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never received anything I paid for

I purchased 2 blue harnesses and 2 blue seatbelts and have written 2 emails and have not heard from anyone at all.
On separate invoices. 1st was 2 harnesses. Then
2nd invoice 2 seatbelts.
My name is
Jack LaBrasseur
At 1577 Reaney ave St Paul Mn 55106



Please contact me immediately by phone.
Thank you Jack LaBrasseur

2 orders bracelets 6/24/18 & harness 7/1/18

I have been charged for 3 memory bracelets ordered on June 24, 2018. I ordered a harness on July 1, 2018. Both purchases were done thru PayPal. I would love to receive my items. I think over a month for one ans a month for the second ia a bit much. No tracking infor has been sent to me. I will get in touch with PayPal to reverse these charges if I don't receive my items this week

dog harness

I ordered this dog harness in June of 2018. As of July 27th I have not received the order. You have charged...

dog paw ring never received!!

I bought the dog paw ring for $9.99 back in May 2018, and in June I emailed to dog pawty a ticket asking where is this so called ring at? And I get an email response that says these items come from overseas (china ) and it can take up to 45 days to receive, and if I don't get it after 45 days to send another " ticket." Omg, give me a break ! This company has no customer service phone number., and several people are not getting their orders from this company ! The bureau of consumer affairs needs to be made aware of the faulty business practices of this organization !!

free necklace and bracelet

I ordered this merchandise back in Feb 14 2018 they were suppose to send me a confirmation E-Mail never received it. I paid for it through my Checking Account. for 10.99. I have submitted tickets and request for any information and I get not response. They say the shipping will take 45 days. They provide no tracking info or even where the merchandise is coming from. I would just like to refunded the amount I paid.

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rainbow dog print ring

I ordered this ring in May 2018 in a size 7. I put this on my credit card and finally received the ring. I am happy with this ring but a few days later I received two more rings in different sizes that I did not order and can not use. My first question is how to send these back and also how to get the money out back into my account. Your prompt response is appreciated. Thank you!

embrace™ premium breathable nylon dog harness

I bought this produce in an XL and when I received it, it was the size of a small to medium dog. I was so...

harness and seat belt

This company is a scam!! I paid outrageous shipping for 2 seat belt restraints that will not survive a strong pull or impact. The harness would not even fit a newborn puppy...so small and I ordered for a Golden Retriever... This company is such a joke. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!!! I want to be reimbursed for product and shipping... product not useable whatsoever. Website is professional which makes you think product will b e up to safety standards, , , not so!!!

non delivery of item

Yes, I am one of those that paid the $6.99 shipping price for a non existent item from this so called company. I have tried to be reasonable and wait, as I understood it was supposedly coming overseas. Well it must be the slowest boat from China ever to sail the seven seas! Obviously, this company is scamming. BUYER BEWARE! Save your money and time.

  • Km
    Kmiles Jun 14, 2018

    Thank you. This seemed insane to me too, especially since they offered so many things for free and none of them were when you went to the website. I tried to see how many ”free” things would show up on their site only to be charged 45.00 in shipping. Thank you for putting this here so I know trusting my gut was correct.

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  • Ta
    Tamra Haynes Aug 10, 2018

    @Kmiles I also ordered a free dog seat dog belt, paid $6.99 for shipping and handling. I ordered it 15 july 2018. I want my dog Sophie to be safe in a car. I have emailed the company twice this week with no response. I'm feeling frustrated n taken advantage of. Is this even a real company. I'm on disability n really cant afford to be messed with.

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  • 01
    01Browneyedgirl Jan 11, 2019

    I purchased a dog lovers bangle bracelet in June of 2018. It was SUPPOSEDLY FREE, JUST PAY $6.99 SHIPPING. They took $6.99 out if my acct. And NEVER RECEIVED THE BRACELET. I have sent numerous emails and AS OF TODAY 1-11-2019 NO BRACELET. NO RESPONSE.

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  • 01
    01Browneyedgirl Jan 11, 2019

    @01Browneyedgirl FRAUDULENT, SCAMMERS, CROOKS.

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  • In
    indycarcindy Apr 30, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just filed a complaint against them too. In November 2018 (Black Friday) I ordered 2 "free" seat belts (paid for shipping and handling) which I received, however the item that cost me $10.99, a dog harness, I have never received. I have written emails to their customer service department numerous times. No response. NONE! I really want the product but if they can't send it I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

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dog necklace

I ordered a necklace on 4/3/18 and still havent received it. I would like an email or some kind of...

