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Would you buy a product from this company? Corporate office employee with an attitude identifying themselves by the name Sal was rude and disrespectful. On Friday Feb. 21, 2020 at...

printer l 4150

Gentlemen, greetings.
First, I want to apologize for using this route for this statement of mine. After all, I'm in Brazil and there are Brazilian departments that could understand my dissatisfaction. I tried here in Brazil, but I was not served properly.
I bought an EPSON L 4150 printer and with less than 3 months of use this printer has stopped working. I did not recognize my network, and even reinstalling the drivers was not recognized on my network.
I referred it to an authorized service center, who reported the need to replace the main elements of my printer, including the printhead.
I found it strange because I only use my printer to print a few flat sheets, without much print quality. We print at most 2 to 3 spreadsheets per week, meaning it was not overused or misused.
I contacted EPSON, and my problems began. I met two attendants, totally unprepared and without patience. One of them said that under Brazilian law I had to wait up to 30 days for my printer to be repaired and, if I wanted, I could look for my rights. I contacted EPSON just to show my indignation and I thought it was fair for EPSON to ship a new printer.
In my opinion, the EPSON quality system was not effective and I ended up buying defective equipment, which is a strategy for the buyer to do the EPSON part.
I was unsuccessful and very poorly attended.
I am forwarding this message with no intention of being compensated in any way. My only intention is to bring this event to the attention of you so that you can be aware of these occurrences. By the way, I wasn't the only one complaining about this L 4150 printer.
Thank you very much and, once again, I am sorry for using this avenue to demonstrate all my dissatisfaction with EPSON's product and service.

Valdir Terezzino
55 11 [protected]
55 11 [protected]
Rua Campo Largo, 190

epson expression home xp5100

My printer was working very good with a three party ink which I have use for many years. An update was added to my printer that stopped the use of my ink which had been working before. I request a new computer or a fix to turn this problem around and have never got an answer. This print is less than six months old. I have purchased a different printer for HP. because of poor service from you.

Title 15 Commerce and Trade
Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties
Section 2030
Basically this means that you cannot stop third party ink from working in your (my) printer.
I would like to be reimbursed for this printer and will sent it back to you.

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    please respond

epson dtg surecolor f2000

In Nov 2017, I had purchased the ESPON SureColor F2000 DTG machine to start Tshirt printing startup for about 11 lacs. After purchasing the product, I asked them to show me the...

l4160 ink tank printer

647622 Please spend an amount of Rs. 16000+ only for Epson L4160 only if you are ready to face the below problems: (1) Worst quality of color and B/W print (2) Customer service is worst...

passbook printer repair

We have registered a complaint with complaint no.5935567 on 04/04/2019.Your customer care person told us within 3 working days it will be resolved.But it is already 7 days no...

lack of support on

if you would quit erasing my typing i might get this done.
i need to change my charge card info, , or address, or whatever your computer wants so I can BUY INK
I changed my address at my bank
I changed it at the post office
i changed it everywhere i can reach
except on your web site
There is no link to update personal info, only name and email address.
That is a useless page!

Where can i update my change card number?

Where can i update my address?

I m sure that i am not the only one looking

Where can i go to correct information i find that is in error?

Epsonxp 352 printer

Over the years I have always used epson printersm, until now, I recently purchased a n epson printerexpression xp 352.
It will not accept any heavy paper no matter what settings I use.
Can you please tell me why, and dont give me ant information on settings I have tried them all, thank you, peter.

P.S. A replacement printer is what I need, I will pay the differance if the new one is more expensive.

Epsonscanner support l355

Despite three 'chats' and trying different drivers my L355 scanner does not work following recent W10 upgrade. It seems TWAIN no longer supported but the Epson driver does not work either.
W10 x 64 Build 17134
I need this scanner but can only get it to work with a thrid party software - Vuescan - which leaves a watermark.

Your help would be appreciated. I have used Epson for over 30 years without problems.

Epsontwain drivers in windows 10 lost

Despite three 'chat' your tech people (who all tried the same 'solution' were not able to get my Epson L355 scanner to work. I can get it to work using a 3rd party Vuescanx64 software but lose all the Epson functionality. According to my research on the web this is because TWAIN is no longer supported under this build W10 V1803 15.5.18 OS build 17134.590.

