epson printersmalfunction


i purchased an Epson Printers - All-in-One Printers, Wide Format Printers ...
1. it never worked without giving us technical problems. Never. sometime, i want to print only one page but i had to call the tech support, one page printing would take me 30 minutes.
2. Sometimes doesn't print the black part of the documents even if the cartridges are brand new.
3. the biggest scam is that printer doesn't print properly without having color cartridges too. With HP most of the time, i just had a Black cartridge in the printer and didn't spend high cost of the color cartridges. With epson, you need to have the color cartridges (3=$43.) in order to print in black too and somehow, the cartridges empty after a few pages of printing. pay less when you purchase but you pay 3X more in the process.
4. i practically gave up and do my printings at print shops. don't buy epson products.

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