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I contacted Edge Flooring by phone, email, letter and by using the Better Business Bureau, (BBB) in Georgia (where they are based) concerning my faulty kitchen flooring.

We bought the Edge Flooring tiles, cutter etc. as was recommended to use and followed all the DVD instructions and still our flooring is substandard. It has cracked, crumbled has grouting stains which will not come off no matter what I do.

Edge Flooring asked for a set of tiles from my floor which I sent. These tiles are cracking, crumbling at the edges, have stains on them I cannot get off. Edge Flooring finally contacted us and stated there was nothing wrong with the tiles. I expected a written answer to my concerns with some type of explanation. I received a letter which stated there was nothing wrong with the tiles, even though the one I sent had cracked. I asked for and expected a written or emailed explanation to the type of tests used but I received neither.

The tiles are still cracking and the grout will not clean off the tiles even though I followed the very terse instructions from their customer service department and everything has been done as per the DVD. I need a complete new floor.

These tiles are supposed to have a 20 year warranty, well this floor has only been down approximately 20 months and looks like it is 20 years old and needs to be replaced.

As I said earler I had been very patient with Edge Flooring and finally went to the BBB, who could not get Edge Flooring to answer their enquiries. In fact they have now been taken off the BBB listing.

I just wasted around $2, 000 on flooring, I am going to have to rip up and replace.

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, US
May 15, 2016 11:21 am EDT

My wife and I purchased 500sq. Ft. Of this Crap Flooring! The only reason we considered this product was so we could put it over an existing wet bed and tile floor. The company's sales dvd seemed like the answer to our situation. It would of saved me many hours of ripping up a 1" wet bed with wire plus the tile. Let alone the sore back they would ensue! It cost us well over $5000 to have it installed by a professional flooring person. Less than 3 months after installing the floor started cracking and crumbling! All of us on here have been totally robbed of our hard earned money! There should have been a class action lawsuit! This company defrauded thousands of people! Then hide under bankruptcy! Our country is seriously messed up to allow this sort of fraud, theft continue legally!

Derry, US
Dec 18, 2014 9:30 am EST

Horrible product! I've installed tile before and thought this would be good not having to use mortar. What a mistake. Tiles have cracked everywhere. Flooring company that sold it to me has gone out of business (I wonder why). There should be a class action lawsuit against this company!

Noblesville, US
Jul 15, 2011 3:11 pm EDT

I to purchased through Lowes 1000 sq ft of edge flooring. Paid over $3000 to have it professionally installed & am now in the process of paying to have it completely tore up & replaced. It has been a nightmare from the beginning. The tile begin to crack, fracture & chip immediately, because they float the flexible grout had to be completely redone 2x. Too much weight, ie, refrigerator, 2 people sitting on a sofa etc. will cause the tile underneath to break. In addition the grout is impossible to clean & keep clean. I too contacted the manufacture & was told that it had been installed incorrectly! I was told to actually rip up a section of my floor & send to them for review! This is a terrible, horrible product that should never have made it to the market place! When all is said & done, it will have cost me close to $9000. Run from people that bought up what was left from edgeflooring when they were in the middle of bankruptcy & going out of business. They are now reselling the same product the rest of us bought, saying that its a different batch from what was sold prior & ARE LYING TO YOU

Al . M
Coleman, US
Oct 09, 2010 7:56 pm EDT
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My wife and I also purchased the Edge flooring at Lowes. We also followed the directions regarding the installation of the flooring tiles to the letter. About 6 months after the tiles were installed they started to crack and crumble. We called the company and were advised we intsalled the tiles wrong and there was nothing they would do to help with our problem.

We then went back to the Lowes store where we purchased the flooring, and low and behold the people now working in the flooring department knew nothing about the Edge Flooring, and Lowes was no longer selling the product. So we tore the tiled bathroom floor up, and replaced it with stickum floor tiles and it looks great. We lost $800 in the deal. I have kept all our bill of sales and other paper work, and some Edge tiles in case a Class Action Law Suit is filed against the product.

Dissatified Costomer
Galloway, US
Mar 19, 2010 4:43 pm EDT

I purchased this product from Lowes over 5 years ago and am having the same exact problems. This flooring is the worst product I have seen on the market in a very long time. It was so terrible, that Lowes quit selling it due to all the complaints. The product was supposed to have a 20 year warranty. A Lowes salesperson told us the you would have to have the sales receipt to even have a chance of getting the floor replaced. Also, that the Edge representatives would try to tell you that it was installed incorrectly even though it was supposed to be designed so a complete amatuer could install it. I have been doing contract work for over 30 years and can tell you with all confidence that this product is completely flawed.

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