Epos Nowterrible customer service/support and a ripoff

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In August of 2017, we signed up for the software to use at a three-day festival. We requested the Standard package, but were instead charged for the Premium. We immediately tried reaching out to have the mistake corrected, as well as to setup the software in general. After waiting on the phone for more than an hour three days in a row, we resigned ourselves to the fact that the software would not be functional for when we needed it. Less than five business days later, we were finally able to reach someone. We cancelled the service and asked for a refund. We were told it would have to go to a manager because services must typically be cancelled within 24 hours. I am not sure how we would have been able to do that, as it is impossible to get in touch with someone. I equally do not understand why we haven't been issued a refund as we clearly did not even use the product because they never even gave us the time of day to set up the initial account.
Definitely do not recommend this company.


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      Nov 09, 2017

    Same scenario with me: They will not return it after only two days.

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