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C Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

My name is Cebisile Lorraine Ngcobo, I am a 27year old female. Policy No. NYP1270342.
I had lodged a claim with the insurer for a pothole incident that occurred early this year. I hit a pothole 31 March 2018, the hole was quite deep, so incurred a substantial amount of damage on my vehicle., which is a Hyundai i120 2013 model.
I made a call to the insurance company requesting the vehicle to be towed on 4 April 2018.Due to the long Easter holidays. The insurer then informed me I could claim from Road Assist for the tyre & rim damages as well as the insurer for the additional damages to the vehicle. I was then contacted by Kelly-Ann Rhoode from Oakhurst Claims on the same day and was advised that they would not assist with towing my car as I did not contact them immediately when I got what I thought was only a flat tyre. The insurer informed me they would not assist with the towing and I have to find my own assessor and pay him from my pocket to go where my vehicle was parked and assess the vehicle. I had to keep calling them requesting to speak to management or someone who could assist. I first notified the insurer 4 April 2018 and they only towed the vehicle 16 April 2018. My vehicle was towed to one of their workshop that was not familiar with (Randbow Panelbeaters). Days later I received a quotation of +R41, 000.00. The insurance only paid R4, 800 and said I was liable to pay R37, 000.00. I requested that they don't finalise the claim as I could not afford that money, but they finalised it anyway. A woman by the name of Elelwane (Connie) Muthavhi, claims administrator at Oakhurst, was handling my case and did so very poorly.

I kept sending endless emails to Connie with no response, even when escalated.

After the insurer had refused to compromise or reach a point of fairness in their decision, I was left to deal with everything on my own with the vehicle still at the insurer's workshop accumulating storage costs. I had to contact the workshop, of which I was charged R15, 700.00 for storage and towing costs of R900.00 from my own pocket.

Connie was cotacted and specifically stated that the insurer is 100% liable for storage costs provided we made use of their facilities, (of which was the case). Now after I provided proof of payment, the insurer is now denying that they workshop is one of their approved service providers and state that they are only willing to re-emburse me R1, 500.00 from the R15, 700.00 I paid.

I have been sending numerous emails as I do not get any assistance telephonically, but to no avail.

I have been paying my monthly premium of R767.00, which has now increased to R806.00, without a single month skipped, yet the insurance traets me like they doing me a favour.
This company has zero work ethic and no regard for their customers.
They should just stick to insuring pets.

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  • Do Aug 14, 2018

    Hi Cebisile. Please kindly send us your contact number so we forward it on to our resolutions department so we can investigate and resolve the matter. Kind regards

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