter there was a network problem and it didn't go through and when i tried to reload it said that the token was used and i was never credited for the units purchased.

i have spoken to about 10 people from Eskom and iv been taken from pillar to post and to date im query has not been attended to. It has cost me a lot of time and money.

i bought the token on Tuesday and im still sitting with the same problem.

i have decided to log a complaint with ombudsman, hello peter and will be taken it to the social media as no one is prepared to assist me, .

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    unprofessional eskom

incompetence of eskoma and ill treating small communities

Please help, Eskom is abusive and has no regarding our electricity issue. When we met with management from Palm springs (Orange Farm) we were called indigent people, I mean not...

elect cut

this power cut on Sunday at Malvern (JHB) costed us arm and the leg when all our appliences got burnt, the voltage came back very high in our street (St Frusquin). we are left with no fridges, hifis, tvs etc. Municipality is doing nothing.

I am one of the victims, people dont know where to report this to.

your assistance is appreciated.

Yours faithfully

Gugu Zulu [protected]

damage of electrical appliances and electrical house features

The followingappliances were damaged when power supply was restored by Eskom technicians. 1.Remote ceiling fan with light. 2.Remote contolled humidity cooloing system 3. Single...

excessive account and no response to correspondence

Email I sent to Eskom on 28 March 2018 To Eskom Account Number: [protected] Dear Sir / Madam I refer to our recent tax invoice totalling an amount of R110 000, a copy of which i...

poor response to an emergency

Our neighbors transformer fell to the ground at 5pm on Monday 14th January. We have account [protected] ref [protected] 3 reference numbers 2 emergency - which some one keeps closing...

power supply

We are the residents of Phokwane Mokgapaneng Village in Limpopo Province under Makhuduthamaga Municipality in Sekhukhune District. We been having power supply from early hours of...

load shedding. money lost

598596 On the 24th of December I was having an event for children. It was a fun day event. I had booked jumping castles . There was no electricity for the whole day. I paid the product...

constantly having electricity fault

Sehlakwane is a very hot place, we locked a call for electricity fault on the 26th December, only few houses don't have electricity but the whole village have it. The very same...

life threatening emergency unresolved

I am complaining about the poor service after I had lodged the complaint with reference number [protected] and when I follow up I was told that they closed that complaint with a lie...

power failure

Our neighborhood in Montana is without electricity since 2018/12/04 @ 18h20 till now 2018/12/05 @ 14h00. I wonder what does ESKOM think when we do logged a complaint, because we...

eskom acc. [protected]

This is to log a complaint for the delay in reconnecting back electricity in my home. Above is the account mumber and I paid R6 052.60 on the 24th October and till today I don't...

deposit refund -

1) In August 2018 I advised Eskom I was cancelling my service with them (on 30th Sept)
2) I was provided a ref number to confirm the disconnection of electricity supply
3) in order to obtain my deposit refund ; they requested my ID and proof of bank account (latest stamped bank statement) which I sent them both (in August)
3) at the beginning of October they confirmed everything was in order and that I would receive my deposit as a refund in my bank account within 90 days of the cancellation
5) 20 Nov I followed up and was advised I now had to send yet another form for the refund (a refund request form) as well as a stamped bank statement/ confirmation of bank account (which I already sent in August!)
6) 21 Nov - I received an email from Eskom stating they want the most recent bank statement - stamped by the bank in order to proceed
7) I have sent them the stamped bank statement as proof of account ; it is the same bank account I have been paying them from since [protected]
8) I have advised them several times I am NOT in South africa and thus cannot give them a "most recent" stamped bank statement ; they are being UNREASONABLE
; they have taken months to authorise the refund and will need to accept the original stamped bank statement (august) stamped whilst I was still in SA.
9} I am tired of their attempts to stall, delay and avoid refunding my deposit
10) I left South African and cancelled my Eskom electricity 29th September ; its 21 November and they have now demanded yet again a bank statement as well as said it is still going to take at least 6-8 weeks more (another 2 months?!) Unacceptable service

connecting to eskom for newly built home

To whom it may concern I have tried phoning your customer service department to no avail, most of the time I get through and I can hear someone on the other end typing on a...

bad service of eskom technicians

I have been calling everyday since Monday today it's Wednesday and calls have been logged for technicians to come to my home to fix my metre box but they not coming. I have 4...

power cables

We stay on a farm. Our one transformer was stolen and we've reported it to Eskom when it happened. Eversince the theft we have 2 loose cables swaying when the wind blows. When the...

interview that might be a scam

598596 A week ago my sister received an sms inviting her for an interview at Lethabo Eskom Power station in Vereeniging /Deneysville. When we call to confirm the appointment we were...

