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Pets Unlimited reviews & complaints

Pets Unlimited complaints 59

Pets Unlimited - Products never received!

On September 14 of 2021 I ordered two large pet beds on a bogo! So far I have not received the products! I would love to get what I ordered, but if that is not going to happen, I would appreciate a complete refund! The price was $49.99 on my Discover card. Either send me the products or the refund to Marienne Saffe, 9101 w. 24th street Minneapolis MN. 55426 e-mail [protected] Phone # [protected] Thank You!

Desired outcome: Receiving products!

Update by Marienne Saffe
Nov 30, 2021

I loved the products I ordered and hopefully at some point I will receive them!

Pets Unlimited - Never recieved free bed

Order #PU321Z32580239
On July 29th, I had ordered the 4XL beds, buy one, get one, I finally received one after months and never ever received the other one. I have emailed numerous times and no responses what so ever. I even tried to do the Chat on your website but of course there was no one to chat to. You advertise buy one, get one and take our money and don't bother sending the free one. I have now seen numerous complaints about your company where some never ever received the beds at all or if they did, they were not the right size. I have spent far less on better dog beds. Not the quality advertised at all. I would expect either a partial refund or the 2nd bed I ordered.

Desired outcome: The free bed as advertised

I ordered 2 beds 4xl in August and still hsve no sign of them.
They used to reply to my emails saying covid blah blah blah but now they don't.
I still see them selling on Instagram and it infuriates me!!!
Stay well away from them

Pets Unlimited - Dog beds

Ordered beds on September 10, 2021 ordered the BOGO deal. Money was taken from my account on September 13. I emailed this company numerous times with not one reply. Now it's November 23. Still no beds. I also see that they might have changed the name of the company. Going to submit all my emails to the credit card company and see what happens. Never had anything like this happen before.

Desired outcome: Want a refund

Pets Unlimited - never received my two XXL dog beds

I ordered two XXL dog beds in a BOGO promotion you were running on Facebook in August of 2021. My order number is ORDER #PU321Z59140239

I never received them, and no one will respond to my multiple emails asking about them. I got one response in late September, 2021, from a Gerard (attached below). But nothing since then.

I would like a full refund of $93.97. Or even better, I would like my two XXL dog beds.

Tammy Hinojos

Pets Unlimited - No dog beds received!!!

I ordered 2 beds at the start of August and have received nothing!! I paid £30 - No replies to my emails - Very unhappy customer!

Jackie Currie
37 Summerhill Road
AB15 6HJ

Order number - PU321Z40820239

Desired outcome: Either to get the 2 beds or to be refunded £30

Pets Unlimited - Items not received

Order #PU321Z146240239: I ordered 2 small beige calming beds at the buy one, get one rate on September 11, 2021. It is now November 20, 2021 and I have not received them nor have I heard from the company despite numerous emails. At this time, if you click on their website, it comes back with Store Not Available. Unfortunately, I am not computer savvy enough to send a copy of their email confirming the order.

Desired outcome: Money refunded

Pets Unlimited - Items Never received

I ordered 2 dog beds back in Sept 2021, still have not received anything! I have emailed so MANY TIMES and have had no response. I just want the beds or my money back. What a waste of time and money. They sure scammed me! Not sure what else to do from here since I can't get a reply. HELP!!! I've tried everything through AFFIRM the payment people who took my money for the beds, and through petsunlimited for a refund or the shipping of the two beds. 2 months later still no response :(

Desired outcome: REFUND

Same here! Emailed this company so many times with not one reply. Just want my money back.

Pets Unlimited - Order never received

I've placed the PU321Z90570239 order on 24/8/21 for a buy one "Comfy Calming Pet Bed " and get one free at a cost of €77, 95.
As of today 17/11/21, neither have I received my order nor anyone cares to reply to my emails.
I consider this company to be a fraud, I do not know if it actually exists and I strongly advise consumers to stay away, it's a total waste of money and time.

Pets Unlimited - Never received product/Scam

I ordered off Instagram or Facebook and it was the BOGO offer. I order 8/30/2021 and when 30 days came and went I was told due to high volume it was taking a little longer. I never even got an order number emailed to me. I have emailed multiple times and have only gotten the initial response. I asked for a tracking number and an order confirmation order and I cannot get a response at all.
This company is a scam and I won't get my money back but I will make sure anyone I know doesn't order from them. I have commented on their FB and Instagram pages as well. Live and learn.

