East Side Mario'scaesar salad and managers outcome

G Nov 18, 2017

On November 18, 2017 at approximately 7:00 pm my daughter and I ordered a ceaser salid with no bacon with our chicken parmesan and chicken wing meal.

As we were eating our salad we ate some bacon accidentally that was in it. This was not the fault of the waiter.

Our waiter Dennis was fabulous and he handled it professionally however the manager Nicole was talking down to me as if I was new to the country as if I didn't understand English or the situation I felt discriminated and making excuses for the error. She said it was human error and it happens as if she was trying to say "oh well, mistakes happen".

I have severe allergies and did not have my epipen with me these types of errors can be fatal.

Please train cooks or employee preparing the foods to be careful. Additionally, please refrain the Manager she should not be in service if that's how she handles customers.

My daughter and I are frequent customers at east side.

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