DoorFront Directall magazines, all deliveries

P May 26, 2019

This service states that it is doorfront. It is not. My mail, magazines have been dropped at the end of the driveway. I am disabled and cannot walk down the drive to get it. Please use the mailbox at the door, o9r actualy do as your advertise says and drop at my door. I will contact the division for disabilies if this continues.
Now i am told that my complaint that is short and sweet, is too short and i have to write more. What more do you want. I am waiting for hip surgery and your service is dropping my mail at the end of the driveway and i have to get neighbors and help to bring in your drop off.
Please STOP the service or do it as you advertise. I will contact the channel 2 to get to the end of this if you cannot do what you say you are going to do.
Pattie Gruis

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