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M Jul 12, 2019

A year and two months ago, the kitchen was installed in our new home, which was purchased with a lot of money from your representative company in Israel. At the installation stage, many faults were discovered due to the lack of professionalism of the carpenter who came to install the kitchen. During the installation I was informed that the screws for connecting the handles were not suitable. And the carpenter claimed that he would take care to bring in appropriate bolts to connect the handles. Today 6 days ago the door of the refrigerator opening has fallen and the refrigerator door can not be opened and the underside of the handle still connected continues to scratch the door and destroy the color of the door. As far as I am concerned, this situation is a catastrophe, because after 4 days I do not receive service and no service is expected. At the same time the door is being destroyed. Please treat this as a respectful company and the brand it represents that made me make the purchase. It's just a scandal about poor service.



kitchen casa armani
kitchen casa armani

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