Is there anything more I can do? I have two Epson scanners the other is a V300 photo - it does work.

The L355 starts with a splash screen for Epson but then seems to be unable to open a full screen. Very dissapointing having used Epson products for the past 40 years!

Epsonepson xp 640 printer

Your god-damned printer cannot recognize a thick sheet for address labels. It keeps coming up as a CD/DVD printing. Your engineers are imbeciles for this design. Nobody prints on a CD/DVD anymore. No setting or FAQ or other assistance has helped.

Congratulations on losing a customer over a sheet of unprinted address labels.

I am going back to HP and never looking back.

Epson — epson expression home xp-330 small in one

I purchased this printer quite some time ago . first thing said I needed new ink ?. I got new ink still says I need new ink. and on and on and on. I have yet to print a single...

Epson — xp 830 printer

I recently purchasing this printer & with the original software I had a wide range of ink cartridges to choose from. Then Epson advised me that I needed to install new software...

Epsonxp 340

Brought ur machine less then a year ago changed ink cartridge using ur brand and bam printer wont print in black . Last printer I had was a different brand and lasted years so I didnt keep receipt . Ur printer less then a year . Another 20 bucks on ur ink and ur machine is faulty . Great job . Single parent small income and have to buy a new printer for my study . No food for mother next week . Thanks for a horrible printer .

Epson — xp-640

what is wrong with you people why do you make a printer that won't print B&W when one of the color cartridges is low, what a rip off it's 9 P.M. I'm teaching a class tomorrow and...

Epson — all-in-one printers

How about a no star rating? In April of 2018 our original Epson printer (WF4600+) series quit printing. After several calls and being place on hold, the customer service rep said...

Epson — epson printerl555

Very worst service I've ever seen.I'm using epson l555 printer there's an paper pickup problem so that I contacted local authorized epson service center, and i requested on-site...

epson printer l380 no. x2q5302749

Epson printer L380 No. X2Q5302749. Purchased 1 Feb 2018. Installed 2 Feb 2018. Worked well up to 23 Aug 2018. After that not printing anything colour or Gray. Only scanning i...

Epson WF 2630 all in one — software issues and lines through the finished print... best own a cpu... so add that and the very expensive ink that dries up quickly

Software issues from the time I bought it.., and the place I bought it from ‘target' wants you to send it back! Will only print from airprint... It won't copy from...

Epsonepson printer tech support line

I was on the phone for 1.5 hrs with someone who barely spoke English and mispronounced words so bad I had no idea what she was talking about. I would ask her to spell words so I could figure out what she was saying but she wouldn't. She would just keep repeating the words until after multiple requests she would finally spell the word. For example "administrative" was so poorly pronounced I had to have her spell it to understand what she was referring to. I don't think she has ever even used a printer much less knew how to trouble shoot one. I've owned many printers throughout my life and had to trouble shoot with tech support a few times and I've NEVER had an experience like this one. I was promised to speak to a senior tech support multiple times since I didn't have all day to trouble shoot a simple 20 page paper jam. She kept coming back saying she would have to try a few more things before she could transfer me over to a senior tech support person. They were saying maybe my computer is telling the printer to pull 20 pages at one time!!! Seriously. It is obviously something wrong with the printer. 2 hrs later they finally agree it is broken and they will replace it. Problem is I had issues with the printer from day one but Epson wanted me to try different types of paper and by the time I finished I couldn't return the printer to Staples. At this point I want nothing to do with Epson or their poorly trained and non-English speaking tech support people. They refused to give me a refund so I asked to speak to management. Management gave me the corporate tech support number so I can at least speak to someone who speaks English and hopefully better trained in the future.

Epson — my new xp series printer

I bought my printer a couple months ago. It worked twice and after that would either not print completely or print in only 1 color, a different color each time. I contacted your...

Epson — ink pads full

I have always used Epson printers and accept that they have a limited life. When, without any warning, my XP520 stopped working and there was a message that the ink pads were full...

Epson — wf4734

You can not call this an office printer if I have to replace the ink every month and the colored ink even though I only print in black and white. This printer is complete garbage...

