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Plus Complaints & Reviews / They didn't deliver my item on time

Oct 04, 2017

When I saw the item I needed so much I didn't think of its cost. The website said that the item was in stock, so I put it in the cart and paid for it. I chose a next day delivery and shared my personal information if there will be problems with the delivery. It was urgent. They didn't... / want to delete my account

May 24, 2017

I have had problems with this company failing to ship product ordered and paid for. I reported them to BBB northern Calif. for the Union City, Ca. address. Have emailed them 2 times and have spent a lot of time on their website for away to delete my account, but was unable to do so. I have... / My advice is to stay away from Entirelypets

Mar 13, 2017

We have ordered some vitamins for our pet dog and they sent us an expired bottle! We contacted Entirelypets right away and they said that was impossible. Then we sent them a picture and they finally agreed that was their mistake and promised to send us a replacement. After one week of... / I'm tired of Entirelypets!

Jan 06, 2017

They said I'll get my order within 5 business days but its over two weeks now and still no sign of my order. Entirelypets has ridiculous support, they know absolutely nothing and are absolutely useless. I was a customer of Entirelypets for over two years and must say that they were much... / Lying, ignoring, taking your money shady company!

Jul 20, 2016

If you still have doubts about this company just check all the reviews online, every website including ComplaintsBoard are full of terrible reviews and unhappy clients!! I've personally never dealt with such unprofessional and terrible customer service in North America... Plain rude and... / They charged my account for products I never ordered!

Mar 30, 2016

I've purchased several packages of Canidae cat food from back in November. Received my stuff and never ordered anything again. But then I received a notification that my account was charged. I immediately contacted customer service and they said that was their mistake... / Criminal activity on internet that is a pattern

Sep 24, 2015

“I am reporting this fraudulent organization with the business bureau. The have an organized fraud scheme. This is my experience:
I bought two C.E.T. toothpaste for my dogs at $4.99
They send me an email saying that the product was in back order. 
First out point: and honest business won't... / Will not all me to UNSUBSCRIBE

May 29, 2015

My 20 year old cat is dead. I am DEEPLY GRIEVING from having to EUTHANIZE her just days ago. EVERY SINGLE DAY, I get e-mail after e-mail telling me old orders have shipped and trying to sell me NEW things. I use the UNSUBSCRIBE feature and I get error code after error code. I have used...

Entirely Pets / Refund

May 05, 2014

This company has the worst customer service it's too bad they are profitable. First they sent me an automatic shipment with me knowing. I even tried logging into their site to make sure I didn't have automatic shipments, and I don't even have an account on their site, so how... / They sound incredibly bad, and almost like a scam

Nov 13, 2012

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE! If you value good customer service, or ANY customer service, this place is not for you! I am still waiting for a shipment I ordered 5 days ago, and I can't even get a person to tell me where my order is! They can't tell me A SINGLE THING about my...

Entirely Pets / Excessive Shipping Time; No Help From Customer Service

Jan 11, 2012

"I placed an order on Dec. 28. On Dec. 30 I received an email from Entirely Pets telling me my order had shipped and providing me with a tracking number. I was unable to track the number until Jan. 3, when I was told it was in Sparks, NE. On Jan 5 it went to West Sacramento and then... / I will not be ordering from them in the future

Sep 15, 2011

I am very disappointed. I ordered over $100 worth of merchandise on sept 3rd. Here it is sept 13th and my order has not even been shipped. The customer service is poor at best. I have called their 'toll free number' which at any point of the day is a message machine and I've...

Entirely Pets / Overcharged


I purchased meds for my dog from Entirely Pets. I was overcharged $28.00 for the meds. I called them and they told me a credit of $28.00 would be credited to my account and was given a confirmation number. That was in September 2009 and I still have not received the credit. I have called...

Entirely Pets / Never order from them


HORRIBLE! Lied, said my order was shipped, refused to tell me it was NOT going to be filled until I wrote them repeatedly. Never actually answered my emails directly, used form answers. My dogs slowly dying as I assume I should wait for the meds to arrive, instead of going directly to the nearest vet for a refill. NEVER ORDER FROM THEM!!!