East Tour International Ltd. DBA Easy Rent Cars / car rental

Booked a car through Easy Rent Cars
paid with credit card on agreed amount of US $274.87.
Upon arrival of pickup I realized that the total for rental was now over $300 which I did not approve of. Since I was airport picking up I tried using my phone to cancel the transaction and was not able to so I called the 800 number for assistance. I was able to make connection with a lady who I told I wanted to cancel the reservation. She tried very hard to do everything she could other can cancel my reservation. I kept telling her to cancel it. We got disconnected. While I attempted to reconnect with her while at the counter, the service rep at SIXT realized I was in distress and opted to help me out. I told him I needed to cancel with Easy Rent Car and he offered to help me get into a car directly through SIXT. By then Easy Rent Cars called back and we made connection. The lady informed me that she would open a trouble ticket to get the extra charges removed but by this time I did not want to book through them because of the hidden fees they snuck in the final total.
I have been in communication with the company via emails and they are not wanting to give me a refund back to the credit card. They claim it was a "No Show" however I was a "Show" and ended up renting a car through SIXT themselves.
I went as far a been considerate and allowing them to keep a one day worth of car rental for the trouble and inconvenience but I have not heard back from them. Or even be given a credit to use on another car rental through them since I travel frequently and use car rentals.
These companies are fairly large and I know they will not loose much by giving me my credit or refund back to me of $300. I on the other hand can not stand to just hand over $300 and not even get a car rental. I simply can not afford to gift out like that.
Dates of rental agreement was July 7, 2019- July 13, 2019
Location was SIXT, 2424 East 38th Street, Dallas, TX 75261-94, USA
"Free" shuttle bus offering which I did not use or need
Rented a Medium SUV/Chevrolet Equinox
Reference Number [protected]
6 day rental
Grand total approved to bill card was $274.87
I had chosen to pay now since it did say that I would not get charged until the booking was confirmed. Confirmed to me is when I go get the car and get keys in hand.
My whole argument in this is the PRINCIPLE OF THE TRANSACTION_HIDDEN FEES.

I run a business myself and I know my reputation is key to my business and very important. Keeping customers happy is what we should all do to keep us in business. I can not afford to have any negative reviews out in cyber so if it is only one customer who needs help and doing right by them then thats what I do to protect the reputation and integrity of my company.

I look forward to hearing back from you.
Catoe Hervey

East Tour International Ltd. DBA Easy Rent Cars
East Tour International Ltd. DBA Easy Rent Cars
East Tour International Ltd. DBA Easy Rent Cars
East Tour International Ltd. DBA Easy Rent Cars

Aug 12, 2019

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