Epson — fraud

last week ( July 13), someone got a hold of my credit card information and fraudulantly purchased a $1399 epson printer from your company website. When I saw the purchase on my...

Epsonprinter ink

Keith Kratzberg. President and Chief Executive Officer
Epson Canada, Limited
185 Renfrew Drive
Markham, Ontario
L3R 6G3
June 20, 2018

Mr. Kratzberg,
I am putting you and your company on notice that I require compensation for the damages caused by your programmed obsolesce (illegal practices), deceptive practices, and epidemic cultural of lying.
These lies have cost me time and money. The continuation of these lies and prevention of getting promised service- has made this actionable.
1. YOUR printer suddenly failed. No notice. No honest reason provided.
a. Error: "unrecognized M 252 cartridge"
b. This is your OEM original cartridge.
c. I seldom use color - most often set as ink saver black only.
2. Your on line support FAILS to tell the truth.
a. Demands to order - buy- more (defective??) (useless ) cartridges.
b. Fails to inform the public that this is a FALSE error.
c. You have programmed our printer to fail all functions when one supposedly unrelated component fails. Ie Magenta cartridge fails _ really???? Then your GREED kicks in to RIPP OFF everyone by demanding we buy another cartridge that we do not need nor want. This is EXTORTION!!
d. I only want to print in black yet you destroy my printer unless I cave in to your extortion and buy another cartridge that I do not want nor may ever want.
3. Your on line support also LIES about issue resolution.
Your e-mail was not accepted because it looks like SPAM. Please submit your question through our support site at, or if you're in Canada.

If you are trying to reach Epson from a country other than the U.S. or Canada, please visit the Epson Home Page where you can select your country and submit an e-mail to their support team for assistance.

Thank you for choosing Epson.

Discussion Thread
Customer By Email) 06/15/2018 07:06 AM
Everything stopped
Have a wonderful day!

Question Reference #[protected]
Date Created: 06/15/2018 07:06 AM
Last Updated: 06/15/2018 07:06 AM
Status: Resolved

This is a huge public lie! Nothing was done. You even admit this in the opening line. "Spam" nice try.
This is just a further attempt at EXTORTION, AND PREVENTION OF PROVIDING Honest customer service.
4. Your on line support is also a huge lie and deception.
a. Contact us via email does not work! Following the link only opens a pop up to making a BING account. REALLY???? What is this? More time wasting deceptive protocols to exhaust your customers from getting service and the TRUTH.
b. The on line form is broken as well. It is full of "bugs" (designed to prevent complaints from being documented).
i. The form times out
ii. You cannot see what is typed.
iii. You cannot send because the "submit" button/function is another LIE. It does not exist on this form!!
5. YOUR people have informed that:
a. Epson purposely destroys your printer if you do not buy Epson ink.
b. Epson has programmed our printer to fail, even when there is no fault with the black only printing. Ie MUST buy (over $90) M 252 cartridge pack of 3. To allow me to use my printer in black only mode.
c. Epson is fully aware of this deception, yet you persist in this practice to RIPP OFF public.
6. I was promised and "overnight" delivery of replacement cartridge.
b. Promise made a week ago -
c. Still no cartridge nor new promise of delivery. This is despite over 7 hours on the phone and on line to YOUR people.
7. I had to pay over $90 to buy a 3 pack of M 252 cartridges.
a. This does not solve problem!
b. I still cannot use my printer .
I am requesting
1. Refund the cost of the M 252 cartridges that are NOT required to print black only, except to satisfy your programmed obsolesces and GREED.
2. Change your website - remove the lies and deceptions.
a. Contact us - does not work
b. Email Epson does not work
c. On line form does not work
3. Change the operations software to
a. remove the LIES that we MUST buy Epson cartridges or our printer will never work.
b. Remove the built in obsolesce that destroys our printers even when we are NOT using the alleged (empty???) cartridge.
4. Address the epidemic culture of lying to the public (for greed?? Cover-up greed?, built in obsolesce???)
5. Address the epidemic lies of "replacement will be delivered overnight"
I have asked multiple times for your contacts - but your people refused.
This forces this issue into the public domain.
This greed and deception MUST stop and the public needs to be informed of this and the related lies.

