In the lessons, don't explain a lot, some words I have to look up. When I get a wrong in the instructions or assignments they should explain it to me. Explain how I got it wrong, but no im left struggling and this is the reason I'm failing my quizzes, not enough explanation. Everytime I fail a quiz, I tend to get annoyed cuz I don't understand what I did wrong. Also when I ask for help most of the time they dont understand it. Therefore I have to look up the answers to the quizzes to actually pass it. And by looking them up, I am not learning anything. I recommend u having videos there to explain what the students do wrong so they could understand better and be able to pass their quizzes. If this continues to happen you will lose some people that use Edgenuity. Thank you for your time and I hope u understand that I am not trying to be impolite. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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