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These people are trying to charge me an extra deposit, my lights were never shut off, also they just sprung this on me with no notification, and gave me not even 2 weeks to pay.If they insist on the deposit, fine but I need time.According to them if I don't pay they will send out a disconnect notice and if I cannot pay by the disconnect date possibly ANOTHER deposit.How many deposit are they allowed to charge???There must be a max. amount..These are financial times for me, going through a bankruptcy but manage to pay my bills as best I can, this extra deposit is killing me.HELP


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    Rick420 Jun 29, 2016

    You were charged an "Additional Deposit" not for being disconnected, but for paying your balance AFTER the listed Last Day To Pay on the disconnect notice itself. Under that very paragraph, it even states, "If payment not received by date and time indicated, the account may be billed an additional XX.XX deposit". So your comments about being sprung with this deposit with no notification, is false. It's called READ YOUR ENTIRE BILL/DISC NOTICE before jumping to conclusions and playing the victim. Additional deposits are approved as well as regulated by your local PSC so if your issue is with these deposits, your complaint needs to be with the PSC. Entergy is only doing what YOUR elected officials allow.

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