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B Sep 02, 2018

We went to east side marios in hamilton on upper james. First time back since the renos.
Ordered water and pop. Came with a straw so we asked. The server pulled out 3 black straws from her dirty apron. The straw where to in a package which they need to be. And this is why. I went to have a drink and i had floaties in my drink. Went to put straw in my friends drink but it was covered in dirty like fluff and also food crumbs. I was shicked at the dirty ness of the straw. So server came back. Advised what the issue was. I asked for new drinks and straws. She brought back 3 different straws beinv held in her dirty hands. As she just cashed out the table b4 me.
I asked her nicely again to please replace all these drinks.
So with her eyes rolling at my request she took igem and brought back a new drink only this time she took it upon herself to put a straw in my pop before she brought it to our table. Wow right.
So i went and had manage come to our table to chat. Advised him what happen. His first response to me was " we dont usually give straws"
Wow really. May not seem like much to them, but its very serious. The manager ended up bringing us new drinks.
But with the poor service already received. We decided to leave tge restuarant. We left hungry upset and not like this place at all.
We weee treated like dumb bums when we complained.
All we wanted was to eat, tip our waitress then leave. Nope didnt happen
Please feel free to reach ougt to me about this dirty matter.
Thank u for your time. :)
Brandi Young

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