EMCareemergency medical care at habersham medical center

S May 06, 2019

On feb 5th 2019 I went to the emergency room at habersham med center, georgia. I had medical coverage also. Capt number is 99283. States emergency evaluation and management, lvl 3. Provider was dr rojas. They put me in a room and that where I sat for a total of 3 hours. During that time I asked when the dr would see me and was not given a clear answer. I was in pain internally. I told them if I didn't get treated soon I would leave as I had school in the morning. Another hour nothing so I left with my parents. They charged 731.00. They deducted 98.17 then sent me a bill for 632.83. They did nothing but be rude and I sat for hours. They do not care i'm a student and I was not treated. I'm very upset as at 22 yrs old I have a 760 credit score and they are going to ruin it. I'm very upset. Thank you; sarah caporale.

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