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My wife and I inherited a timeshare by taking over the annual fees back in 2016. Upon our first visit Diamond informed us they were buying the resort and making it part of their US collection. Through an extensive and exhausting presentation where they paraded about 6 sales people with different offers we finally caved in and agreed to sell back out timeshare to buy into their points system since there were multiple properties to stay at. Since then we have bought a sampler package to secure our buy in pricing them agreed to increasing our points this January they lied about the price point and then their sales rep some young guy from the Branson office cursed us out and made a scene in the lobby of one of their other resorts because my wife and I wouldn't sign the contract. Telling us we were nothing but a waste of his time. Funny because they have no problem wasting your entire day of a vacation when you are only required to give them an hour of your time and once you do sign then you are nothing they collect their fees only to ignore any questions or requests. Here we are the end of April and now our existing loan that was to be rolled into the new points purchase has become delinquent trying to affect our good credit when we were told numerous times not to make any further payments because it would mess up the new contract. Weeks have turned into months and this is still
Not resolved even though we had Christopher Loftis the Vice President Od sales from their Florida office get involved. Company lacks follow through their customer service is lousy. To date my wife and I have paid over $20, 000 to date via loans purchases and maintenance fees for three vacations. The last one we took was to spend time with our daughter and grandson who live in the Midwest only for the resort to be overbooked. They tried to send our daughter and grandson off site to a hotel. It wasn't u til we stood our ground and requested as silver members to stay on site. They ended up displacing ya across the resort from one another when we had booked our three bedroom lock off unit months in advance blaming on line third party sales for the overbooking only to find out many units were down due to lack of housekeeping resources and maintenance crews. So we ask where are all of our maintenance fees going if you can't maintain the property and sufficiently staff for your owners. My guess is in upper managements pocket and the CEO which in my opinion none of them are worth what they get paid because no one seems capable of doing their job professionally


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    Drsshack May 13, 2019

    My husband and I are also Silver members. We bought in with an organization in Arizona in 2004 that went bankrupt in 2008 crash. Diamond bought it out and took over their properties, mostly in the Southwest. We were assigned a point value for what we owned. I have gotten tired of owners being treated as back of the line lately! I want to be near the front of the line behind Gold and Platinum owners like I should be!! What I don't understand is WHY we are NOT.. I am looking for others in this boat so that Maybe WE CAN GET TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING!! This all started in Dec of 2017 when I wanted a two night stay near Orlando for Xmas Eve and Christmas Day. I had to get NASTY and a B with a capitol B to get a room. They kept saying there was nothing available, however rooms were for sale on Expedia and Booking .com for the same resort I was trying to book. I bitched to some higher levels up the ladder until I got my room! I am sick of this crap. I am sick of the lies and believe me I could write a book owning for more than 10 years now and paying enough for maintenance fees so that I could actually ENJOY my vacation that I have PAID for. I want to hear from others please! Post here or email me directly at [email protected] and include Diamond complaint in the subject line.

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    Drsshack May 20, 2019

    Your story sound almost like ours to a scary T. We were treated badly at Branson also in 2015. We had booked way in advance. Brought our entire family-2 grown daughters, husbands and 3 grandchildren. We had reserved a 3 bedroom lockoff(for both daughter's families) and 1 bedroom for ourselves. I specifically requested that they be next to each other when I booked it. We were in the same building but our unit was at the opposite end and on a different floor. Very inconvenient for the small grandchildren to come and find us without supervision. We were required to sit for a breakfast meeting-an hour they said. Well, we ate breakfast and they passed out some free gifts-big deal! We were then escorted to a private office away from the sales center. The woman proceeded to try to humiliate us, stating that she had never talked to anyone with so FEW points, she only ever dealt with Gold and PLATINUM members, we were NOT silver at the time. The first offer she brought in as a good deal was over $60, 000. I still have the paper! Nearly 4 hours later we finally left, stating our family was waiting and we DID want to ENJOY the rest of our vacation, Thanks, but NO we will not be purchasing anything more today. It was the worst experience out of them all. I later filed a formal complaint on this presentation and our treatment after returning home to WI. The Branson location is the closest Diamond property to where we live in Wisconsin, so we have stayed there multiple times. We enjoy ourselves now-with no more required shark tanks ever again, unless we go to an Event of a Lifetime-then its a requirement. Just toughen up your skin and set the alarm on your phone, when it goes off-get up and leave. The events are wonderful, but it is their way of trying to sucker punch you some more. I don't care any longer-I just want to have some great trips and USE what we bought. I am interested in holding Diamond accountable and USING my points for great vacations, until I feel like I have gotten my investment back. That, now is nearly impossible. Anyone can go onto the booking sites-I saw Liki Tiki(near Orlando) on Groupon last night for as low as $45 a night. That explains why all the lower class, rude, obnoxious people are staying at the resorts. I don't want to socialize with Motel 6 people-SORRY! but I should be above that in status with this ownership. Those people are the ones who are destroying the quiet serene atmosphere I seek on vacation. And they get to enjoy MY 5 star resort without paying anything for maintenance fees! They pay $19.95 per day resort fee during their stay. All we get now is a VIP check-in-away from the rest of the guests, with a few free snacks and soda. My email address was blocked above so if I leave out the @sign apparently it works better-LOL. Please contact me and maybe we can make a difference if we scream loudly enough to the right people. I was successful in getting our deed in Arizona removed from our membership so that we were NOT paying twice as much for a small portion of our club points, by writing letters to all of the former Premiere Vacation club board members. They changed their policy on different things too since other complaints and lawsuits were filed. You can NOW cancel anything you sign within 5 days-My husband and I did that too recently-and it was simple and it worked! YOU have to play a different game with this-don't let them sucker punch you, but demand your rightful place! They can't continue down this path without all of US paying up every year! If enough owners got together we could impact our future. Diamond ownership-Apollo-they are known for ruining companies and then selling them off afterwards. I did some research and liked nothing I read, when we didn't even have a proxy vote on the sale-WRONG! It is all about the money! Diamond got so big, this sale generated some more cash to once again Float the boat for a few years.

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