Eaglemossbuild the delorean = very quick to take payment - very slow to deliver. 6 months waiting!

R Nov 20, 2018

Subscription to the build is: subscribe £35.96 a month to receive 4 issues of a part build over a 2 year process. I signed up to the delorean model build in 2017, I had to cancel for reasons, for 4 months. I resubscribed in april 2018 to continue and complete the build and its been an absolute mess since! They took a direct payment out in april then skipped 3 months and charged my account over £100, all in one go without warning. I had missing issues, 60, 61 and issue 66. Which were available on their online store. I emailed in sept, I received a reply from a jake stating I needed to pay an outstanding balance to receive my missing issues (that I had already paid for) and the months I missed out on. Since then, ive been told to allow 21 days to deliver time and time again. I have received very little. I'm still missing the same issues which are important to carry out the build. I emailed customer care from sept-oct and my complaints was falling on deaf ears, stating, they will be sent out and please allow 21 days. I was then encouraged to pay for the outstanding months I had taken a break from to catch up, which I did in oct 11th. As of the 20th of nov, I am still waiting on missing issues and more issue, which have yet to come. This is a huge problem, which a lot more customers are experiencing the same problem. All eaglemoss tend to do or say is please allow 21 days for delivery. Customer care has labelled my complaint as resolved but it still isn't resolved. I would like my issues I paid for and more honesty. Eaglemoss will now be charging customers 6 issues a month, again changing their charges for good not received!

build the delorean = very quick to take payment - very slow to deliver. 6 months waiting!

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