Dirt Devildirt devil power max

I bought a dirt devil power max a few months ago and I have been very unsatisfied with how much stuff gets stuck in the hose, as well as in the bottom of the sweeper hose. Tonight I had to unscrew all of the screws for the 200th time to
Clean out all the hoses.
I had to unscrew the plate that goes on the bottom because that was filled with dust and hair. The minute I swept it up. I had to pull the hoses off again to clean it out. The bagless canister doesn't even get anything in it to dump cause it gets clogged so fast. I bruised my hand as part of it whipped off and hit it. I am a hairstylist and now I have to go to work tomorrow with two swollen fingers. I was very ticked off tonight. I have a child who has allergies and I can't even sweep our house for her. I am VERY DISSATISFIED. I have only bought dirt devils, I bought this for 69.00 a waste!!! I can't use this in my house!!! I am so frustrated and I can't afford a new sweeper right now!!! I need to know what I am supposed to do? I have sent a picture of the carpet I swept for the fourth time trying!

Dirt Devil

Oct 08, 2019

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