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I called Enterprise about possibly renting one of there vehicles, I had gone inside just a few years prior to now and was all set to rent a car to travel and decided I didn't need the rental, now it a few years later and called to rent a vehicle and was given a price which was very high and I also was all set to rent with a different company but I wanted to go with one thatwas very close by because I was too tired to drive and wanted to make sure I would have the car in the early am for two very important Dr appointment, s. I arranged it then I was told I am on some list of do not rent! And I had forgotten about 15 or more years ago I had a small bumper I in a parking lot which did not damage to the other car I did not even know that it hit a car at all but I quess I did but didn't later found out by boyfriend took the car when I was showering and he didn't know he bumped into a car lightly and put a size of a pin hole in the bumper but I paid for the tiny damage and replaced the whole bumper, now they rented a car to me after and gave me another vehicle to drive, I was embarrassed because I had never been in any type of accident but come to find out later thaty boyfriend at the time grabbed the keys when I was in the shower and went to the Walgreens and he tapped someone's bumper but didn't know he did I got a letter that I had a hit and run, but that was not true I called the police station and there was no such report, so I did take care of this issue which again was given a vehicle, now I am do not rent list lol, wow I didn't know I was such a criminal 15 years or more ago but ya over the weekend I expressed myself about my disabilities and after that it seems I am now on the do not rent which was not there a few years ago, so when I called over this labor day weekend I was very upset and speaking to one of the Enterprise agents and told them I had a severe breakdown last year and we talked about it and I told this woman about me in details and I am a delivery driver and I have never in my life had any fault to any accidents and have an outstanding background to my driver's license, but I'm a risk now that I expressed my disabilities to an agent. I am now having my attorney get this information to the judge asap because this can ruin my reputation as a outstanding citizen of the town I live and the work I do which is a driver, I am embarrassed about the tiny pinhole that happened years ago that seems to be a problem now that I spoke in details about my personal life which I am proud to say how far I have come to be a good person that I am and always was. I am a woman of God and obeys the laws, and now I am completely humiliated by Enterprise and I did ask them what is this about they did not give me any answers this is definitely discrimination against my disability that I spoke about over the weekend before I would get this car rental now I have a work coach with the government program that helps people get full-time work, and I will have to bring this to their attention and to court if nobody it will give me an answer why I'm being treated the way I am they had blocked me from calling them back which they asked me to do so, iwould have had a vehicle with another company but they had me wait till they closed now put me in a bad situation. I am going to bring this to the court tomorrow and demand that I do have the absolute right to know why I am on a do not rent a car list and especially if it's something that happened 15 or more years ago that I had taken care of but I know it's not about that! It is about the conversation I had that was personal with another agent. She had Expressed personal things about herself too and we talked and now all the sudden I am on a do not rent because I almost drove away with a car with them 3 years ago. And even after that incident they did give me another car so I know this has nothing to do with that tiny thing that happened a long time ago I am waiting for my attorney to call me first thing in the morning I am humiliated and embarrassed and demand to know why they are treating me so rudely and had me call several numbers when I could have picked up another car that was ready for me to go but I was being responsible and not wanting to drive due to being tired and Enterprise was closer to me and they would have been able to pick me up and I could have only had to drive down the street which would of been fine with me but now they cost me 2 appointment, s that were very important for medical reasons and now I'll have to pay cancellation fees at a high price to where I had to go early this morning because they kept me waiting until they closed and still never gave me an answer why I'm on some kind of do not rent a car list with Enterprise. I am definitely feeling discrimination from my personal conversation I had over the weekend when I was very upset and expressed myself and my disabilities and how it had in the past effected me now I am treated differently. It was clearly obvious especially that I had already went into their office and spoke about pricing and almost rented a car but now it's so much different now that I spoke about my disabilities which has nothing to do with how I drive and it does not affect my driving in fact it makes me a much better driver I am a very cautious driver I am a good citizen in my town and known to be 1 of many people to do good things you donate my time when I can to help others in times of need.

  • Enterprise Holdings Customer Care's Response, Sep 11, 2019

    Brandy Fenstermaker,
    We’ve noted your comments and would like to help you out. Please send us a detailed email to [protected] include the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your claims, rental agreement or reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Carol H.
    Social Monitoring

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