EdgenuityWorst program ever!

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We use this Edgenuity online course in our school and it gave me nothing but headache! I was almost half a way and one day something went wrong and I had to start all over again! I said about that to my teacher but he did not care and said that I have to start again if I want to get the access to the test.
This program is terrible!
I even tried to contact Edgenuity myself to get some help but they did not reply. Something went wrong with their system and because of that I now have to waste more time on this! Appalling!


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      Aug 29, 2018
    Edgenuity - [censored] ass videos
    United States

    Every time I use edgenuity i get 10 [censored]ing videos and they just slow my ass down, thats some [censored]ing [censored] because i just want to take the god damn pre tests and this gay mother[censored]er wants me to watch a rediculous amount of videos and all im trya do is take my [censored]ing class.

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