new installation of electricity

Good morning, I am Mr Digomo SM, cell: [protected]. I applied for a new electric installation and paid the money in February, they came to erect the cables in May. Since then nothing is happening I called them until i get tired. They told me their earth has failed, and they don't do any followups on it, I don't understand why must i stay so long while paid what is due to eskom but cannot get what is due to me. I called Mr Hosea several times and he referred me to Mrs Poolo. I never found Poolo on the phone i keep phoning but I can't get any help. I'm from Masehlaneng village which falls under Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality in Sekhukhune district. I request that my problem be solved with urgency as I'm tired of calling without help.

power supply

Hi my name sibongile we had a problem with our electricity box that was burning last week on the 6/9/18 the eskom guys came to put off the fire they told us they will come the...


To whom it may concern Our electricity has been cut due to tempering. We paid the fine of R6052.00 on 13 August 2018. Proof of payment was taken to Eskom Bellville office. When...

power capacity being reduced or cut frequently in my house hold and few other houses in my street

My name is Unathi, I recently moved back in with my Family in Lower Crossroads Philippi East, Cape Town in April this year, after staying for 9 years in a surburb Muizenberg and 1...

guard and shaun

Good Day, I am Miss E . Adams from delft area where the new houses has been built in De Hague avenue behind usave . Nevertheless, i am utterly disgusted by the promises being...

arrogant guy from eskom treated is like beggars

We reported power outage ref:[protected], a guy with this cell number called us the following day:[protected] and asked for the person who reported because they are outside, he never...

worst service I have ever experienced.

Our electricity disconnected on the 12th of July 2018 around 5pm. I logged a call to Eskom National Customer service number and was given a reference number.

A technician was sent the following day around 11.30am. He just had a look and then left saying he will be back at 3.30 later that day, which never happened.

Ever since then I have been calling until today the 16th of July to no appeal. All I get is a new reference number to which these technical clowns say they have attended yet no one comes threw.

Now sitting on 4 different unresolved reference numbers and this is becoming frustrating.

Ref: [protected], [protected], [protected]& now [protected], all closed reference numbers nothing done towards sorting this problem.

Everyone else around us has electricity except for our house.

Everytime I am calling all I am being told is a bunch of lies that a technician has been sent to site, yet no one shows up.

If your company could be more professional and tell us the truth as to why we are not getting serviced.

technician resolving tickets and not fixing the issue

Still no technician has been onsite Please advise who can we speak to with regards to this issue on Wednesday we logged a new incident after the last incident was resolved a...

selective electricity cut off and poor attendance of technicians

Good day, I am a resident at Kaalfontein in midrand and am so disappointed on the way in which Eskom has delt with our reports for electricity cut off lately. Since beginning of may I have been experiencing electricity cut offs and whenever i call to get assistance i am attended after two days or told to log another call. When they come the switch on the electricity but within hours it is off again. My neighbors and I have been selectively experiencing this cut offs until we went to your offices in Rivonia and asked them to come investigate. to my surprise we were told there is not much they can do other than switching on and report again if it goes off again. am writing this, i haven't had electricity in the house since Thursday the 05th of July. This has affected me and my family so badly, we had to clean the fridge and throw away some rotten food, I had to buy paraffin stove and spend money on candles, time needed to prepare to go to work and hygiene status has changed. This is so unacceptable and i am hoping and expecting an action to this.


Last week we were without electricity for 50 hours in total(from Tuesday to Thursday night) I logged the following calls 1st SR: [protected] - which was closed and we still had no...


I reported power failure on the 3rd July with refference number [protected], technitians came late on the 4th and closed a call without sorting the matter..I logged another call on the 5th wih reff number [protected] up untill now no one has attended the matter I made follow ups told supervisor will contact me and nothing has been done...[protected]..this has cost us a lot our food is rotten and have been using our airtime to contact the call center which you have to hold for more than 30 minutes without being attended to...we paying a lot of money but ignored when having problem.

power supply

It was in 2017 between November and December when I applied for electricity, and I have not been provided with connection till now. I made all the payment in April 2018. My...

power supply

Hi on the 17 th June 2018 our transformer blew up and logged a call on the 19th with reference number [protected], this call was assigned and closed with issue being realized, I...

overbilling and failure to address.

I have been over billed by almost R300, 000 on a residential property in mIdrand. I have held a few meetings with Eskom who agreed there was error and would recalculate...

no electricity for 24 hours

We haven't had electricity since the 18th June 2018 @ 18h00. We have been in contact with the call centre and what we are told is that their systems don't show that our area...