Dress Barnfirst bill received 10/30; incl late fees and interest

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I signed up for a credit card in July. I never received the credit card, and only received the first bill on 10/30/08. The bill included interest charges and two months worth of late fees. I received a nasty phone call this morning (11/2) - actually, my husband spoke to a very rude person. I called the number on the caller id; Dress Barn was not one of the options, so I used the "all other" option, and was disconnected. I called the 800 number on the bill, and spoke to "Sam" to whom I explained that I had not received bills, and he insisted that as my address was correct, I had indeed received them. He also told me that I had to call customer service to cancel my card. He did tell that he could, as a courtesy, remove one $20 late fee if I were to pay over the phone (for an additional $10 convenience fee), but there was on way I was going to give him my bank information. I said that I'd pay online at the address on the bill https://onlineaccess.mycreditcard.cc/dressbarn. Unfortunately, when I tried to do that, the website either doesn't exist, or is missing something; if you click on the icon shown it just brings you back to the same page - not into a website. Then I tried finding a website for WFNNB and found lots of complaints but no actual website, but it did bring me to this site. If you can't offer any help to me, at least I can add my name and complaint to a long list of similar dealings.


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    Lynn Stephenson Nov 03, 2008
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    Dress Barn is a horrible terrible place to shop or to work. They are filled with rude people because that is the training system. Rude crude and obnoxious women. Welcome to Dress Barn (moo-moo)

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    epolan Jun 18, 2009

    I too have had a horrible experience with Dress Barn. They said I would have no trouble getting my bills in Canada. They also said it was easy to pay. Months went by and then I received a call from collections, paid it in full and now all of a sudden they are trying to get me to pay them more. As far as I am concerned, they are paid in full. You don't continue adding charges after the customer pays in full to collections! I will never shop there again! And boy can I hold a grudge.

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    miracas Aug 18, 2009

    Hi I just got my card today and wanted to register and pay my bill before the interest rates go sky high, so I fully expected to have the same problems with the site. I did have problems with the https://onlineaccess.mycrediotcard.cc/barn . When you type that in nothing happens YES. But if you try the website that they have on the back of the card, dressbarn.com, then you can go down the left side of the page and click on credit card. At this point you either log in or register on the website (if this is your first time). After I registered (which includes setting up your user id, password, inputting your social and selecting 5 security questions and answers) you are brought to your account. You can click on PAY ONLINE click to accept their terms, etc. you then input your banking/checking account number, routing number from checking. If you wait until the last moment to pay your card you will have to pay a $10 fee to have it cleared and posted to that day, otherwise, select a day to pay, the amount, and submit. THey will then send you a confirmation email. Viola! All done withint 15 minutes. (the next time should be much easier and faster)

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  • Hi
    HighCredit Aug 24, 2009

    That's why you should read the fine print when you're applying for those stupid cards. People sell their souls to save 10%. There is no way that they could of had your address wrong because when you applied for the card they swiped another one of your credit cards (either with a Visa or a Mastercards logo). You also recieve a temporary card with your number on it. This temporary card also has a 1-800 number for you to dial that leads you directly to the DressBarn card. That number is there in case your card doesn't arrive. And the website you are looking for to get to the online billing is found at www.DressBarn.com, at the bottom of the page. The problem with the billing is not DressBarn itself but the bank that destributes their credit lines. Same company as Maurices since DressBarn and Maurices are sister stores. This is why when you called the number back the line didn't work and there was no option for DressBarn. The number that phoned you was probably automated so trying to dial the number would be a dead end. Good luck with your credit score in the future!

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    Reneta Harper Jun 26, 2010

    Attention: Dress Barn President: June 26, 2010
    I am very displeased and disappointed with the customer service I have received from Dress Barn. Every since I have had this account there has been a problem. From January – March, I have spoken with three DB Representative that apparently didn’t know what they were doing. The 1st two verbally told me they would waive the $10 on-line fee that I incurred due to not being familiar with your online payment options. I WAS NOT making a late payment at that time, just paying early – PLEASE check the record of when the payment was made. The first Rep. stepped me through how to make an on-line payment and told me she would waive the fee. All three reps left me the assumption they would waive the $10 off my account. The second DB Rep. stated that even though I was seeing it on my DB statement, it would be waved. In March the 3rd DB rep. I spoke with told me that it would be taken off. Due to there was so much confusion with my balance I decided to pay the amount in full. I asked DB Rep. to give me the FINAL balance IN FULL, which he quoted $128.73 plus dollars. I assumed I had taken care of my DB account. I asked the Rep. WAS THAT ALL and the said yes.
    Today 6/26/10 my husband handed me a bill from Dress Barn. I was very surprised. I thought it was a sales promotion. The only DB letter I recall receiving was a notice that my payoff payment was received for the amount, and it was made by checking account. I hadn’t seen any other bills until today. The DB Rep. I spoke with today ask me “why don’t I look at my mail, then I would know Dress Barn was sending me bills.” I rarely see the mail. Had I thought I owed DB money, I would have been watching the mail closer and addressed this sooner. I thought that statement was rude coming from a professional customer service representative. While I was explaining her tone was getting harsher, and so did mines. I finally asked to speak with management.
    During my discussion with the manager today (6/26) she informed me that the late fee was never waived from my account, and the DB reps. I spoke didn’t have the authorization to do that. I trusted their word. Again, I would like to reemphasize, that my intentions when I made the payoff IN FULL was to make sure I took care of my obligations with Dress Barn. Apparently all three DB Reps. passed along inaccurate information to me. Now I have a final payment is $13.11. Three DB representatives didn’t document their discussions in its entirety. The DB Reps and manager I spoke with today initially came to the conclusion that I was lying (not outwardly). The payment I made, which was to my understanding paid in full should have prompted that manager to see that the fault could be with the BRESSBARNS Reps. (all 3). I spoke with, and the fact that they did not know what they COULD and COULD NOT do in the system. I have no reason to lie about this discussion.
    I don’t believe in my heart I should be liable to pay for the lack of knowledge the DB Reps. possessed regarding DB policies. I HAVE CLOSED MY ACCOUNT. AND DON'T PLAN TO DO ANY FUTURE BUSINESS WITH DRESS BARN, which is the way I believe you would prefer it.
    Another heart wrenching experience was after my discussion with your manager today 6/26/10, I received a notice from credit report.com. Apparently, she notified the credit department. I never expected that the lack of policy knowledge (3 times), and an unwillingness to waive a fee for a new customer (the Reps today) would lead to my credit score dropping 42 points. This is so unfair. I would very much appreciate it if you would please remove whatever note has been added to my credit. When I started an account to DressBarn, it was to boost my credit score. This has been a complete disappointment.
    I am enclosing the payment due and relinquishing all ties to Dress Barn.
    Reneta Harper

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  • Bo
    bonch of thieves Sep 17, 2010

    stay away from that place. that is how they make money from us. is a big cam!

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    wendymike Mar 30, 2011

    Same thing happened to me, used the card never received even one bill, forgot about, 5 years later a credit agency sends a letter of collection, $143 with $110 in late fees, it's strange how even have moved 2 times the credit collection company could find us with no problems, they even had my must resent phone number! so i paid the bill $150. received a notice of payment from them, one year later another credit agency called for the same debt! called dress barn very rude and not helpful, actually clueless!
    pretty much my problem take care it!

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