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33% of 3 complaints were resolved
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3:52 pm EDT

Djchihuahua puppy

Dee backed out on my chihuahua at the last minute after I had already scheduled a plane flight and hotel reservations to pick him up. I told her I needed to see the vet report before paying the final fee. I need the vet report to take the puppy back with me on the plane and to enter my condo association. She said she would have the vet report on May 1 and I planned on paying the remainder on May 2nd. She charged me 150.00 extra for the vet report. She sent me pictures of another dog throughout the transaction and gave me differing dates of birth for the puppy which is important because the puppy needs to be 10 weeks old to fly on Delta. So, I was a little skeptical if this was a scam and asked many questions. Dee was offended by my questions and didn't understand that buyers want to make sure they are not being scammed when making deals over the internet. So, I didn't receive the vet report by May 2nd when my payment was due. She said she had to reschedule the vet appointment to May 6. I told her I wanted to see the vet report before paying the remainder 1250.00. I told her I would bring cash when picking up the puppy because Dee was worried the payment wouldn't clear in time through Paypal. She then cancelled the transaction on May 3rd claiming she was offended that I was implying she wasn't be honest. I have emails to prove all of this. She did refund my 250 deposit but refuses to reimburse me for my trip costs of $1500.00. She was very confused throughout the whole transaction and should realize that she created the climate of mistrust. There is no reason she couldn't take cash since she couldn't prove the health of the puppy 1 week before pickup. Of course a buyer is going to wonder what is going on when the breeder can't issue a health report on time with 8 weeks notice. I made a complaint to the BBB and plan to file a lawsuit to be reimbursed for my travel costs and court costs.

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9:01 am EST


Susan TheGroomer
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Dj's Premium Chihuahuas
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
I would like to share my experience with prospective chihuahua buyers who might get involved with I will be honest and tell it exactly as it happened. I live in New York, DJChihuahua is in Idaho. I found them in Dogster Magazine. They ship so I contacted Dalene Gee & husband, Joe. Their puppies were tiny and adorable. The pup I selected was $1375 plus $350 to ship. I put down a $250 Paypal deposit. He was too tiny to ship at 8 wks. so I waited and put down another $750. Still he was too small, Dee wanted me to fly there and pick him up. I was in love, so I booked a $500 flight and $115 hotel. Joe picked me up at airport, their home was clean, adult dogs and puppies seemed happy. I gave Dee the $375 balance in cash. One thing about the puppy troubled me. His eyes were not clear and very squinty. They said he was tired & would be fine by tomorrow. He wasn't but I thought he just needed some ointment.
We flew home the next day. Next day, I took him to the vet where I rent space for my grooming business. He is an old fashioned vet and has no modern technology. He said he was okay and gave me ointment. The eyes did not get better so I took him to a more modern vet who said I had a very sick dog on my hands with an unusually large open fontanelle and openings above both eyes and referred me to the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island for a neurology and ophthalmology consult. They have the most updated technology and he was diagnosed with HYDROCEPHALUS in which the spinal fluid backs up and crushes brain tissue. The only help is surgery inserting a shunt into brain. I was devastated. The vet spoke to Dee on the phone and told her the findings and emailed the diagnosis. I told Dee I could not keep the pup and she wanted him shipped back. Too tiny to ship to me but not too tiny to ship back to resell! She accused me of having the vets in NY lie for me because I changed my mind about him. She said I was cruel and insensitive and he was perfectly healthy. I contacted the Idaho Falls ASPCA and they made a visit to her home and insisted she bring him to a vet. The vet reported he had PROBABLE HYDROCEPHALUS (no modern technology) since he was not exhibiting the signs yet, he gave a health certificate to resell. My total expenses for this horrific experience were a total of $2606.38. Dalene Gee became accusing, vicious, combative and threatening. She has only given me back $1200 because she says I have to take responsibility! I also opened a case pending with AKC. It was her ignorance, deceit, and greed that caused me such emotional and financial loss. She never apologized or acknowledged that the pup was very sick! I pray she doesn't resell him. I hope that you will be well advised if and when you choose to buy a puppy from DJ Chihuahua!



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3:38 pm EDT
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I purchased a chihuahua from Dalene Gee of The dog died not 3 days later due to Parvo. I tried to contact the owner Dalene Gee and was told "too bad that's the chance you take." This is the most outrageous experience I have been through with a dog breeder. I then did some research and found that she runs a filthy puppy mill in Idaho and has done this several times in the past to other people.

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