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ICF Technology, Inc.

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+1 866 452 5108(United States) 25 2
+1 866 941 3982(Canada) 2 1
+44 800 098 8202(United Kingdom) 0 0
+1 206 438 0241(International) 6 0
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Kabelweg 37, 1014 BA Amsterdam, Netherlands
Plus / ICF Technology Complaints & Reviews / ICF Technology / hidden charges to the online site

Tian Moncada on Mar 13, 2019

The incident was happen last March 12, 2019 i open the online site and i want to be the member and i choose the free trial only because i have no money to pay for the membership fee, I was shocked today i check my ATM account and suddenly i saw my saving was become 100 pesos only my ATM... / ICF Technology / unauthorized charge on my debit card

Scott Boyd on Feb 14, 2019

On 2/14/2019 y'all made an unauthorized charge on my debit card resulting in an overdraft at my bank, and this is not the first time. I want my money back in the bank. I'm not sure exactly how to proceed from here, but maybe the bank can tell me where to go for legal advice. I don't... / ICF Technology / I don't know because I never authorized anyone to take any money

Spunemily on Nov 4, 2018

I never authorized anyone to take 2 dollars from my account and I won't my money back immediately I was never on any website I found out it was gone when I was at the store and my card said that it was declined so I'm asking nicely for my money back thank you this is the tenth time in two... / ICF Technology / unauthorized charge

Linq on Oct 2, 2018

I have found my credit card was charged three time in these days($1 on Sep.25, $29.95 on Sep.27, and 39.97 on Oct.2), that's really terrible because I did not give permission to charge... I even don't know what is, but the credit card tell me this site have charged me. I try to... / ICF Technology / theft

Aamoonrose on Sep 9, 2018

For two months to my knowledge, money has been drawn for my car without my authorization. The amount $29.95 had been transacted and I had no idea on what to do. All I want is my money back and to forget about this site. I don't know what this has consisted of and I really don't want to I... / ICF Technology / unauthorized charges

westforkgirl on Aug 24, 2018

on aug 7 and 8 you charged my credit card $19 3 different times. this was never authorized and I want that money back. I have called my card company and had you blocked from ever charging again but I want my money returned. NOW. Also calling the BBB. Thank you, I see you don't answer... / ICF Technology / my debit card was charged 34.95 for no reason. I did not give permission for this charge from this site.

Bryan Judd on Aug 21, 2018

My debit card was charged $34.95 on 8/21/18... for some adult web cam site that I did not give permission to charge... The site asked for a credit or debit card only so they could verifiey my age only... There was nothing starring I would be charge for anything. I would like my money back... / ICF Technology / unauthorized credit card charges

iceman713 on Jul 29, 2018

When I reviewed my last months statement from Citi Bank / Costco, I noticed the below listed charges. I did not authorize these. Morever thte 5.85 is listed as a "reoccuring charge." I contacted ECHST.Net and they are a third party company that they say, "...handle 100's of web site... / ICF Technology / taking money off my card why.

Geno23 on Jun 26, 2018

My online banking statement shows that is taking money of my card that has no authority of doing so. So plz refund all the money u have taken off my visa card. Ending in 7694. For all the months u have taken and if not why?. I have suppend my card from further action until... / ICF Technology / why is over $200 missing from my account

Matt Ott on Jun 22, 2018

I just check my bank account this morning and I have over $200 missing from this account. I look at my bank statement and this strange thing Echst.wa came up on my bank statement. I'm pretty sure I've always had my card on me but seeing this I'm not sure anymore. I don't know what thi... / ICF Technology / billed wrong

Ashley yas on Apr 4, 2018

My name is Lydia, I was billed for something that I cancelled well before I was charged. And I was also charged for something I never signed up for. $39.97thos was on 4/03/18 and $1.00 on 4/03/18 card ending in 9277. I was charged $90 in over draft fees. I wa... / ICF Technology / subject of complaint I have complaint about

kkimizuk on Mar 30, 2018

My name is Kunio Kimizuka. Last four digits of my credit card is 4011. I didn't join the members of the following websites, but the member fees were charged on my credit card. 1. ____________2018-03-01 $29.99 2. _____2018-03-01 $29.99 3... / hello

jermaine jackson6 on Jan 4, 2018

I've been charged 3 times a have been charged 3 times for over draft fees thanks so that's almost $95 IN Overdraft fees .and I was told my account was closed last year IN December but I got charged again this year on the 1/1/18. If I keep being billed I will take you to court... I talked... / unauthorized charges on my card

Denise Baxley on Oct 23, 2017

Your company has put unauthorized charges on my card over 35.00 and I have not idea what this is for or why but it is fraudulent and I want this refunded back to me asap. I have not signed up for anything via web nor have I given permission for anyone to use my card. there is no one in my... / unauthorized fraudulent charges

Joncy on Sep 25, 2017

There were 3 unauthorized charges made to my Wells Fargo Credit card account on the evening of Sept 21, 2017. The charges were in the amounts of $119.95, $1.00 and $49.19. Wells Fargo sent me an e-mail that evening and also left a voice mail message about "suspicious" transactions to my... / purchase 845023

wildcat5615 on Aug 11, 2017

08/10/2017 email [email protected] purchase ID 845023 I'm not sure why I received a 2.00 charge but I want it removed. and cancel anything a long with it. I checked my bank account statement and I received a 2.00 charge and now my card is on lock because I didn't authorize this purchase... / unauthorized card charge

Noah Friedman on Jun 17, 2017

I have a gift card that I used to get into pornhub. they said it was free to make an account so I did and then I look to see a $2 charge from and i'm like wuuuut because it said free so i'm really confused and now I can't use that $2 on my $25 gift card. it's freaking $23 and... /, that is the name on my online account for my bank, it has charged me $222.09

Abdulmoiz on Feb 3, 2017

February 3rd, 2017, I was charged $222.09. I woke up and I received and email that I purchased something with my debit card, thought it was another scam, and so confused I check my online bank statement and saw that the money was really taken out of my account. I started panicking and... / credit card charges

Rod Baker on Jul 19, 2015

I noticed I have charges taken from my visa account without my awareness. I do not know what the following charges are fo27/2/15 8557723378 wa $50.89 28/2/15 8557723378 wa $50.14 2/3/15 8557723378 wa $51.34 2/3/15 8557723378 wa $51.09 27/3/15 / fraudulent charges

lrobby on Jul 16, 2014

There were two unauthorized charges on my credit card statement, both on July 03, 2014. The first was for $4.99 and the second for $33.34. The Fraud Department of my credit card company placed me on a 3-way call with a rep. from, who first suggested that my real name was NOT my...