Moss Landing Jewelry & Watches

order not received: premium glow-in-the-dark led safety collar

I placed an order with Dog Pawty in response to their Facebook ad on January 17, 2018. This order was never received. I emailed the merchant at the address provided on the order confirmation email on April 20, 2018 and received no response. No phone number is listed for this company. I have sent numerous follow-up messages through their website at https://dogpawty.freshdesk.com/support/home and Facebook messenger to no avail. The order was for a small pink Premium Glow-In-The-Dark LED Safety Collar. This was a $6.99 "pay only for shipping" order.

paw ring

Came up on a Facebook promotion, advertising that due to so many followers/likes the item was on promotion - pay postage only. The ring pictured was of high fashion jewellery standard, described as rose quartz set in rose gold tone fashion alloy base. Item took 6 weeks to arrive and was not like pictures. Was quality of anring from a gum ball machine or cracker. Cheap fool back stones- not rose quartz set on a cheap tinny band. Looks like something a 5 year old would wear. Stones weren't even same colours. False advertising and misleading.

paw ring

light up dog collar

I ordered 4 collars 1 XL-blue 1LG-yellow 1NED-pink 1 SM-pink Never received them. I live out where we have...

premium dog lover's pendant

I ordered a "pay only shipping at 6.99$" necklace on March 27th...
I have tried to contact the company numerous times thru email, Facebook, submitted a ticket, all the methods they suggest with not one reply.
After seeing all the other complaints perhaps the company is just a scam.
I got quick confirmation email with number and it tells me to come back to same page in future for a look at its status. The status has never changed since I placed the order.

premium dog lover's pendant

  • Ka
    Karen Waring May 02, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    O ordered the same thing On march 29th. I too have received nothing and it is a month later

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  • Do
    Donna k Smith May 14, 2018

    @Karen Waring Same here. Nothing. Been 6 weeks +

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  • Ti
    Tina Myers Nov 01, 2018

    Same with me. I ordered the.photo necklace almost 2 months ago and haven't received the item. I'm going to due a dispute with paypal because that's what I went through to pay the S & H.

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never received order

I ordered the "free" charm bracelet "No longer by my side but forever in my heart" on Feb. 23, and paid the $6.99 shipping charge thru my Paypal but it is now April 4 and I have not received it. I had ordered this for a gift and would still like to receive the bracelet. But I'm seeing similar problems online about orders not being received from Dog Pawty.

  • Ta
    T. Andersen Jul 02, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same thing happened to me with the free bracelet except I got the bracelet with free shipping as long as I ordered an item. I ordered the paw print ring cause it looked cute & honestly there wasn't a lot on the website I would want as we have cats not dogs. I finally received the ring & was really disappointed. It was extremely cheap & not comfortable to wear but I just really wanted the bracelet. We lost our tux last year so I thought it would be nice to wear something to remember him. Well, I emailed the company & got an email suggesting I look at the answers to frequently asked questions. I then submitted a "ticket claim" for the bracelet. Now they finally got back to me & want a copy of the email I received with the free bracelet & shipping offer. I didn't keep that cause I had placed the order & paid the money for the ring already. I'm about ready to stop doing business with online companies like these cause of the lack of quality of the items, the slow service, & the lack of customer service. I just wanted the free bracelet but I guess I learned my lesson. Just for everyone's info, I had a bad experience with Cat Crazy HiFlying Cat company also & would not buy from them again. Still waiting for a refund for an item sent back June 1st which I know they got cause I sent it certified mail to the customer service manager. I have done business with Meowingtons & gotten great products shipped quickly. I got charged for shipping with one order when it was supposed to be free. I sent an email & their customer service got back to me & refunded the shipping costs immediately. This is a company I would highly recommend.

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pandora charm

I put an order for one, they confirmed me for four. When asked when I'd receive my product they said wait a week and message them if I didn't get it. Waited a week didn't get my item and then they stopped responding to me. I have sent three emails, follow ups and have resorted to posting a warning in their Facebook posts to get them to respond. Wish I used PayPal so I could at least dispute the charge.

"free bracelet" just pay shipping..

I thought this was legit so I sent for the bracelet. I got an email saying I had missed the deadline for thi...

light up collar never received

I ordered the light up collar and waited the 2 months or whatever they said and then followed up as I did not receive any tracking info on my order (like they said I would get). They came back to me and said I entered my address wrong and the order must have been delivered to someone else and there is nothing they can do but give me a discount on something else... I'm not stupid enough to give this scam more of my money though. Very pissed off about this.


I ordered a hoodie from this company. Since there was no size chart, I ordered a size up. I usually wear an xs/sm so I ordered a med. When it arrived, it was too small so I immediately emailed asking to exchange it for a larger size. I was told that they do not do returns/exchanges and that it's clearly noted on their website. It is not clearly noted. If it was I wouldn't have ordered such an expensive hoodie. Other companies clearly nite on their website if they have a go exchange/return policy and many more it on the checkout page so the consumer is clearly informed before hitting submit order. Buyer beware as this company is a scam.

unethical behaviour

back in January I ordered the dog bracelet and have never received you took 7.00 dollars out of my bank on January 11th.i have nicely tried to get ahold of you to no avail .if you are not going to send the bracelet then return my money I am 78yrs old and don't need this also have heart problems.thank you Shirley lampley why are you acting so stupid.you want people to order from you then you don't act like you don't have any sense