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I went to Dr. Rons because my cat has a fracture and requires surgery when I asked his staff if I had any options as far as payment, since I am not able to afford the cost of the surgery at this time. They replied that I had no option but paying for it cash up front. So I began doing so research and began calling several shelters and my own primary vet. I was given several option including, different Humane societies that may be able to help with the cost as well as Care Credit, which is a Credit card that may pay for the total cost. I called back Dr. Rons staff and was upset because I was not given the Care Credit option to pay for my cats surgery and was told by his office manager that I need to have a Credit score of at least 640 to even apply. The next morning I went to Dr. Ron’s Officer to pick up my cats x-rays and to complain to the officer Manager about the rude costumer services I received the day before and was welcomed by the same rude Office Manager who I spoke to the night before. She informed me I would have to pay $10 fee to obtain my cats medical record from the day before, when they faxed it for free to my primary vets office. Believing that I am a good pet owner I paid the $10 fee to get my cats medical records and began reading the information, to my surprise the records mention 1 sentence about what was wrong with my cat and the rest of the page was according to the note, me complaining about the hospital not having a payment plan option. So at the end I paid $10 to receive a copy of my own complaint and not my cats medical record in order to obtain a second opinion on her condition. Further I began explaining to the officer manager that I felt it was rude and none of her business as to what my credit scored looked like, that I still should have been given that option to pay for my cats health expense. I also began asking her why I was not even given the option of contacting any human society, when all the other vets and shelter had no problem immediately giving me this information and she said because “ that is specifically for elderly people who can not afford their vet cost, and besides they already ran out of money.” It was apparent that I was getting no where with the officer manager, so I asked her if I could speak to the Doctor or someone else above her, and she told me “the doctor will not speak to you, this is why he has his office staff” and continued to tell me “I was no longer welcomed in to the officer.” I can definitely understand any company refusing the right to serve customer when and if the customer is completely out of line and rude to its staff, but in this specific instance I feel it is completely uncalled for, when all I wanted was to let her manager know about her poor people skill and rude customer service.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Feb 16, 2011 7:48 pm
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It is difficult to find a honest, respectable, caring veterinarian in Simi Valley so far. Had a bad experience with Alamo Vet Hospital recently. Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks KIM

Oct 17, 2010 1:04 pm
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Hi Aluisa,

I certainly understand your experience. It was one of the very reasons I chose to take my own kitty to a different vet facility...even though it meant driving several miles further from home. Most reputable vet facilities are well aware of these charitable organizations (in addition to the Care Credit program), and will impart that information to a pet owner facing the heart-wrenching decision of possibly having to have their beloved pet euthanized...just because they cannot afford the high cost of emergency treatment.

With regard to veterinary costs (primarily emergency treatment costs only), may I suggest that you also check on-line. There are a number of groups, such as, FVEAP (Feline Veterinary EmergencyAssistance Program), which may be able to help with some or all of a cat's emergency vet expenses.

Most of the organizations do have some requirements though. Some address the needs of senior citizens and most do not provide help for routine vet care...the cat must be in need of emergency care, and without it, the cat will likely die.

There are usually some income limit requirements as well, and may or may not require proof of income and expenses. But, given the choice of being able to get emergency care a cat needs or letting the beloved pet pass away...I think it's definitely worth looking into. They usually have an 0n-line application you can complete and email.

You should also be aware that these organizations do receive a lot of requests for assistance and depend heavily on donations from caring people, so their funding may become depleted rather quickly. Generally, if they approve your application, they will directly contact the veterinary facility and authorize whatever treatment is needed, and specify they will either pay the full amount of medically-necessary charges or a certain amount (depending if they have income requirements).

I hope you are able to get the care your beloved kitty needs! (At least one of these organizations is based in California too).

Best Wishes!


P.S. - I've attached a photo of my own 4-year old Maine Coon kitty, Munchkin.

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Oct 12, 2010 2:22 pm
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