2 Dec 03, 2019

Client Bill #OOD096120068
Yesterday I received a bill in the mail for $372.40 for services not covered by Medicare Part B and my seconday insurance, GEHA.
1) Why is the bill over double what Medicare and GEHA cover?
2) Why am I receiving this bill NOW, during Christmas month, for medical care that was done back in June, two weeks shy of six months?
3) Why does my bill show a doctor that is not even registered as a doctor at this hospital?
I do not feel that I should have to pay for a bill that suddenly pops up six months after my hospital visit, for services done by a "doctor" not even listed on the hospital staff, and after having gone through not only one, but two insurance entitites, and showing the cost over double of what is allowed by insurance.
The total cost for the bill provided was $723.00 of which my two insurance companies paid 360.60., for CPT code 99223. I have already paid for other services not covered by my insurance for my visit, for which I was not happy, but at LEAST the bill came within a couple months after my visit.
Receiving a bill that totals double what my two insurance entities allow AND receiving it six months after the fact does not seem to be like a very fair process to me and I request this bill be dropped completely. This type of billing doesn't occur in any other profession (lawyer fees, professional contractors, etc., why are you trying to charge me six months after a visit for what appears to be exorbitant fees and billed against a doctor that doesnt even exist at the hospital?

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