This is now entering its 4th week . your staff have lied to me over 40x. listen to all the recordings because you will be questioned about these in court.

Why do you KEITH promote a culture of lying in your company????

  • Updated by biz365 · Jun 29, 2018

    [email protected]

    C EO

    has failed to respond to correspondence sent to him

    he is part of the problem - fostering a culture of deceit, and lies.

    He is fully aware that epson programs the printers to completely fail, unless we buy ink - that we definitely do not need nor want.

    this is programmed extortion. he is guilty of this and promoting a culture of lies

    his designated and self proclaimed representatives of the company - have lied to me over 40x about replacing the defective cartridges.

  • Updated by biz365 · Jun 29, 2018

    4th week of receiving nothing but empty promises and more lies.

    Epson is attempting to abdicate their responsibility by blaming their supplier = purolator.

    They are failing to take responsibility for their bad choices in delivery agent. - yes PUROLATOR staff have also lied frequently about delivering packages.

    both pruolatore and Epson blame each other . Epson is responsible for their own lies.

Epson — epson wf2540 printer

You have recently updated my printer software to prevent me from printing unless I use EPSON Cartridges. Not a smart move! A page comes up blocking your printing unless you have...

Epson — printer

Dear Sir, I have purchased L565 printer for 5 months ago And before that I had bought two epson printers, it went perfectly, but this printer did not allow me to capture the photo...

Epson — don't buy printer & scanner epson l360

Printer & scanner epson l 360 I have bought this printer from"grand stores - dubai" in a new launch ceremony from epson during "gitex" show in dubai... I bought it 2 years back...

Epson — epson xp640

Printer is rigged to use color and photo cartridges even though you set it to print in black only therefore depleted the color and photo cartridges. The printer will not print in...


I just got off a call at 9:06PM MTN., time and had a customer rep that was having a bad day. She spoke to me in sarcasm and after 16 minutes I had enough and hung the phone up on her. She guided me through some steps and I told her that if she would let me know where to find things, I could do it. She continued and so I had to end the call. I will never get another product from Epson again and will never recommend Epson to anyone.

Epsonwarranty service

I bought an Epson Workforce Pro WF-4630 for my business. It had a printing problem. Epson's technical support people spent 45 minutes on the phone with me, but couldn't resolve it. They determined it was a hardware problem. The printer was under warranty, so they said they would send me a replacement. Then they said my model was out of production, so they would instead send me "the equivalent or better". They sent me the WF-4730. This does not have a two-sided ADF like the 4630 (the 4740 has this feature). So I called them before I unpacked the printer. First they denied this - they said it did have two-sided to two-sided capability. So I unpacked and connected the printer. It does NOT have this capability. Called them back. They admit that the new 4730 does not have the same features as the old 4630 and so is inferior, but refused to do anything about it. Case # [protected].

Epsonepson stylus c88+

My Epsom printer developed a hardware problem (Acknowledged by Epsom rep) after only 6 weeks. I went through3 reps before I was given someone from the corporate office after waiting for a very long time. I was told I had two options. 1) They would send me a new printer but charge my credit card 70.00 and it would be returned when I sent back the defective printer.
2) Option two I send back the defective printer and when they receive it, they would send me a new one. I told them I did not want to have 70.00 on hold as mistakes are sometimes made. I said I was disabled and could not accept the second offer. I was told t go find a box and send it to them. I asked for an acomodation based on disability. I was told they can not do that. I asked to speak with their accomodation officer and I was told he/she was not available to speak to me. I was told the 70.00 hold was because they cannot trust that the printer would be returned.

Epson — eb2250u projector

We purchased and installed EB2250U Projector on 6/12/2017 from our vendor in Dubai. This was installed in our main conference room . On March 2010 the projector suddenly stopped...

Epson — epson xp-640 printer

After updating fimware my non-oem black printer cartridge (full of ink mind you) is no longer working (April 2, 2018). Told by customer service there is no way to back out the...

Epson — epson gs6000 large format printer

I was led to believe that OEM parts would be used to service my Epson GS6000 and If I knew That refurbished parts were being used and creating other problems with my printer that...

