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I ordered 2 chains from them a few months ago, both rhodium. The silver colored rhodium plated sterling silver chain was put in a drawer for the few months and never worn. Recently when I looked at it, it was completely tarnished and looked years old. First of all, the advantage of rhodium plating is that it isn't supposed to tarnish at all and this leads me to assume that the necklace wasn't rhodium plated at all and is an exceptionally inferior product to look as it does.
I also ordered a black rhodium sparkle chain which is still black (Thank god) but for the price paid it looked extremely light and I had my suspicions that they didn't supply me with the correct thickness of chain but since it's difficult to measure the thickness in millimeters I just let it stand.
I would never buy fro0m them again /


  • Sa
    sand garr Aug 06, 2014

    I bought about 4 rings from dreamland, its been a month now since I bought them and they are all still very shiny. .There all sterling silver and all of them are beautiful and they all came very fast!! So I don't know what these people that are complaining are talking about I love there jewellery and I will certainly buy again from this company !!!There prices are also wonderful and good quality for the price! Thanks for all the beautiful rings I purchase!!! Very satisfied customer!! San Garr

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  • Li
    lisa ridner Jan 10, 2015

    they might be all right if i can ever get my order

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  • Ko
    KoolKatz Feb 04, 2015

    Oh no, I just ordered 4 sterling silver rings. Hope they aren't silver plated. Tarnishes very fast on me. I'll soon find out.

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  • Ma
    mary_wi Mar 23, 2015

    Have purchase several rings and have been basically please except for the infinity ring...the medal was very soft and soon was out of circumference and no way to correct it. So far, that is my only complaint ~ and not sure if they will replace the ring.

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  • Re
    real is Jun 05, 2015

    I would like to read a comment or complaint based on the facts. Either shipping complaint, size complaint, style, materials used. Every company cannot please every customer; what a wonderful but fake world it would be if they did. Reality is. . . For the prices. . . If your are expecting perfection then the problem lies within the buyer not the item purchased. Sorry thats just the way it is. If you are not satisfied and cant get your money back or exchange given than you have learned a cheap but valued lesson and do not purchase from this company again.

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  • Mo
    Monster's Mom Jun 27, 2015

    I was just about to place an order for almost $1000, as my test orders have all been wonderful. My "test" items arrived faster than expected well packaged - without going over the top- and correct. The $5 rings are just as I'd expected for $5 sterling. As I went along, I made small but fussy orders, one of this, one of that, different sizes...all over the map. No problems. Now, I'm extremely concerned as there are only 2 of us, and hanging up a grand which could've been used someplace with whom I have more of a relationship is not an option.
    Part of me wishes I hadn't seen this article, but too many times over the years I've screamed at myself "Buyer Beware!, as I apply metophoric balm to a new burn.
    What to do?
    I'm not on FB, and wonder where to follow this thread...
    Monster's Mom

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  • Pa
    pamela Jones Feb 16, 2017

    @Monster's Mom No Worries I've ordered from them allot over the years and have been super satisfied read my comment below I'm telling you for the price you pay its great... and i have so many of their Rings, .925 sterling Chains you really cant beat it they are Fantastic you would pay anywhere else much more!!!

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  • Sy
    SydneyRocks Sep 28, 2018

    @Monster's Mom I’ve bought several items from them over the years. No issues, ships very fast & the 925 sterling silver holds up. If your buying rodium plated over 925 sterling silver the rhodium plating might react with your skin like any metal. I’ve never had any issues & I wear mine all the time. If the rodium wears I just polish it with a silver cloth no biggie. Not sure what all these people are complaining about. Some items state they are silver but do not state 925, I think it’s more of a metal & metal properties education than anything else.

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  • Pa
    pamela Jones Feb 16, 2017

    I've ordered Sterling Chains & Rings from them and they are of exceptional Quality! I live in mass and receive my orders in a timely Fashion what are these people Talking about??? For years now I am very pleased with their .925 Chains love them and for the price it's Awesome!!! So... Maybe they are Disgruntled Ex- Employees or Something?!
    Customer Pamela Jones

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  • Lu
    LuvMyJewlry23 Jun 24, 2017

    I just placed a test order to see what I get. I just found Dreamland and decided to test the waters. One thing I ALWAYS keep in mind is that everyone expects way more than they are willing to pay for (you get what you pay for) and working in customer service I know people complain ALOT hoping to get free stuff (I see it everyday) I have even heard people say "just complain & you'll get it for free) 9with that being said there are 3 sides to a story, your side, their side and the truth!!! Everyone that complains is stretching the truth, maybe not purposely but they probably really do believe what they say. The only thing you can do is test it out! If you want to buy a $400 chain, buy a smaller cheaper one & see how its made! Don't buy a ring & expect it to be the same! One thing I learned is you must find out for yourselves! The complaints could be ex workers, other companies, anything!

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  • Ka
    Karen-Stewart Mar 23, 2018

    Dreamland jewelry is wonderful! I have rings from them and they are all beautiful. I am always happy with my purchases and look forward to adding more of their rings to my collection! Excellent selection, fantastic prices, and gorgeous pieces. I have seen similar rings that are way more costly and they do not even match the beauty of Dreamlands rings. I will continue to purchase from them as long as they are in business. There shipping is always super fast, too! Very satisfied and happy customer here. ; )

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  • Le
    Leslie Moog Slavens May 24, 2018

    I just received my ring and it's beautiful. Size 7 was perfect fit. Order came 4 days. Glad to pay $4.95 shipping as ring was a bargain. Any dept store would have charged 3 times or more for Sterling silver. Very pleased

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  • Le
    Leslie Moog Slavens May 24, 2018

    Giving 5 stars

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