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M Feb 18, 2019 Review updated:

Dear duckduckgo team,

One of the main reasons that people change from google to duckduckgo is that google "compensates for the social bias" on the internet, thus actually biasing the search engine more than it would be if they didn´t do that. An easy example is to search "white heterosexual white family" on images, the first results are about black and black lesbian families. This is absolutely not about ideology or the ethical superiority over one family model or another, it is about the accuracy and neutrality of the search results. Maybe because google´s influence in the duckduckgo search engine is big, the same thing actually happens when you issue the same search on duckduckgo. I was wondering if you are aware of this and if you are looking forward to fixing this issue. Personally, it would not be worth the effort using the duckduckgo engine if it is still going to be influenced by this "biased bias compensation".



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  • Lj
    ljbdis Feb 20, 2019

    Just on the principle of wanting to stop supporting mega corrupt power money making corporations from controling everthing, I choose duckduckgo...local independent kind of thing, smaller scale, humanistic...then there is the horrid way the other's just invade our lives so much so many are brainwashed, use the corporate name to describe a generic action...thank you for offering an alternative to the perverted corporate take overs and allowing a simple small system that works fine enough.

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  • Ro
    Ronald Berrington Jan 18, 2020

    @ljbdis That's what I thought - what a disappointment my experience has been.
    DuckfuckGone is no better!

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