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Ebates Complaints & Reviews

Ebates / Rebate

Phyl223 on Oct 20, 2016
Just joined and made purchase as explained. Ebates claimed was 7% cash back. Guess what...Nope! Supposedly purchase doesn't qualify >> ?????? This company is a big scam. They get money for promoting from companies, but you get nothing. Please don't fall for it. As the saying goes...If is sounds too good to be true...

Ebates / No cash back awarded

Yelena B on Jun 12, 2013
I have been a customer of Ebates from September, 2011. I have a numerous issues with my cash backs. Everytime the cash back is more than a $1 or $2, I can not get it back for different reasons. There is latest scam that I going through. I have made a purchase "In the swim" store in the...

Ebates.com / No customer service and lost my ebate

Kitcatx0x1 on Dec 10, 2012
I been using ebates for a year now. I don't do a lot of online shopping so I never really got a rebate back. This Christmas season I decided to use ebates to maximize my cash back. I order over 110 dollars worth of perfume from perfumania threw the ebates site and got back 10.XX in my...

Ebates / scam

annecarcel on Jan 6, 2012
ebates scams people. i have been using it for years now. i noticed they dont credit me for everything . but this time they have a member get member referral program so i referred my colleagues and when i reached a certain amount ($300)they just deactivated my account automatically and told...

Ebates / changed offer no reply

I bought an item from Dyson thru the Ebates web site. It said free shipping. Dyson charged me shipping but I assumed Ebates would make it right. Wrong. 4 emails later and nothing. They have changed the offer on Ebates, too. Don't assume Ebates customer service will honor the coupons/offers they present on their web site.

Ebates.com / non-payment

I have been a member of ebates.com since 2007. I have always received a check after every quarter, which is every 3 months. I was supposed to receive a check Febuary 15, 2009 and when that did'nt happen, I e-mailed them several times to find out why. I have never received a reply. I...

Ebates.com / Wasn't Paid rebate

It took me over a year of making purchases online before I "qualified" to receive money from Ebates. My total I am supposed to be paid is a little over $28. I was supposed to be paid on Feb. 15th according to their guidelines. Feb. 15th came and went and I received no payment. I sent a...

Ebates / Undelivered rebate

Back in February of last year I received email from Ebates promoting sale event at Circuit City and promising a rebate in the amount of $10 for a purchase there. I did make an online purchase in the amount of $40.65 and so rightfully was expecting Ebates to honor its promise (and...

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Overpayment Scam
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