Epsonepson xp-446

I bought an Epson printer about 2 months ago to replace my old Canon office printer. I have had nothing but trouble with the printer from the beginning. I have had clogged printer heads to my cartridges emptying out just trying to clean the printer head. My latest issue is the fact that after my last firmware update all of my cartridges are no longer recognized by the printer. So my office is basically non-operational until I can get to the store and buy new cartridges.
This is disconcerting for me because these cartridges are expensive and I am not at liberty to just replace full cartridges because of your firmware update. I do business with a nationwide company and my colleagues ask for recommended products from time to time. Based on my experience with your printer so far, I can truly say that your product is an immense failure compared to others that I have used and I would not be recommending it to anyone. In fact, I would discourage anyone from investing in an Epson printer of any kind.
I am very disappointed. If there is no way to reverse the last firmware upgrade, instead of investing in new cartridges, I will be investing a new printer with a different brand.

  • Ma
    Matthew T. Bagger Jul 07, 2018

    I'm with you, no solution to firmware "upgrade". See ya Epson, off to buy a better printer.

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  • Ro
    Ronald Kelsch Dec 15, 2018

    I purchased a xp-446 to replace my old version because of clogging. I was surprised that it automatically selected PDF from Word and I could not select regular printing. I had to go to the PDF file and print it out. When I used a template, I could not select the PDF file. Every search just gave me the manual that is too long to read for a basic problem. Now I have two printers to select from, that is troubling when only the old one is set for default. If a simple thing can not be resolved, I am going to another brand. Epson has always been a great product, but now it takes too much understanding.

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We bought our printer just over a year ago. We rarely use it for printing. But a lot for scanning. So it ran out of ink and we bought the color ones on line thru that pop up thing from the printer. We got the ink and we didn't use it for quite some time because we only ordered it for when we did run out. We bought it in July 2017. Well Jan 2018 we ran out of magenta. Took it out of the new unopened 3 pack box marked 220 and took vacuum plastic off it. Well it wouldn't work. So I messaged Epson and kept getting the runaround about how to get it to work. I had tried all those tricks several times. I'm not stupid, I know how to use a printer. They asked for pics of the old and new cartridges. I emailed them and they told me the I on the end of them meant they were the Initial ones that came with the printer when it was new and that they could not replace any of them. I didn't spend almost $30 to be told that. Seems to me someone put the wrong ones in the wrong box at the factory!!! But they made it sound like I was stupid and was trying to get a replacement for the old ones that came with it. After several weeks of back and forth they "claim" they will send me a magenta replacement. In the meantime I can't even scan with the printer. I have never owned something so crappy. And never owned a printer you can't do anything with when there is no ink. And WHY does it use color ink when you print in black n white? Never again will I buy another Epson brand anything!!!

Epsoncustomer service

I spoke with customer service to check my warranty and cash back what I bought it from Printerland company. The customer service was rude and unprofessional and using my time and charging money for calls. I asked to speak with Supervisor or a Manager but unfortunately she didn't let me and I told her that I want to speak with complaints and she told me don't complain because I won't take a complaint from you. I asked her name and she didn't tell her name and she hanged up the phone. It's mean when customer calls customer service and who answers phone I think the person is a Manager and Supervisor and the Company for the person and can do whatever wants with customer. It's unprofessional and very rude.
Reference number for call is [protected]. Epson website says if buying printer There is free 3 years warranty and cash money back.
I bought a printer and I don't have a warranty and no cash back because cannot do it on the website Epson because asking a lot of information and did not send with the printer documents. It's mean this company not honest.
I would like final response from your company please. I want to claim my money back what I made calls and pressure for me and if I won't get 3 years warranty and cash money back I will refund the printer back. I looking forward to hear from you promptly.
My email - Numan.[protected]

Yours faithfully,
Numan Ahmad

Epson — 288 multipack

Bought the epson xp-466 printer at wal-mart about a month ago. I do alot of work at home. I am a trainer for mcdonalds. I went and got a multi-pack ink. My black went out first. I...

Epson — xp-830

I recently obtained new ink for my printer. It was not from Epson. I have only used the black and cyan ink. My printer worked ok with that ink. Two days ago I did a software...