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Complaints & Reviews

dc comics graphic novel collection

I have a premium subscription to the Eaglemoss DC Comics Graphic Novel collection. I am supposed to receive...

1 comment London Books

legends of batman

I started subscribing for the legends of batman graphic novel collection. In May still awaiting my first 3...

Northallerton Magazines & Newspapers

unable to access eaglemoss website.

I am a registered customer, ep045566, and although my email address and password are saved to my computer I...

building the delorean

My wife ordered building the delorean for me. I was receiving my magazine and model parts every month. On...

star trek collections

By far this worst online experience i've ever had. I was lied to 3 times by this company. When I ordered my...

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knitting creative magazines

I am still waiting for the missing magazines. Starting at number 4, what is going on you are taking 21.96...

o/no em151395

Ordered and paid for on 2/11/17. Money gone across from my account. I tried to cancel order by phone on...

star trek / product paid for but not delivered

Star trek collection subscriber number is: tc000037
I have not received any product since april 2017. However, I have been getting billed on my credit card every month since up until october when I cancelled my card.
The reason I cancelled my card was because I called eaglemoss in august and told your agent I had not received anything since april. He said he would "resend" the items I had paid for since april.
Update>*…I have not received a damn thing since april and have not received a refund.

My cc is cancelled and I would like my refund, please advise on how to get this taken care of.

They have not responded to my emails either

double payment taken

Placed an order online for the first marvel collection figure and magazine. Eaglemoss has taken two payments of around £25 from my card. They do not answer the telephone or even respond to emails. We contacted the italian part and was told it is nothing to do with them. I have to contact uk. Worst costumer service I have ever had in this day and age.

order not received

My order number is em126674 and it was placed at 6th of september. I have ordered a swamp thing dc figurine and a hellblazer dc figurine. I would like to know why there is no delivery until now. After all this time waiting with for the delivery I would like to know when can I get my order and if there is a possibility to get a full reffund.

Update: the replied to my email a week ago asking for the details of my order, I replied within a few hours and I am still waiting for any news on my case. This is completely frustrating and I would like to get compensated in any way possible.

knit & stitch creative collection

Subscriber code k3007226. Subscribed on 19 september and despite several emails complaining that I have not received a single issue they have still taken over £52 from my account in just over 1 month. They have made excuses and false promises - the latest of which promised the first 3 publications be last weekend! And I have no idea what one of the payments is for. At this rate I must be paid up till next year.

Very unhappy and have asked for a full refund. No longer interested in the publication.

  • Ai
    Aisha Masters Nov 01, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I, too, have subscribed to Knit & stitch creative. They have already taken 2 payments but not a single issue has been received.
    My emails have not been replied to and even after 14 minutes of holding on the phone, the call was not answered. This has happened twice.

    0 Votes
  • Do
    donna pervine Sep 14, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Called for a refund of a shipment I have not yet received. They took $32. I said no I don't want it, can't use it as all I do is crochet and not knit. I also stated I want to cancel. So she cancelled it, but said I couldn't get a refund as it's already shipped. Bollocks! You're going to tell me that you ship before getting a payment? This was less than an hour ago that my account was charged. She said I'd have to return it with shipping at my charge. BAD BUSINESS!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!

    0 Votes
  • Ro
    Robyn Angus Jan 31, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have also had massive issues with them they have taken over $150 out of my account, I cancelled because of the inconsistency of delivery... I handed it to my bank to handle the return of my money, I have issues 1-6 just received issue 7, 12 and 13... Very badly run business... steer clear

    2 Votes
  • Do
    Doone Oct 29, 2019

    The worst company in the world to deal with. Initially only part order received. Poor quality. I’ve contacted them many times to cancel, but again many months later I’ve received notification that my next mag is despatched. DONT deal with these idiots.

    0 Votes
  • Tr
    Trish Walker Jan 24, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unfortunately I can only repeat what has said before. My experience is that I get platitudes and promises - don't bother ringing as you will spend considerable time being told that your call was really important! They have been deducting two payments each month and eventually it was explained to me that it was to catch up with the subscription. I have not received most issues and what I received was not in correct order. I emailed to indicate that I did not want a special order, yet the money was deducted and the only time an order was dispatched in a timely fashion was one that I did not want. Really poor service. I don't get timely responses to email only the computer generated response that my email had been received. Deliveries are inconsistent
    I have issues 1-7, 10, 16-18. I have also been asked to pay for the postage to return duplicated kits with a promise that I will receive the money on receipt of the bills. Don't really have the confidence in that!

