Domo Gas StationNot always being allowed to pay by cash before 10 pm


On several occasions I have gone to the Domo in Midnapore ( Calgary ) between 9:30pm - 9:45pm to buy smokes and or gas, when asked how I was paying told them cash, and am then told that the cash has been done for the night and was refused service...big sign at the station says exact cash between 10pm and 7am. So why can I not pay with $20 or $40 and get my change back...I cant always use my debit card .On Jan 20 2016, I showed up there at 9:40 and was told by the attendant to give him a [censored]ing break as he had to go to a second job and a funeral the next day...I apologized for his loss and asked what that had to do with now, he said whatever cant do it! and I said I would be speaking to Craig (his Manager) and he said don't worry I will deal with Craig. he was alone on shift and no other customers around, but it wouldn't have taken him that long to give me change and fix the till to whatever it is set at...I have worked in customer service all my life and always go out of my way to look after the guests!! him swearing at me was also very inappropriate . I have been going to this Domo location for many many years, but now I refuse to go back

Extremely Unhappy Customer

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