Empowraccount was deleted for [protected] for no reason

F Aug 01, 2018

I, Mr. Frankie Carter, joined Fanbox/Empowr 4 years ago. I paid IPL fees for 4 years. I signed up more than 30 people. I became the highest level power user available, Sky Blue. I sold many items in the Marketplace. I kept profits in my Empowr balance for charges due Monthly.

2. My account was deleted, prior to reaching 4 years, with no explanation provided.

3. There was charges of 1.75 that continued to be taken from my paypal account months later after the account was deleted.

4. Numerous attempts to contact Empowr and it's President, did not resolve this issue.

5. In closing, request my account be reinstated immediately.

Point of contact is Mr. Frankie L. Carter, Reidsville, NC, login [protected]

  • Updated by Frankie Carter · Nov 22, 2018

    This complaint was filed because I contacted Empowr President Brian Woosley with a notarized letter on 2-12-18, 5-5-18, 5-22-18, and 6-6-18 but have not receive any contact or response from Empowr to date.

    I have contacted the new President Carlos Andrade on 10-19-18 and 11-20-19 by return receipt, and still to date, have not been contacted about my request for reinstatement of [protected], and my students, I signed up 4 years ago: [protected], [protected], [protected], thebearwillis.[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], whose accounts were deleted for no reason at all and were active Citizens or memebers. I do not wish to be ignored. I require a written response at PO Box 278 Reidsville, NC 27323.

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