    My history
    12/8 $53.63 taken from account and I was delivered eventually issues 4-7
    12/8 $24.68 taken from account - delivered issues 1-3 ( I did think it was supposed to be $11) I never got the special introductory deal that was advertised.
    9/9 $21.61 taken from the account for the baby blanket - it was delivered 15/10
    12/9 57. 63 taken from the account - nothing delivered as yet
    13/9 $57.63 taken from the account - nothing delivered
    10/10 $ 57.63 taken from the account - nothing delivered
    8/11 $57.63 taken from the account - nothing delivered
    8/11 $ 57.63 taken from the account - nothing delivered
    28/11 $19.99 deducted for the Garland kit - nothing delivered
    3/12 $57.63 deducted - nothing delivered
    3/12 $57.63 deducted nothing delivered

    delivery of issue 10, 16-18 and duplicate Issue 1 and 3 were received just prior to Christmas.
    1/1 2020 $57.63 nothing delivered
    1/1 $57.63 nothing delivered
    23/1 $19.99 Money deducted for a kit I didn't want but was delivered.

    This is extraordinarily poor service from a company which is supposedly based around a delivery model.
    Do not deal with this company.

    1 Votes

knit and stitch magazine

I subscribed after buying the first issue from a shop. Heard nothing from them despite emails and telephone...

build the delorean

Subscriber code d2008637 I signed up for your build the delorean on the 15/9/17 I received an email from you...

eaglemoss animal collection

I have started my collection months ago I believe in april or may, however i'm very displeased with the last...

where's my order

Subscriber code: lp011742 Subscribed in june. And now just about october. Where is the rest of issues I paid...

payments getting taken which I didn't send

I got 2 emails from paypal saying I sent a payments of £7.99 and £8.99 which I hadnt sent at all paypal told...

3d print create

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing to formally request a refund from eaglemoss. It should be noted that I have exhausted all other avenues provided by eaglemoss support, and this is the final communication I am making.
In late august of 2016, subscribers received parts for their 3d printer.in this edition, it was advised that we could now by-pass the safety lock and begin printing 3d objects. After two successful prints, I came in to find the print head broken, sheared off.
I was advised that this was due to heat, and the failure to dissipate said heat, and that an additional fan was required. I was then advised by your staff that replacement parts would be forthcoming. And so began my saga with eaglemoss…
As weeks turned to months, I again contacted eaglemoss support (phone support and email) and was assured that the parts were in stock and would be shipped shortly. I did eventually receive some but not all.in january (2017) I made a final attempt to secure the requested part, and even asked for the part name/number so I could order myself from another provider, but to no avail.
In may, I decided enough was enough. September 2016 to may 2017 had been a long wait. After contacting eaglemoss about this issue, 8 months later it was still not resolved. This printer was nothing more than a dead paperweight. I packed up the printer and magazines and posted them back your factory under the sale of goods and supply of services act. It was my view that the goods were not fit for the purpose intended, as per the act, and I am, therefore, within my rights, and entitled to a full refund.
I was contacted by “mischa” who requested that I work with her to get the issue resolved. The printer was under warranty, so the factory would repair and test and post it back to me. I agreed, for the sake of fairness, that perhaps my issue was nothing more than an oversight on behalf of eaglemoss, so I would give it one last try. I advised mischa that I was willing wait no more than 4 weeks. She advised that 4 weeks was more than enough time and that I would receive the printer back in working order.
Email quote form mischa 11 may 2017: “your printer should be fixed within 4 weeks, this might seem like a long time but that is the latest I am expecting it to be fixed by.”
Guess what? It is now over 6 weeks later, I have moved house, and I have not received the printer!
I advised mischa that I was moving property on 21 june 2017 and that would be the latest I was willing to wait.
You are now to keep all the returned property, and provide a refund. As I am left the property on record, I am not in a position to receive any further goods from eaglemoss, and will not be responsible for any goods left at said property.

constant issues with not receiving issues that have been paid for

This is by far the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. We have been 'receiving' the disney animal world by subscription and I say 'receiving' because it really has been a matter of pot luck. The whole subscription has been plagued by 'printing delays' and we are still missing books from as far back as 5-6 months ago! Not even counting the great many that have been delayed. This really defeats the purpose of the subscription, which is surely to guarantee your books, I could have taken my chances they would be in the shop each week!?! The quality of the 'extras' has been poor, the addition issues, extortionate, the customer service rude and unhelpful. I only wish I had read reviews on this absolute scam of a company before I sunk money into it as no one has a good word to say about them. I will be making sure absolutely no-one I know makes the same mistake.

build the delorean

Problems since before subscription started. 1 subscribed for premium but came out as normal. Emailed and got...

marvel chess collection

I began collecting this series on 13/04/2015, the problems started almost immediately with missing issue...