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There is No contact number on Disney Movie Club Website to cancel membership. I had to apply for a credit card just to be able to talk to a person. They gave me a direct number to Disney Move Club. Hope this helps whoever out : [protected] then ask to be connected to DMC.


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    Mark Feb 27, 2009

    The number is 1-800-362-4587.. hope this helps too!

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  • Iz
    iz2urfalt Mar 01, 2009

    I got the number to speak to someone you have to call during the weekdays 888-257-9100 bravo to the person who suggested calling the credit co they are the ones who gave me the number

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  • No
    Norman619 Mar 11, 2009

    Thanks guys! The 1-800-362-XXXX numbers only get you to their automated system there for yout to either accept or turn down your featured selection for the month. The only number that gives you a person to talk to who actually can and will help you is 888-257-9100. The poor who had the misfrotune of taking my call took the brunt of my frustration with the company. She was VERY understanding and after I apologized for my frustrated rant and made it clear I wasn't upset with her but with Disney she went ahead and helped me out. I requested she pass on my displeasure with the company and how horrible it is that they do not have ANY contact information on their website. I doubt that will happen but one can hope. They are great so long as things don't go wrong. When they do it's a ### trying to find someone to addess the issue. I actually sent Customer service an email via their website and a week passed w/o any kind of reply.

    I hope this info helps soemone else seeking to find a living person to help address thie issues.

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  • Pa
    Pam C. May 30, 2009

    I completely agree with everything that people have said regarding the Disney Movies Club site. I wish to send them a email canceling my order and membership but, I have not been able to find the email address in which I can do that. I would appreciate any ones help in this matter. Thanks, Pam C.

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  • Br
    BreKayJakesMom Aug 10, 2009

    Thanks so much for posting that number...LIFESAVER!!! They are very nice and extemely helpful!!! To anyone that needs to cancel or the 1-888-257-9100...Courtney was very helpful!!!

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  • Bi
    BigJason Aug 12, 2010

    The Disney Movie Club (DMC) is committing a serious scam!!!
    They intentionally lure you to join their membership for FREE, and get the first 4 movies at discount. But what they hide from you is that you have to buy their other movies at REGULAR price (over priced, of course) before you can get rid if it.
    This is a generous business idea to reach into people’s wallets!!! I can not believe that Disney, with its reputation, would base its revenue on such a lame business.
    Technically, yeah, DMC is doing nothing wrong. It makes up its own rules, and reach out for you. All you need to do is to fall into their trap. However, as many people have been complaining, this is a serious scam that can catch people out of their guard. Who would think that Disney would set up a trap like this?
    I have cancelled the credit card I used to join the club. DMC didn’t spell out that they would store my credit card information. If everything about the membership itself stays on the edge of a crime, this definitely falls to the other side. All merchandise would ask for your permission to store your credit card information explicitly. But DMC does NOT!
    Well, I think they have great lawyers so they can spell anything legal.
    Anyway, this is the DMC. Shame On You!!!

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  • Gm
    gm6 Oct 26, 2010

    It states pretty clearly in the terms of service when you sign up for the membership that the only way to cancel is in writing by sending a traditional letter. My frustration is that I've sent two (2) letters in the past 90 days and nothing back from DMC... I keep getting the email asking me if I want the feature of the month. I'm calling 1-888-257-9100 tomorrow!

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  • Ma
    Marylove Gonzalez Nov 19, 2010

    Disney's consumer relations number is (800) 723-4763. It took me a while to get the number. Pain in the butt, but hope this helps. Got a real live person!

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