Pets Unlimited - Dog beds

I have the exact same complaint. I ordered the BOGO 2 large dog beds in August 2021, I reached out to them in Sept 2021, nothing, I reached out again in October 2021, nothing. I reached out again November 2021-Still no response from them-nothing at all.
$89.00 gone
I keep trying to log in to my account, it doesn't recognize me, I tried to reset the password constantly, the reset email never comes-Total scam.
Don't send $$$ to these people.
Scam Scam Scam

Desired outcome: To keep others from falling for this

Pets Unlimited - No delivery of goods

On 31 Augus 2021 I ordered 2 Dog beds from the above
Company. It was on special offer (buy 1 and get 1 free) I paid the said amount of R595.00 on the same day. I received confirmation of my order also on 31 August 2021 with Order No. #PU321Z111390239. On 14 September I sent them an Email requesting shipment date and tracking number. On 19 September received an Email from them regarding that they will be shipping my order out within a few days. Never heard from them again regarding this order and then on 11 November 2021 sent them an Email again advising them that I was filing a complaint to the Complaints Board. I still have not heard a word from them.

Pets Unlimited - Pet bed BOGO offer

Ordered a pet bed on a BOGO offer on 7/14/21. Order# PU321Z13070239. I only received ONE bed.

I have been sending multiple emails ever since regarding receiving the 2nd bed. Initially I was getting responses from "[protected]". Now those responses have stopped and I have nothing for two months!

To say that I am dissatisfied would be a HUGE understatement. Still no second bed and no refund! Shameful.

Please look into this matter asap.

Desired outcome: receive my second pet bed or a $89.99 refund!

Pets Unlimited - Dog beds

On 8/29/21 I ordered 2 beds, 1 small and 1 XL. I have YET to receive EITHER!!! $60, almost 3 months later, and SEVERAL unanswered emails regarding my order. He I am, juked out of my money and not even a response. I also keep receiving ads via email from these people! Never again!! I have a tracking number, but when I contact the post office they tell me nothing has been shipped to them and to contact the company l purchased it from. We'll, we all know how that is working out...

Desired outcome: Refund

Pets Unlimited - Bogof pet beds

Ordered the beds in July 21, had no word for 4weeks! Emailed in Aug and John replied with out of stock you can have a refund! I said I'd wait.
Sept I emailed again, John said they would be in stock by the end of the week and will ship at the beginning of the next week.
Emailed 20th Sept asking for an update with no reply since! I've emailed a further 3 times to John and twice to the helpline complaining with no reply.
Can you help at all please? PU321Z25430239 This is the reference number
Catherine UK

Desired outcome: Refund please

Pets Unlimited - Pet calming beds

On August 09, 2021 I ordered two calming beds, it was their bogo sale. I saw the site through facebook and thought it's safe.
Well I am still waiting and I can not get in touch with them. When I try to go their web-site this is what it says below:

Something went wrong.

What happened?
This store is unavailable
What can I do?
Return to the previous page.
Request ID: 15ddb9d9-60ff-[protected]-[protected]

This is a scam. Not sure what to do next. I really want a refund!

Pets Unlimited - Dog beds

Ordered September 7 no product also still seem to get emails trying to sell me more products including dog beds. I have sent multiple emails and no replies at all.

Desired outcome: Money returned or product delivered

Pets Unlimited - Dog beds

I ordered two of the theapuetic dog beds from you, have not received them have no email address for you can't find website online or nothing I would like to know what has happened to my beds. You did not hesitate to take my money. I ordered on 10/14/21 and it said would ship in a couple days--nothing. If I don't get some action I am going to my lawyer and the BBB.

Desired outcome: Refund on order not delivered

Pets Unlimited - Pet beds as per their face book advertisement

I ordered 2 medium beds (buy one, get one free) in August 2021. This was ordered via Face Book on their site. Received an order No. #PU321Z11139. The money was deducted off my account on the same day. I have sent numerous Emails to them with no response about shipping, tracking number etc. I presume that this is a total scam and will never receive either a refund or the beds.

Pets Unlimited - Pet beds

This is a fake company
They will take your money and never send you anything
No matter how many times you request a refund they will ignore you
They are unable to provide any sort of tracking info or shipping company
Everything about them is criminal
If you have dealt with them please file complaints with the better business bureau

I ordered 4 beds on 9/11/21, received confirmation right away as well as the charges were processed immediately. Received a couple other emails stating order was fulfilled but waiting on shipping. Two months later, still waiting and no one will return an email. This company is bogus and apparently ripping off people for a very long time! I will now file a complaint with BBB.
ORDER #PU321Z147720239
Thank you for your purchase!
Hi Catherine, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

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Comfy Calming Pet Bed ® × 2
3XL / Beige

Comfy Calming Pet Bed ® × 2
S / Beige





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Pets Unlimited - Calming bed

August 29, 2021 I ordered 2 (buy one get one free) calming beds. Fast forward to 27 Oct 2021, and 6 inquiry emails later- no beds, no response from company and no refund. This company is a fraud! I was sent a tracking number via semail that is connected to shop. According to the shop app, my order was shipped second week of September 2021. It's asking me to mark as received... NO! I've received nothing, not e even a response. I also lodged a complaint with the app, that also has gone unanswered.

Desired outcome: Refund

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